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CourtneyPage thinks mygirlfund is amazing

February 28, 2017


I found the amazing mygirlfund website back in 2011 and I have been a huge fan ever since. I was retiring from the adult industry and wasn’t sure what my next move could, would, or should be. I was completely lost. Getting into porn is fairly easy, but leaving it is kind of a huge mystery. Quite a few girls who are exiting their adult career are doing so not because they are done with that pornstar persona but because they have done everything they wanted to do with that name and cannot take it any further within the porn community. I consider myself to be one of these girls and what I really wanted to do was run my own adult website.

Now with no coding or HTML knowledge, this is quite the impossible task! Thankfully with mygirlfund, you need absolutely no computer programming know-how. I wish I could share mygirlfund with every single active pornstar and every girl thinking its time to quit porn! The sad thing is that most girls stay in porn unhappy and unaware of what else they could be doing to make money that isn’t illegal or dangerous. I honestly think that mygirlfund could go as far as to be considered a therapeutic tool for those transitioning from XXX to a more normal way of life. With the option of not even having to be nude or perform cam shows or even create content … you can just talk with guys … so many girls could benefit from using mygirlfund.


My experience with mygirlfund has taught me so much. I’ve used this amazing site off and on for the last 6 years. And only recently did mygirlfund become a real contributor to my income. Last year I was pregnant and this site was the only way I could continue to work while on bedrest. Now as a new mom I get to stay home with my baby while continuing to work on mygirlfund. An option that I couldn’t really see happening without mygirlfund.

SexySparkle knows the mygirlfund community has her back

January 26, 2017

sexysparkleWhile searching through work-at-home opportunities on the internet, I came across At first, I thought there was no way a site with its dynamic could be real. “I could be a part of a community who actually cares about me while making money?” is what ran through my head. Unsure, I decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did.

Mygirlfund is a unique experience that has allowed me to grow not only financially, but as a person. Before joining the site, I didn’t have many people to talk to. Now, I have a whole network of people who love to converse with me – guys (and girls!) who actually care about me. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a community who backs me through personal decisions, hard times, and every other aspect of my life.

It is my goal to interact with as many people on the site as possible because I love to hear about the unique experiences each of the members have. I have made so many friendships through this site and it’s such a magical thing to have people I can rely on to keep me company, help me make decisions, and care about me.

Oh, and another awesome part about the site? It has built my confidence immensely! Before, I was uncomfortable with my body – to the point of wearing full clothing to the beach. The guys on here helped me open up and share what’s unique to me. This has helped me realize that I am beautiful and worthy of feeling so. Plus, I’ve learned that I’m quite the flirt.

While the conversations and confidence boosts are the main reason I am on the site, the financial aspect is huge. Mygirlfund provides an actual income for me and my family. Because the site allows me to work at home, I have more time to be with the people I love. No more going off and leaving everyone to go to a 9-5 office job! I can work from my couch, in the car, while shopping, and even on vacation. Anywhere, anytime. Until you experience this, you have no idea how freeing it feels.

My advice to those thinking about becoming members, both guys and girls: be genuine. People will love you for who you are. Make connections and have fun with it! And always remember, you get from the site what

you put into it.  

Mygirlfund has boosted Jana069`s confidence

November 17, 2016

jana09The most wonderful thing about being a mygirlfund girl to me is that the men on the site make me feel so beautiful. When I am taking new photos for the site, I feel like a model. The men on the site are so complimentary. It has really boosted my self confidence!

I am so happy to have discovered mygirlfund. I have a friend who recommended the site and I’m so glad she did! Not only has MGF helped me to reach life goals, but I have met so many interesting men … Men from all different parts of the country as well as the world. I have learned a lot of different customs from places that I have not yet been able to visit.

I have future goals that I know can be fulfilled by mygirlfund. I will be purchasing a new car soon, and I know I can depend on the site for financial help. I am also going to find a bigger apartment. One man has already begun to help me toward this goal.

The men that I have been fortunate to meet and befriend are wonderful! I have made so many friends on the site that are interesting and very generous. My friends on MGF are excited to help me reach my goals and engage me in interesting conversations. Because of mygirlfund, I have been able to go to school. My goals have been met with the purchase of my text books and tuition. Men have not only supported me financially, but have encouraged me to do my very best. They have been my own personal “cheerleading squad.” When I am getting ready for an exam, I have their ultimate support and well wishes.

Mygirlfund has introduced me to some of the most unique men in the world. I hope that I can always know these guys. I have had horrible days and then I have had a great pick me up from a chat with my friends. Whenever I’m having a bad day, they always make me feel better. That is why I value my friends on mygirlfund.

LadySuccubus is achieving her goals and building friendships on mygirlfund

October 19, 2016
ladysuccubusI found out about mygirlfund almost 2 years ago when a friend of mine referred me to the site. I never in a million years though I would give it a shot until I actually did! I have been here ever since. 🙂


My favorite part about being a MGF girl is being able to be my true self and engage in fun, adventurous conversations. Mygirlfund is different from other sites because it is more of a social media website for us naughty, sociable individuals. Mygirlfund has definitely been very one on one and has helped nearly all of my customer relationships become deeper and more meaningful. It has created a lot of happy, productive friendships for me! 🙂


MGF has helped me achieve many different goals. At first I joined in order to pay off some of my old debt and then ended up enjoying it and staying around. My current goals here is to continue making friends and getting a little help with my monthly bills as well. The friendships I have made on here have been some of the best. It feels great to be able to talk to someone when I have no one else to talk to. My friends here have always been there for me since day one. I would describe my relationship to my favorite MGF guys as genuine and fun-filled. There is never a dull moment for either of us!


My advice for the new ladies that come to MGF is to just be yourself and enjoy the company you make. Put these wonderful men first and treat them like they deserve! 🙂 Some tips for the guys on MGF would be: have fun and treat these ladies right, too. We all deserve the best. Have fun and have respect, ya’ll!


I have found members of the mygirlfund community to be mostly helpful. I have run across a few amazing guys and girls who have helped me tremendously along the way. I have however, ran across a few “snooty bootys” too but that is pretty much everywhere these days. Just keep a positive attitude and ignore those if you do happen to cross their paths. We all aren’t that bad, I promise. 🙂


 I have a good many of 5 star ratings right now but my favorite would definitely have to be: “Words are just not enough to describe the perfection that it this beautiful angel. She is such an amazing woman and well worth hanging out with. I wish i could rate her higher then a 5 because with such angelic beauty she deserves to only be compared with goddesses. She has the most amazingly perfect body you must see. I look forward to dealing with her more in future. – Mr_Orgazmo”.


Mygirlfund is definitely different from the other sites I work on simply because of the one on one action you get and the social media feel of the site. I love everything about Mygirlfund! It has been an amazing experience by far. ❤

PixieH’s experiences on mygirlfund are like a fairy tale come true

September 22, 2016

pixieharperHi there! My name is Pixie Harper- or PixieH if you want to call me by my mygirlfund name. I’m 19 years old, and I absolutely adore this site, and couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities that have arisen for me since joining.

Outside of my online life, I work in retail. I used to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, and felt like I was in almost constant debt to my friends or family members for the smallest of things, such as food or travel expenses.

I was introduced to mygirlfund by a friend of mine who had previous experiences with it all, and it completely opened my eyes. I’ll admit, I’m kind of a nympho and the whole idea of earning money for expressing myself in a way I honestly felt the most comfortable- and most empowered- was almost too good to be true!

Luckily for me, it wasn’t! I won’t talk numbers on here, but I’ve earned an amount that I never even thought possible at my age. I’ve been able to become completely independent from my friends and family. I’m only 19 and I have been able to fly the nest. I’m even starting driving lessons soon! It just feels like an absolute fairy tale come true!

Money wasn’t the only benefit of joining mygirlfund. I’ve gained a newfound love for my body. My confidence used to take a blow almost every time I looked in the mirror. I hated who I saw in front of me. Since joining mygirlfund and sharing my gorgeous curvy body with others, I’ve learned to adore almost every inch of myself. I’ve never felt like such a goddess! I’ve never looked back since joining.

Mygirlfund is Broadening DeviantSutton’s Horizons

August 18, 2016
suttonMy name is Sutton, and I am a 23 year old Southern farm girl who also happens to be a Mygirlfund girl!
Growing up in a small town, I have always looked for new ways to explore my very adventurous sexuality and make new friends. I also run a small animal rescue, and making ends meet didn’t always happen at the end of the month. That changed when I discovered, where I could focus on flirting, debating and laughing with amazing men, all while continuing to pay my bills and improve the quality of life on my little farm.
I realized that within a week on mygirlfund, I had flirted with more gentlemen than I ever had in my lifetime in my tiny town! Not only that, but I had paid off the rest of my month’s expenses, and knew my animals would be well fed.
I have been a member of the mygirlfund community for several months now and my life has changed for the better. I log on every day knowing I have messages from amazing guys who are truly close friends and who love supporting me and my little rescue farm! Mygirlfund is the best-kept opportunity/community secret there is! I won’t tell if you don’t!

LatinaQueen is building real connections on mygirlfund

July 24, 2016
latinaqueenBefore, I had tried other sites. I wanted a place where I could do my work from the comfort of my home and make decent money. I could not find such a fit with other sites. I kept searching in hopes that something new and amazing would show up. Then, like a miracle, mygirlfund landed right in my lap.
I was very scared first starting out. I didn’t know what to expect. I did expect mygirlfund to be the same as every other place, but after playing around with what you could do, I found how easy the site was to interface with and how quickly I could begin making money. The guys were quick to write me and they were very sweet. They began asking me questions and trying to get to know me. They wanted to see me and spend money on me. It was nice — I hadn’t even begun adding videos and my phone was blowing up! I was so excited. I couldn’t keep up with the messages!

There is so much more to this site than any other. It  allows each girl to individualize themselves and girls are more than just an object for men. All the girls are allowed to blog about ideas, concerns, stories and more with the other girls. They also allow girls to work how they want to work, on their own schedule while also allowing them to be creative in how they make money. MGF does not limit you and your ideas. You can make your own deals, any way you want them and this not only makes girls happy, but also the men.
I have been on the site for a short period, yet I have had more fun on here than I thought possible. There are so many amazing guys that know how to treat a woman. It makes me feel great knowing I have built so many connections with so many different people, men and women. This has become more than a job for me. Yes, I love making money, and yes I enjoy all the compliments, but the mygirlfund community feels more like a family of friends that grows stronger every day!
I have regulars with whom I sometimes wait upon during the day, and others I worry about if they have not replied. I feel like you can actually build connections on here. You don’t have to sit in front of a webcam all day being gawked at by men. This site does not make women feel like objects, but gives them power and control. I don’t know how other women feel, but to me it feels good to be in control, and be my own boss.
I’m doing so well on mygirlfund, I’m also finding plenty of time to enjoy life. I enjoy being able to go anywhere and communicate with the guys anytime I want.
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