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Morning has come of age on Mygirlfund

March 25, 2015

photo3When I first learned about mygirlfund, I was barely 18 and a poor first-semester student, struggling to figure out who I was and struggling to get the things I needed and wanted out of my young life. Thinking, ‘why not?’ I gave the site a shot, and was immediately overwhelmed with the good kind of attention I had been craving. The boost in my finances was amazing, but the people I met and the experiences that led me to trying new things were even greater. Now here I am, 21 years old, and still loving my time on MGF.

I joined the site out of what I realize now was a sort of desperation, blindly hoping for a paycheck of any amount, and seeking the attention of men who could appreciate a young girl who didn’t have herself quite figured out all the way yet. I’m not much older now, but I can look back on these early experiences on MGF and see that they did help shape me into who I am at this point in my life.

Mygirlfund and the wonderful guys who are members there not only helped me get on my feet financially at a very young and vulnerable age, but helped me become more confident with my body, my relationships with others, and how I perceive myself. The guys I met, both as an 18 year old starting out on my own, and now a 21 year old returning to the site after some time away for personal reasons, have been welcoming and fun, encouraging creativity and empowering to the female form. IMG_4875

Even the administrators of the site have been excellent in providing answers to all questions or efficient in helping to resolve any issues to make mygirlfund a better experience for both the girls and the guys.

Because of MGF, I am able to make extra money from home, which allows me to do the things I love when i’m offline. Online, I’m having fun and meeting interesting new people, learning about and doing things I enjoy. My family travels often, so mygirlfund has been the perfect outlet for me to explore and share my sexuality with friendly members as well as make some money while on the move.

All of these things have led me to work harder on building and maintaining relationships, on the site and off, transform my own image into something I love, and given me the ability to express interests in places where I otherwise may not have found them. Mygirlfund has been like a second home in my time here and I’m very glad I made the leap to join when I did!


NMXO22 loves to build connections on Mygirlfund

March 16, 2015

nmxoSo I am still a bit new when it comes to mygirlfund It is my first year and I have nothing but great things to say!

I have tried other sites and nothing really comes close to comparing. With mygirlfund, I find you get a sense of freedom to do anything you like! You are not limited to just doing one thing whether it is camming, making videos etc. You can do whatever you feel like doing … when you feel like doing it.


I have to say there have been many moments on mygirlfund where I forget I’m even “working” because i’m having so much fun interacting with some of the many wonderful guys I’ve met so far on MGF. Also, compared to other sites, I feel very safe on mygirlfund. That is very important to me personally. I can honestly say MGF has improved my life. I feel more confident every day. And sexier! The compliments can definitely go to your head :P


I have met so many awesome guys on MGF this year so far. I love to build connections and really get to know someone, and this is a great place to do so. I have made many friends on here that I talk to on a daily/weekly basis, and I love hearing from them. I appreciate the generosity of all the guys, and I don’t think they really know how much they help us girls out.


So, more about me! I’m a small town girl from Western Canada. I am 25 years old. I am super outdoorsy! Love to exercise, go hiking, boating, and fishing. Very family orientated, and I couldn’t live without them. I’m a little bit shy when I first meet someone but it doesn’t take me long to warm up. Of course I have a little bit of a naughty side ;) I think that is what kind of drew me to MGF in the first place. A place where I can express that side of me.


I would say my favorite thing to do on MGF is making custom videos! I love to get all dolled up! I like to take my time and have fun with it!  i’m very open minded and I always like to try new things :)


All in all, I love MGF and I plan to stick around for a long time! There’s such a friendly feeling between the girls and guys. Don’t be afraid to say hello to me! I love to chat and would love to meet you :P. As long as you are respectful to me, I will do the same <3

If she didn’t need to sleep, Graciexxx would be on Mygirlfund 24/7

March 5, 2015
GracieXXXI absolutely love camming, taking pictures, and making customized videos on Their platform is so easy to use and it offers more
opportunities for girls to generate income than the other live camming sites. It offers guys more interactive options. They aren’t limited to live web cam sessions.


For instance, if you are more of a shy guy you can just send a private message to request a custom video or photo set instead of having to talk face to face on live cam. If you do want to cam you don’t have to have your camera on.


Another great benefit that mygirlfund offers is privacy. You only have to share what you feel comfortable
sharing about yourself.


The money is also great. I previously worked on a different cam site and it wasn’t yielding the income I needed to pay my bills, I got in a car wreck and had to come up with money quickly to buy a new car, and pay medical bills plus regular bills. Within just a couple of weeks of being on mygirlfund I bought myself a brand new car and had ALL of my bills straightened out and a lot of extra spending money to have some fun with.


The guys I have met on here are genuinely nice, very courteous, and respectful. Chivalry is definitely not dead on mygirlfund. I have had some of the best conversations with different guys and I have gotten the chance to know so many kind and generous men. Unlike the other website I used to work fo,r on here the guys can add you as a friend if they like you and really enjoy what content you have to offer and keep in contact. The whole friends list feature is fantastic to me because it shows when you’re online which has helped me form some long standing friendships with the guys on here. We regularly message each other for business or just to kid around and chat for a bit.


Mygirlfund has a lot to offer from both the male and female perspective. It helped me connect with guys who have the same sexual interests and fantasies that I have and explore new ones. I used to be so shy about my body and sexuality but mygirlfund is really empowering and it definitely opened me up to my wilder, kinkier side. I share it with the very special guys that I meet on here daily. I love signing on and reading all of the lovely messages I receive from new guys and I love reading reviews from guys who have purchased all kinds of different content from me. If I didn’t have to sleep I would be on here 24/7! I LOVE MYGIRLFUND! XOXO Gracie

Mygirlfund guys are there for Kinkyfreakyblon

February 19, 2015
kinkyfreakyblonMygirlfund has helped me so much in the past several months. When my father passed away and I lost my job that same month, the wonderful men of MGF helped me get through it.It’s been an incredible part of my life to be able to speak one on one with people, form friendships and build bonds. I have been lucky enough to use the site to supplement my income and have accomplished so much from being on here, such as helping to pay for my dad’s funeral.

My current goals for mygirlfund are to help me go back to school and get my dream job. Any girl who is considering this kind of work should definitely join MGF because the site is so much safer than others and they reward you constantly for your hard work by lowering your fees unlike any other site I have ever seen. The guys on mygirlfund are respectful and really are there for you no matter what. In addition, the sense of community is amazing and I’m so proud to be a part of it!

TaiCoats is achieving a very important goal on MyGirlFund

February 9, 2015
taicoatsA friend of mine told me about and I was very interested in checking it out. Once I signed up and got the swing of things, I grew to love the site! My favorite part about being a MGF girl is what I symbolize. I get to be myself and support an awesome site that I really enjoy being a part of! :)
MyGirlFund, in my opinion, differs from other sites I’ve tried because the site itself is very easy to use and is full of amazing people, including the people that actually run the site. Everyone is very kind! With mygirlfund, I’ve been able to really connect with customers and grow very close with each and every one that I talk to. It’s very easy to find people with similar interests just based on tags you click. :)
This site has helped me more than I could imagine with my goasl. I’m still somewhat new and have only had one goal but it’s been a big and very important goal. Without mygirlfund, I wouldn’t be near as prepared for my baby’s new coming and I’m so thankful! The friendships I have made so far on MGF have been beyond awesome! I’ve talked with so many different amazing and generous guys. Guys who share similar interests and some that don’t, but still are just as much of a joy to chat with and get to know. Either way, our personalities have really connected and continue to as time goes on.
We learn a lot from each other. My relationships with my favorite MGF guys are very genuine! We chat as if we have known each other for years and can talk about anything. I enjoy getting to talk with them knowing they are just being themselves around me. My advice for new girls starting out on mygirlfund is simply be yourself, have fun, and treat these guys right because there are a lot of sweet ones on here with huge hearts! :)
As for tips for the MGF guys, just be yourself and have fun as well!
The MGF community has been of a lot of help to me and I’ve been able to get very helpful advice from the members since I’ve been here. Everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to.

    I can’t really say I have a favorite 5 star rating so far because every one that I have gotten has great importance to me and are from some of the most amazing people I’ve talked to!
MyGirlFund is definitely my favorite site that I’ve been on! I choose this site over every other one without even thinking twice. I just really enjoy the people on this site a whole bunch and the site itself. It’s just been the best experience and I absolutely LOVE it!

An appreciative YourGirlFriend says people are true to themselves on MyGirlFund

January 30, 2015

yourgirlfriendI found out about mygirlfund through other cam girls . My experience before mygirlfund was very disconnected, and also unnatural. I really felt like I had to “sell” myself but I really didn’t like how it made me feel. When I joined mygirlfund, I noticed a wave of support from the site as well as the users (both male and female).

I love being able to just discuss the day with the friends I have made on here, and allow myself to get carried away in a conversation without any expectation or pressure. I just have fun with the people who want to have fun with me and that connection is what I’ve been wanting. I am new in the town I live in and don’t have many friends here so my favorite part of being here is having this outlet to be myself completely.

I have always been interested in seeing how multi-dimensional people are, and this is a great platform for people to be as true to themselves as humanly possible. I like to ask a lot of questions about the things that matter to them and maybe it is why I feel so close to a lot of my friends here so quickly, because we can be so unfiltered with one another.

I also can’t ignore how much this site has helped me. When I went across the country, I had the help of this site. I even turned my situation around from being homeless in my car, to finally getting an apartment on my own. Also after crashing my car, I was able to replace it so quickly. I have been so appreciative of all the funding I have acquired when I absolutely needed it.  I love it the times I don’t need it though, when I can afford to go out and unwind for a night when I wouldn’t have without the site.

A five star rating reads “You couldn’t ask for a better friend, period. She is kind, she knows how to listen, and truly cares about you…”

From everyday matters to secret kinks, IvyLeagueGirl feels free to talk about everything on MyGirlFund

January 15, 2015

ivyleaguegirlHi! My name is Ivy, I’m 20 and I’m a semi-professional adult model. I discovered just two weeks ago, but I already love it! In fact I have been a member on other adult content related sites before I joined MGF, but I haven’t met such a kind, patient and sweet guys anywhere else, guys who treat women like true ladies ;) There are a lot of men on the site who know what they want, and who know how to do what they do right (in my case – submissive/dominant relations).

What do I like the most about the site? The variety of possibilities – not only can I chat or exchange messages with the guys, but also send them pictures, videos, and live chat on webcam. I really enjoy getting to know the people I talk to, I have a feeling that we can talk about literally everything, from our daily lives to our greatest kinks ;) It’s amazing to find out how many people share your fantasies and preferences! Exactly as the other MyGirlFund girls say, I talk to my friends on MGF just as much as to my friends in real life, and they mean a lot to me. And the financial aspect of it all make everything even more tempting… With some effort put into keeping your relations – and believe me, it’s in fact no effort at all when you enjoy it! – it is certainly possible to make if not an income, then certainly a lot of spare cash. Being a uni student (true schoolgirl therefore ;) ), that helps a lot :) Is there a better way than to work from home, doing what you love to do?

Also for me an absolutely amazing part is the chance to develop my creativity while making custom pics and vids. Reading my ratings after they’re done – well, I always have a big smile on my face while doing that :) Despite the fact that I’ve been on the site for even less than two weeks, I managed to gain a couple of five star ratings already, with incredibly sweet words as “Such an amazingly gorgeous woman…she will have you eating out of the palm of her hand…and I wil gladly come back for more!!!” As for me – in terms of – I will gladly come back for more too!


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