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SexxyKendall is achieving her dreams on mygirlfund

August 11, 2017
I first found out about mygirlfund through a friend. I was going through a hard time in my life, and finding mygirlfund was like hitting the lottery! I had never been an online webcam girl before, but I was very intrigued and could not wait to check it out. One of the things I love about mygirlfund is how friendly the guys are. As soon as you sign up, they are very eager to get to know you and are quite generous! I was surprised how easy it was to make money doing things that I loved and having fun at the same time.
I have made quite a few genuine friendships on MGF. A lot of these guys have been there and supported me through different issues for my life and I’m quite grateful for that.
I love how the site lets you develop very intimate friendships with the guys. You truly get to know each other on a one to one basis, and it is fun to fulfill their fantasies.
The girls on mygirlfund have also been extremely helpful on the GOB! It is almost like we have our own tribe of women, lifting each other up and supporting each other in our individual entrepreneurial goals. That can be a rare thing and I have developed genuine friendships from that as well.
My tips for new MGF girls is dont be shy!! The site may seem like it is too good be true…Guess what IT IS. I have doubled my income on here, all the while only doing things I am completely comfortable with.
One of my favorite ratings I have received is that I am amazing at conversations and provide great content. I always try to make sure the guys get what they want and that they are satisfied.  I enjoy making others happy, and that makes me feel good.
My current MGF goals are to save for a house and I am well on my way! I have already paid off my car thanks to mygirlfund, and soon I will accomplish my dream of owning my first home. There is not a better feeling out there than knowing that you are close to achieving your dreams, and MGF is the way to get there.
My tips for the MGF guys are: Don’t be scared!  Give it a try, you will definitely get what you bargained for. I, in particular, am very open-minded, non-judgmental and am quite willing to accommodate you in any fetish that you have!
I hope to see you soon on my profile, and Lets have some FUN!!!

KatieKing’s Confidence Has Grown on mygirlfund

July 4, 2017

Hi! I’m Katie, and I’m a dorky STEM major who leads a double life as a cam girl! When I’m not studying or in class, you can find me chatting it up with the wonderful guys of

When I was a senior in high school, barely 18, I came across a documentary on netflix about the secret lives of cam girls. I had no idea what a cam girl was, but I was intrigued. As I watched, I realized that camming was perfect for me. I loved chatting and flirting with guys online so I figured, why not get paid for it!

I chose MGF because of its personal touch. I loved that everything was one on one. As I delved into the world of mygirlfund, I realized how genuine and caring all the guys were. I sincerely love going online and chatting with these guys who I’ve come to consider my friends. I’m able to make real connections, have meaningful conversations, and have a little fun at the same time.

Being a mygirlfund girl is a job like no other! Not only have I been making money on my own time and on my own terms, but I’ve also learned to be confident in my own skin and love who I am with the help of my amazing new friends.

The best part about MGF is that you don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to be successful. There are so many different guys out there who like so many different things, it’s easy to find your niche of people who appreciate your inner and outer beauty.

The friends I’ve made on mygirlfund are people I truly feel connected to. People I laugh with, people I talk about my problems with, and people who believe in me and wish me success. The mygirlfund community is such a positive and supportive one.

The best piece of advice I can give to any girls or guys wanting to join MGF: just be yourself. It will earn you respect, friendship, and for the ladies, some money too.

KarinaMae says mygirlfund is all about deep connections

June 6, 2017
I found out about mygirlfund from a friend of mine who also uses the site. She suggested that I try it out, and I’m so glad I did!
My favorite part about mygirlfund is being able to express myself creatively and sexually while connecting with amazing people. MGF is different from other sites because it allows members to actually connect with the girl in their content. That’s very special. I’ve developed so many deep, and meaningful relationships with members on this site by talking every day, venting and coming to each other for advice.
Mygirlfund has helped me pay off my debt and live the life I’ve always wanted to. My current goal on MGF is to continue producing fun content and meeting great people. For new MGF girls, my only advice is to stay true to yourself! Guys can tell when you’re not being authentic. For mygirlfund guys, respect the girls on here. We’re all human trying our best, and if you treat us right, we will give you everything you could ever wish for. ❤

“Okay, the bar has just been raised since I have met Kariena.  No one cancompare to the enjoyment I have just experienced.  She has such a combination of beauty, conversation skills and intense sexuality unmatched by anyone else.  Please guys, just a singe message to her and you will be hooked.  Definitely a remarkable woman.  What I wouldn’t give to have her to myself.”

Foxilady loves the freedom and flexibility she has on Mygirlfund

April 26, 2017


I found out about mygirlfund through a good friend and thought I’d give it a try. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from the site and had no idea what it was about. At first, I was real skeptical, but EVERYONE was super welcoming and helpful. From the guys to the support staff, any and every question I had or troubles I came across were answered or solved with ease. Not only are the guys and support helpful, but mygirlfund is set up to be self-explanatory.  It’s super easy to use.


I have been with the site for a little while now, and have able to accomplish a lot through MGF already, and I hope to accomplish a lot more. I also love the convenience of MGF since I’m a student in college. It’s super flexible, and I can set my own hours, which is exactly what I look for in a job. I’m hoping one day to make enough to secure the financial independence that I’ve been seeking.


I’ve worked for a few other places, and mygirlfund has been one of my favorites thus far. I love how it’s set up, and the ease of use. I love how I have the independence to sell my own stuff, rather than it being sold for me. Another thing is most sites are set up to just sell cam but here you have the freedom to sell practically anything you want, within reason of course.


Mygirlfund is also discrete, which is wonderful if you’re a really shy person, or don’t want all your business out there like it is on live cam sites.  I have made lots of great friends, and hope to make many more! I’ve come across a couple of sour people, but for the most apart the fellas have been super sweet.


A tip for new girls:  Don’t sign up with the mindset that you’re just going to make thousands, I mean you can, but it takes time and patience, not everyone is on your page, and that’s okay, you just need to find your niche. A tip for the guys:  be easy, don’t beg, and share the love, as we do.


I love mygirlfund because it’s more like a community and isn’t your typical “9-5”.

TaurusDoll feels free to be herself on Mygirlfund

April 3, 2017
Wow, have I been having a good time on!  I joined about 5 months ago after reading an article on it.  I work full time and was looking for part-time work. I joined immediately and haven’t stopped having fun since! I still talk to those first few people I met in the beginning along with a handful of new people. We talk constantly. I love the social interaction and really enjoy the openness of the site. Appreciating different sexual desires is a hobby of mine, and making friends is my favorite thing so all in all it’s been a great fit.
I’ve experienced sides of myself that I didn’t know existed. I hadn’t played with props in the bedroom before and had no idea how much I would love it all! It’s been a great time experimenting with sexy outfits and liberating on a level I wouldn’t have realized without this time on MGF. I feel free to be who I am now and appreciate the men on there that embrace their sexuality with me. With the goals I’ve worked towards I’ve been able to travel to Iceland which was a lifetime dream for me. I can’t thank the friends enough who helped me get there and I’m looking forward to much more travel!
What makes mygirlfund stand out from the rest is the diverse connections. It’s extremely intimate and allows for a vulnerability that is hard to experience anywhere else. I highly recommend anyone looking to become more comfortable with their sexuality, make some friends and earn some extra funds to join! On top of the men I’ve met…I’ve met some great women! Women supporting each other provides security and promotes kindness all around. Their support has helped me become successful and I appreciate it more than they may know. I look forward to much more time on MGF and experimenting even more in 2017!
Thanks, Torrie!

CourtneyPage thinks mygirlfund is amazing

February 28, 2017


I found the amazing mygirlfund website back in 2011 and I have been a huge fan ever since. I was retiring from the adult industry and wasn’t sure what my next move could, would, or should be. I was completely lost. Getting into porn is fairly easy, but leaving it is kind of a huge mystery. Quite a few girls who are exiting their adult career are doing so not because they are done with that pornstar persona but because they have done everything they wanted to do with that name and cannot take it any further within the porn community. I consider myself to be one of these girls and what I really wanted to do was run my own adult website.

Now with no coding or HTML knowledge, this is quite the impossible task! Thankfully with mygirlfund, you need absolutely no computer programming know-how. I wish I could share mygirlfund with every single active pornstar and every girl thinking its time to quit porn! The sad thing is that most girls stay in porn unhappy and unaware of what else they could be doing to make money that isn’t illegal or dangerous. I honestly think that mygirlfund could go as far as to be considered a therapeutic tool for those transitioning from XXX to a more normal way of life. With the option of not even having to be nude or perform cam shows or even create content … you can just talk with guys … so many girls could benefit from using mygirlfund.


My experience with mygirlfund has taught me so much. I’ve used this amazing site off and on for the last 6 years. And only recently did mygirlfund become a real contributor to my income. Last year I was pregnant and this site was the only way I could continue to work while on bedrest. Now as a new mom I get to stay home with my baby while continuing to work on mygirlfund. An option that I couldn’t really see happening without mygirlfund.

SexySparkle knows the mygirlfund community has her back

January 26, 2017

sexysparkleWhile searching through work-at-home opportunities on the internet, I came across At first, I thought there was no way a site with its dynamic could be real. “I could be a part of a community who actually cares about me while making money?” is what ran through my head. Unsure, I decided to give it a shot, and I am so glad I did.

Mygirlfund is a unique experience that has allowed me to grow not only financially, but as a person. Before joining the site, I didn’t have many people to talk to. Now, I have a whole network of people who love to converse with me – guys (and girls!) who actually care about me. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a community who backs me through personal decisions, hard times, and every other aspect of my life.

It is my goal to interact with as many people on the site as possible because I love to hear about the unique experiences each of the members have. I have made so many friendships through this site and it’s such a magical thing to have people I can rely on to keep me company, help me make decisions, and care about me.

Oh, and another awesome part about the site? It has built my confidence immensely! Before, I was uncomfortable with my body – to the point of wearing full clothing to the beach. The guys on here helped me open up and share what’s unique to me. This has helped me realize that I am beautiful and worthy of feeling so. Plus, I’ve learned that I’m quite the flirt.

While the conversations and confidence boosts are the main reason I am on the site, the financial aspect is huge. Mygirlfund provides an actual income for me and my family. Because the site allows me to work at home, I have more time to be with the people I love. No more going off and leaving everyone to go to a 9-5 office job! I can work from my couch, in the car, while shopping, and even on vacation. Anywhere, anytime. Until you experience this, you have no idea how freeing it feels.

My advice to those thinking about becoming members, both guys and girls: be genuine. People will love you for who you are. Make connections and have fun with it! And always remember, you get from the site what

you put into it.  

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