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Persephone Says Her MGF Relationships Are Deep and Complex

April 24, 2014

I discovered MyGirlFund through another ‘adult social network’ where I was previously a member. MGF is the most female friendly and reliable network of it’s type. It’s very one on one and intimate so you get to really know the individuals you interact with and that allows you to generate a deeper and more significant customer relationship. I interact with my favorite members almost on a daily basis. MGF allowed me to take some time off to reassess my goals and save money prior to returning to school. It was something I needed to do in order to get charged up and clear my mind and have some financial security to meet my goals. Every journey is personal and I believe MGF played a significant part in mine.

My current goal is to save more money to return to school with financial security and to get an apartment in West Hollywood 6 months from now. I have made some friendships on MyGirlFund with people that have been there for me through thick and thin. It’s almost like a magical, fairy tale world in another dimension. I escape to the MGF fantasy world because my friends and family don’t quite understand me and what they don’t understand sometimes scares them.  I refer to my MGF friends as my ‘Lifelines’ sometimes. It’s very difficult to describe these deep and complex virtual relationships. Some of my favorite MGF guys have a Findom fetish and believe in female supremacy which I find absolutely awesome. #Goddess.

My advice to girls newly joining MGF is to first of all know your worth, Secondly, evaluate how you want to do things, market yourself and what you’re comfortable with. You do not have to do what Becky, Sally and Jane are doing…You are your own individual. Stand your ground, respect yourself and demand respect. Hold your head up high. Have fun and really get to know the members you interact with. Tips for guys would be to be a gentleman and courteous. Just because you’re online, it doesn’t give you the right of way to be rude. And please, no spamming of your private parts.

“Simply amazing…she is a Goddess through and through…Worthy of 5 hearts 10 times over. Beauty, intelligence, charisma, grace…Perfection!

Jordixxx Fills Up Her Girlfund With Contributions From Guys Who Are Sweet And Charming

April 15, 2014

JordixxxI would have to say my favorite part about MyGirlFund is that I can be online at the computer or my phone or be offline and still make money by guys sending in contributions for custom content. MGF is different from the other sites because you don’t have to just sit on a webcam and entertain a crowd. I love the fact I can make my own videos and sell them,along with pictures. Getting paid for messages is also a big plus in my book.

Mygirlfund is very one on one. This has helped me develop deeper and more significant customer relationships. I have met really sweet and charming guys who want everything I come out with in the future. They are a joy to talk to. Every customer has their own taste in what they like, and it’s always interesting meeting and learning about new people.

MGF is my only real source of income. It helps me meet all my bills and tests my limits on camming. I’m hoping to get higher rates, and a wider range of daily customers soon! Customers are one thing, but friends are another. I have made friends ranging from people who want to know about my naughty deeds last night to people who just want to know how my day is going. I’ve gained some amazing friends through the site, who I know I can shoot a chat to or message and they’ll be more than willing to talk with me if I’m having issues.  I spoil my favorite friends because they treat me with only respect and kindness. In return I show the same but might pass them a few pictures or something I know that they would like to see.

That’s good advice for new girls starting out on the site as well! Be a sweetheart and show respect. Guys will not come back to a girl who doesn’t make conversation or doesn’t sound to happy to talk to them. Also, show appreciation when they purchase something, let them know you are glad they are interested in your content and taking time to show you!

Good advice for new guys goes the same way: Be a gentleman, and you will get far :). You’ll also gain a friendship with beautiful girls which is always a fun thing.

Mygirlfund is the only site I work on, it’s the only one I’ve been really successful with and enjoyed doing. I don’t dread it at all. Awesome community.

Mygirlfund Has Opened New Doors For Emma Janexo

April 14, 2014

I found out about MyGirlFund through a YouTube video of all places. A small mention of the site was made and I decided to check it out myself. My first thought was “This isn’t worth it.” My second thought was “I’m never going back to a cam site again.”

ImageI originally started camming as a way to bring in some extra cash. Between taking college classes and waitressing, I didn’t have much money left over to myself, nor did I have the extra time to take on another (typical) job. Camming was the best option for me at the time, but I got sick of it quickly.


Sitting in a room with nothing but my webcam just waving and smiling was strange. I was trying to sell my look in a matter of 5 seconds in order to hook someone interested enough in me to request a private show. It wasn’t the best experience. A lot of men were rude, pushy and none of them gained any idea of who I really was. All they wanted was a show and then they were gone. Most of them never returned.

I felt like a cyber-stripper. Is that even a thing? Regardless, I learned quickly that I wanted something more than just cyber-stripping. That’s where MGF comes in . Yes, we girls are given the ability to do a cam show with men, but that isn’t what the site is centered around. It’s centered around getting to know one another by having real conversations. It helps around getting to know one another by having real conversations. It helps put a story behind a photo/video, putting emotion into the whole experience, and that’s really what sets MGF apart from the other sites.

I’m given the opportunity to really connect with men and make lasting relationships. A lot of these relationships I consider true friendships. These are people that I genuinely wonder about throughout my day, people that I seek out and wish well often, people that have really helped me, emotionally and financially, people that I wouldn’t let go of for the world! That’s saying a lot coming from and adult entertainment site.

Being a part of MGF has opened a lot of new doors for me. It has helped me explore my sexual being more freely and more often than I would have without it. It has empowered me as a woman to say “Yes, I’m human I like sex!” Without being ridiculed and pushed into a closet somewhere. It has been a relief and an outlet for me to be honest about my sexual side and really explore it. Yes, it’s no lie that I make money by being a part of the site, but that isn’t what it’s about for me. It’s about being human, it’s about exploring, it’s about friendships, it’s about self-growth, and it’s about empowerment.

Southernlittleb Is All About the Customs

April 10, 2014

southernlittlebI was just online one night searching for different sites to talk to guys and exchange sexy content when I found MyGirlFund. I’m glad I did. I have had two different accounts on MGF. Last year I was on the site for about three months before moving on and I just opened a new account a couple of months ago.

I love the one on one aspect of MGF. I love being able to chat with my favorite guys about anything. We chat about politics, sports, and yes, even sex. The conversations have helped me connect better with the guys because I’m more aware of what they like and don’t like. I can make content that appeals to them. The one on one intimacy leads to helpful friendships. One guy noticed I was new and gave me tons of helpful tips and helped me understand how to market myself on the site. His review of me is simply amazing because he helped take the time to get to know me and help me build myself up: “From her great selfie pic taking to high quality new vids…she is EVERYTHING you need in a girl on this site!!! Curves n kink galore! Open minded to custom vids. The type of girl who makes this a better place! well worth your time! xo”

I’ve only been on MGF for a short time, but it has helped me start my own little shop. I make headbands and other little things. It has also helped me buy cute new goodies to use in my photo shoots. My current goal is to raise travel money so I can visit my little sister for her graduation. I’m also starting to save money for my little bundle of joy on the way.

MGF is an amazing site and i’m excited about being on it for a long time. It’s basically like running your own business. I can tell people no when I am uncomfortable with what they ask, or I can make them a kick-ass video and have fun while doing it. Customs have to be my favorite thing to do because I know they make the guys happy, and them being happy, makes me very happy. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else right now.

FRETSetGO Has A Quirky Name, and A Comprehensive Review Of MyGirlFund

April 1, 2014

I originally came across MGF through a girl I followed on Tumblr. I asked her about the site and its inner workings, and after a few messages back and forth, I decided to look into it myself. When I joined, I had no real intention of being an active member. Looking through the site and talking to some of the gentlemen, I quickly changed my mind. Seeing as I had no intention of becoming very active, at the start I had no actual goals set for myself. Now finding myself much more serious about MGF, I’ve set goals that are all about reinvesting in myself. With the money I make, I buy sexy outfits, toys, better cameras etc. to ensure higher quality content for those who request customs. I get more enjoyment from a guaranteed happy client than the cash that comes out of it.


I want us both to enjoy what we’re doing and receiving. The tattoos I get are just a treat to myself for working so hard. Though once I start school, these goals are subject to change a bit to help with proceeds towards the tuition debts I’ll be piling on.   I’ve grown to love working on MyGirlFund! It’s not just “work”…I’m doing something I enjoy and have the honor to satisfy my clientele in doing so! It’s a win for both parties. And it’s a great confidence booster as well. I love reading the reviews guys leave me. Here’s one I like: “If you could combine a stunning face, perfect body, and amazing personality in one woman, it would be her. Hands down. “Being a member has definitely helped maintain that confidence. I mean, who doesn’t like getting complimented and flirting every day?



What’s great about this site as well is that it’s not just about exchanging smut for cash. It feels a lot less sleazy, because instead of just sending content to random people, you have the opportunity to actually become acquainted with your clients. I’ve had the pleasure of developing real friendships with many gentleman. We connect every day. And in doing so, I’m able to explore my sexual interests more comfortably to find what really turns me on and off. A lot of the men on the site aren’t just there to get you naked. Of course, given what it is, at some point it comes down to it…BUT: being capable of upholding conversations about topics outside of the industry is what seems to keep most of my fellas around. We can rap about music, art, movies, etc. We nerd out together over comics and video games! Having a personality seems to sell a lot better than looks alone. Flaunt what you’ve got in every aspect! Nothing goes unnoticed. FRETsetGO

For anyone looking to become a member on the site, whether male or female, keep in mind you don’t have to dive right in! Take your time to know your limitations and what you’re comfortable with. Don’t overwhelm yourself by feeling you have to do anything. You make your own rules. Keep yourself comfortable and when you find the right members to interact with, the rest will follow. Girls should definitely keep themselves goal oriented. But don’t knock a guy who isn’t pumping out credits to you daily. Each member is a hard working individual. And though this may be your only source of income, giving attention to those who are seldom contributing will still pay off if you’re not treating them as an ATM. Spread yourself around a bit. The more you interact with guys, the better your odds of making anything. Don’t rely solely on one individual to spoil you and meet your every need. If you become well acquainted with special individuals, you may find yourself receiving contributions with more ease as they want to see you succeed and taken care of. So be patient!


Some of the men on the site seem to think just because we take our clothes off, they’re entitled to the goods. Or that sending a photo of their dangly-bits will reel us in. This behavior is so disrespectful to us women. This is our job. We aim to please, but asking only for free content is a slap in the face. And just because we’re on a site like MGF does not mean we are desperate for the attention. It also does not mean that we have to share ourselves with every guy who approaches us. Just as each of you has a peculiar preference to what attracts you and your kinks, we do as well. We’re still human. Be respectful of that, fellas. The better you treat us, the better we’ll serve you! FRETsetGo All in all, MGF is a great place to connect with new faces share your fantasies, explore your sexuality and have a good time! you make your own rules, schedule. What you do all revolves around your own comfort level. If you’re considering exploring your options in this industry, MGF is a great place to start and stick with. I’ve yet to find any other sites that are as versatile and rewarding as MGF.

Megara_Chaos says My Girl Fund Has Provided Incredible Opportunities Via MGF Clients

March 24, 2014

megara-chaos-3One of my best friends and ex-partner suggested Mygirlfund when I was having a difficult time finding a job after moving to a new city. He encouraged me to join as it was an excellent place to explore an empowering form of sex work. Being a part of the site I have found it to be just that, a place where you are empowered and have a chance to advocate sex positive choices. All my interactions are consensual.

MyGirlFund has empowered me. If you want to be submissive or dominate or whatever, you can do so, the site makes you feel safe and comfortable with your choice(s). Unlike other sites where you are often made to feel like a product, Mygirlfund encourages you to be yourself, and in fact that is what has drawn much of my clients to me. My clients and I each have intimate intellectual relationships. It’s nothing superficial, unless that’s what they are looking for, but most aren’t. I have had some incredible opportunities to learn more about what I am interested in through my clients. Be it avant garde films, container gardening,  yoga, or new kinks. I have also effectively learned that I am not powerless to harassment on or offline. Through positive feedback, my clients have made me feel stronger and more beautiful and have reminded me that I am in control of my life.

Mygirlfund isn’t only my job but a chance to work towards my dream of owning land. I want to create a healing center and farm somewhere in the US to teach others how to grow their own food and to empower our culture by advocating the DIY ethics.

I am honestly so grateful for taking the leap into cam girl culture, it’s a fascinating and a great chance to embrace yourselves, make your dreams a reality and indulge in the “taboo” sex world that our society is so hush hush about.

CuriousClover Makes It A Point To Make Friends With Benefits On MGF

March 18, 2014

My boyfriend is actually the one who turned me on to MyGirlFund. It was the first website I worked on of its kind and the first time I started selling videos and photosets. It was new, and different, and confidence-building. What I love most about the site is how understanding the guys have been. Even when I’m having a bad day, some of them are such a pleasure to talk to.

MyGirlFund is my main source of income right now and it really gives you back whatever you put into it. You have to treat it like a regular 9 to 5. A sexy, fun, interactive 9 to 5… but a job all the same. Guys I’ve met on MGF aren’t just “clients”, they’re my friends. We talk on a regular basis and talk about each others lives. It’s like having sexy friends with benefits.

To girls just starting out, have fun! Be yourself. Guys know when your “faking it”. Trust me. They’d rather see you having a good time and being natural. That’s how you get repeat “customers”. One of my favorite reviews by far has been one of my VIPs that lovingly said, “her content is simply amazing! Such a gorgeous girl with a beautiful curvy body. Love her content and love talking to her!”

All in all, you will not find another site like MGF and I can see nothing but positive things and improvement from this point forward.


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