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AnaaMariee is beyond thankful for mygirlfund

November 26, 2015

anaamarieeHello! I’m Anna. I’ve been on for about 2 or 3 months now.

I’m not even sure where to start. Mygirlfund has changed my life for the better, all the way around.  It has opened endless doors for me and I am beyond thankful. I’ve been enrolled in cosmetology school for a few months now and I love it. It has been my passion and my dream since I was a kid. Not having financial aid to cover the cost really has frustrated me. But then I found mygirlfund!

The guys on here are truly lifesavers and a huge thank you to those who contribute to me, big or small :) I was able to purchase my hair starting kit and supplies thanks to all of you. I’ve taken a trip to Disney and added to my tattoo fund. Mygirlfund, all I can say is you freaking rock! If I hadn’t of found this site, things would have gone down hill. It has done nothing but bring me up and I feel so blessed to be a member.

When I log onto mygirlfund and see all the messages and live chats from my amazing guys, I feel like a beauty queen. Never have I heard anything bad from ANYONE! Its always something like “Anna you are extremely gorgeous”.  See, it’s those kind of comments that make me excited to log back in :) MGF is my escape from reality so to speak.

I have nothing but good things to say about the guys on here and the site itself. There is no other site like MGF.  You can cash out whenever you want and have a check sent to you or have your money loaded on your Payoneer card.  I hope I never leave mygirlfund!

I just want to say a big THANK YOU to mygirlfund for being so helpful in this journey in my life.. When I’m finally done with school , YOU guys are to thank for all of it <3 There are usually pros and con’s to everything but all I have to say about mgf is all good :)
I have about 7 more months left of school, and when I’m finished, I owe a big thank you to all the guys who have supported me in my journey with helping me get through it and having TONS of fun along the way ;)

Oh ! How can I forget ?! My favorite thing is , when I’m at home I have the opportunity to talk to the guys as well as when I am out and about. That’s right , you can do it right from your phone !

I love making new friends and being naughty. I’m just a message away. Don’t be shy guys … I only bite sometimes ;)

What’s a sexually driven woman to do? Join mygirlfund like YourDoll

November 17, 2015

yourdoll1Welcome to your new addiction: mygirlfund. My name is Fox, also known as YourDoll. I am a 20 year old stay at home mom, but I am also a sex enthusiast as well as an exhibitionist. When I say is an addiction, I mean for everyone involved. As a member, you become addicted to the many options of sweet, sexy women. But just as well, us girls become addicted to performing, meeting new people every day and having such an arousing way of making an income.

I have been with MGF for over two years now and it has been a crazy, wild ride! When I found this site, I started out getting on as a source for a little more income after I had my first child. I have always been a very sexually driven person and this had previously gotten me into a lot of trouble. In everyday society, the female with high sex drive is some sort of dirty myth. It is not something most people revere as a positive thing. After logging on and getting a feel for things I realized THIS is where I belong. This is where I can be as sexual as I want and it’s actually encouraged! I can say all of the naughty words with a smile on my face. I can boast about my favorite box filled with my favorite toys. This is the place to be for a blooming exhibitionist. You’re welcome here, you’re accepted here, you’re held on a pedestal as a beautiful entertainer.

18 years old, sexually driven and not interested in conventional 9 – 5 jobs, mygirlfund is perfect for me. It is exactly what I never knew I needed. The adult industry has such a notorious reputation for employing reluctant young women who have nothing better to offer than their bodies. People assume that women in the adult industry settled for this industry because that was their last option. That could not be a more ill-informed view on the industry.

It takes guts for girls to join the site and get naked in front of a camera for someone. It’s nerve-racking. At first, it’s embarrassing. But it’s also exhilarating. When you become comfortable in your own skin and would rather walk around nude than covered up, it sparks a sensual flame inside you never knew you had.

Women who join and stay with mygirlfund do it because we love it. We need it. And because we choose this site in no way means that we have nothing more to offer than our bodies. Many of the women you will encounter on mygirlfund are genuinely sweet, intelligent young women who have more to offer than the average intern.

We came here because this is where we thrive! Along with an income, we enjoy meeting interesting people and picking their minds to find out exactly what sends goosebumps across their skin. We then get the opportunity to become a living, breathing fantasy for our members. And you just can’t find that anywhere else.


A confident Naomilynn expresses herself freely on mygirlfund

November 10, 2015
naomilynnMaybe some people think it’s strange that I’m addicted to weightlifting, creating nude photography and film work, and being a complete exhibitionist. But right now on, I am exactly what a few men want and need.

Entering my third year in the fitness industry, I began to realize that my big goals and huge aspirations were at high risk for becoming nothing more than extremely expensive hobbies. It was at a fitness photoshoot that I met a girl who would introduce me to working online. I smashed my piggy bank and cashed in for all the newest and best equipment I would need to begin my new career. With that, I took the plunge into the deep ocean of camming; the best decision I ever made for myself. It was as if the real Naomi had been released for the first time, and she was fully accepted. It has truly been the most blissfully surprising journey to self-discovery, as well as the most intelligent investment in my future I could I have made. Now I can invest time into things I am passionate about that otherwise would have been pushed to the savings account; I can now afford to compete in Bikini at a National level! My friends are financially supporting my nude modeling dreams, and my film work!

My favorite part of MGF is creating my artwork. Some people call it content… but I was practicing my self-expression through nude-modeling for a long time before joining this community. It is my true drive. My boyfriend is a well-known nude-photographer and posts our work on Tumblr and sometimes Facebook, but it is easy to be over-sexualized and frowned upon on large social media. Here, people absolutely love my style and his photography and film work. Our nude photography has won us quite the reputation on MGF’s Tumblr, Photo Contests, and community. Not to mention cash prizes :)

As cliche as it sounds, I honestly never knew I would meet so many honest and respectable men on MGF who are more than worthy of my time and my affection. I decided long ago I would not be operating like other girls on this site. I keep my prices up to exactly what I believe I am worth! And many guys agree I am worth it. I enjoy chatting with guys on a daily basis and growing something intense between two people! I was surprised to learn that there are such sweet men who would take the time to build exceptional relationships with me through messaging and contributing for custom content, and it has been so much fun learning and growing and experiencing all the crazy things we’ve done together! I am confident we will keep in touch for years to come.

I am grateful that I found this site, or maybe it found me. I have been empowered and encouraged to walk tall along my own path.

I activated my membership on mygirlfund at just the right time in my life and for all of the right reasons. It has allowed me to highlight the unique, quirky, (perhaps even sexy) things about myself and meet guys who appreciate those things about me as well. I am a happier, more confident and secure young woman because of this site. I love you, mygirlfund!

xoxo Naomi

RavenRaith wants to get to know each and every guy on mygirlfund

October 22, 2015

ravenraithHello, my name is RavenRaith and I am a Canadian. I have been on on and off for the last few years. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind website, with a great community, wonderful members, and lots of sexy models. I love mygirlfund because it is a place I can go to that has absolutely no judgement, and it’s where I can be myself. I find that a lot of men are afraid to indulge in their fetishes and fantasies in real life, or just can’t find that right woman to do that with, and so they come to mygirlfund for that perfect woman to play out any fantasy that they might have.

It’s a great place to make online friends, connect with others, and get some sexy online goodies. It has definitely been a main source of income for me. Since I have Narcolepsy it is hard for me to find and or keep a job, so sometimes it is the only source of income that I have. I find that I do not even think about the income aspect of it when using the website, and use it more as a fun way to chat with new people and send some sexy Girlfriend Style photos and videos to men across the world, earning an income whilst doing that is just a bonus and it definitely brightens my day. Some of the sweetest men I have ever spoken with are from MGF. Many guys have very interesting stories and wonderful personalities. I love to treat the guys really well, and make special goodies for each of them. Hopefully one day I will be able to put money aside from using this website to help me get into College for Film, and Photography or to eventually move to the USA.

Mygirlfund has helped me to purchase things I have been saving up for like groceries, new clothing, a new computer, HD webcam, or stuff for my photography. Currently I am saving for trips around the USA, a new bicycle, an E-bike, and Drivers Education. I always feel like I am important to the members on the website, and if I come back from being absent due to travelling, I am always welcomed back with open arms. There are a handful of members who I have been talking to on-site for almost two years or more, which makes me feel amazing and like I have done something right. To hear that I have made their day brighter or better makes me feel really good. It’s cool to meet other people around the world on this site who have similar or the same interests as me for example; Horror, Sci-Fi, Action Movies, Collection Action Figures, Comic Book Collecting, Alien Series, Superhero Stuff, similar interests like; Hiking, Camping, The Outdoors, Photography, Animals, Nature, Video Games, Art, Reading / Literature, ect.

I love catering to men who enjoy the simplicity of a woman’s beauty, like her cleavage, breasts, or the curvature of her body in her favorite pair of jeans. I also do really enjoy the more out-there turn-on’s and fetishes too. What men like with me is that they do not have to be afraid to ask for the more bizarre and less common things, of course within following the websites guidelines.

I love to create custom photosets, videos, and I also have videos and photos available to purchase currently. However my favorite aspect of this website other than the wonderful connections I make with other members is the webcam aspect of it. I love to be on webcam, and also do not mind viewing others if they are not too shy to be viewed. Shoot me a message, I would love to get to know each and every single one of you, I always love to hear your stories and how your week has been.

Interacting with guys on mygirlfund has helped Vivalyalalove find herself

October 9, 2015

vivalyalalove-1Mygirlfund is the perfect place for sexy young ladies like myself to explore our deepest, darkest fantasies. It’s also a great place for learning and playing with so many new and fun fetishes that I never realized I had interest in! Interacting with new people has actually helped me find myself. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, and I love showing off and pleasing others. Its actually quite nice because we are both able to boost each others confidence.

Everyone deserves to be loved. Mygirlfund can provide you with anything you are looking for. I love mygirlfund because this is a place where you can be your true self, and there are no judgements! I have met so many lovely, sweet, funny, compassionate men and it is an absolute pleasure getting to know each and every one of you! Not only do I have lots of naughty fun, but I’m making some great friends along the way.

It is possible to make a real, genuine connection with people here. Thanks to mygirlfund, I’ve built up enough confidence, courage, and money to escape an abusive relationship, and focus on building a future for myself, chasing my dreams, and living a life I have always deserved. I am so happy because mygirlfund has helped me become the independent girl I am today.

If it wasn’t for this site, or the wonderful men, I wouldn’t be able to survive in this big world! I am able to build a savings account for my future :) What girl wouldn’t want to have tons of fun, meet new people who you’d never have the pleasure of meeting elsewhere, all while earning a bit of extra income. And with a body like mine, how could you not want to share ;)

Mygirlfund has not only helped me financially, but mentally as well. I look forward to logging in each day, chatting with friends, showing off, having fun with the guys! Everyday gives you the opportunity to meet someone new and spectacular! Everyone has been so great to me, and after reading my ratings, you’ll see just how great I am! I cannot wait to play with you, I’d love to show you a bit more of what I do here ;) now, dont keep me waiting too long…

Beautiful AutumnRayne1056 has learned self-reliance on mygirlfund

September 24, 2015

autumnrayne1056Hello, I’m Autumn. I’ve been using mygirlfund addictively for a few months now. When I first started I didn’t know what to expect. But what I received was much more self confidence than I had started with.

Nothing makes me like this site more than when I am being enjoyed and complimented. The guys I have met on here have been nothing but sweet, understanding. They’re normal guys with awesomely creative imaginations. I have gotten to know some wonderful people on here that I would never have the
opportunity to speak with if it hadn’t been for MGF.

I’ve also been able to get freedom that I, as a 19 year old, really enjoy. I don’t have to work a real job and miss out on what my friends are doing, but I still have money to buy things to look cute! I get to examine myself as I have never done before… freely asking questions like ‘what am i going to go to school for’? I’m very torn about that at the moment, but when I do decide I know that I will have the support from the amazing guys I have met here.

The support team for MGF has also always been helpful to me. Any time I had a question or needed help they have gotten back to me quickly and very helpfully. This is by FAR the best website i have been on like this. I don’t hate it, i don’t dislike it. I absolutely love it and I don’t know if i’ll ever even leave it.

I’m very happy I discovered it. Getting the confidence boosts, getting the freedom, it’s something every girl would enjoy. You can have fun while earning money to pay tuition bills and buy that special lipstick we love. I feel a lot more self reliant and independent doing this than working somewhere like Wal-Mart!

But mygirlfund can also be a good source for supplementing income from your daily job. Why not? They’re happy and you’re happy. It’s very flexible. You can be active anywhere, replying to anyone from anywhere. I can’t stress how much I love it. It’s simple, even for the guys. And it’s fun, too.

Anyway, I’ve never been able to help out my family, spoil my animals and my mother like I have been able to since I started here. I like the feeling that I am helping out and still able to worry about me too. My family is happier knowing that I am able to help provide for the house. I feel responsible, beautiful, self-reliant, and more all because I signed up for this here website.

Maybe it’s my “dirty little secret” to some people, but honestly it’s an easy secret to keep, and I love what I do. Just being logged in sometimes gives me confidence. I feel beautiful. Now, if someone keeps looking at me in public, I don’t feel anxiety but I just think they’re looking because they think I’m pretty or something… or they like my new lip gloss.

Girls and Guys.. check it out here because honestly there’s nothing you won’t be pleased with… I mean.. you’re pleased and they’re pleased. We work together. I hope to see some of you on the site soon. Maybe we can get to know each other. Don’t be shy to say Hi to anyone in the community… were all friendly :)

Karrissa feels like a goddess on mygirlfund

September 17, 2015

karrissaHi! I’m Karrissa & I love! I’ve been a member since 2011. I love being here and plan on staying.

I’ve worked on other cam modeling sites, but sitting in front of a camera all the time just isn’t for me. It can get kinda boring sometimes, but with mygirlfund I’m able to log on and set up a cam show when the time actually comes for it, instead of just waiting around. Working on my own schedule is pretty important to me.
In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of mygirlfund is the way they set up their pay outs. It’s very model friendly. You’re able to raise your pay out level as you build your customer base. It starts at 65% and goes up to 90%. I also love being able to cash out when I need it instead of waiting around a week or 2 weeks like some of the other sites I’ve seen.

Mygirlfund is super easy to use too! I’m able to get on my laptop to do cam shows or just live chat with guys. Or, if I’m out and about, I can just get on mobile and still be connected to my friends and potentially meet new ones.

I love that I’m able to fully customize my profile to fit my personality and show what all I have to offer as well.

I’ve met some of the most interesting, open-minded guys on this site. Every guy has their own little thing they’re into! I’ve definitely had a blast exploring all kinds of different things with guys who spoil you! I’ve had all kinds of help from simple little things that I wanted like a cute outfit to more important things like paying off my car. My current goal is to finish paying off my house. The guys on the site really make me feel like a goddess!

This really is my favorite site & I’m super glad to be apart of it!


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