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CleoMurphy says there is never a dull day on mygirlfund

July 23, 2015

CleoMurphyHello! My name is Cleo from the UK. I LOVE mygirlfund! I’ve been a member for almost two months now. Joining the community was honestly the best thing I have done in a long time!

I used to work as a care assistant, and then I was introduced to webcam modeling. I did that for awhile, but sitting in front of a webcam for hours waiting for clients was very boring and time consuming and it just wasn’t for me. Then I came across mygirlfund and it has completely changed my life for the better. It has been by far the best money earner for me! I can work whenever I like independently from home. I get to see more of my family and friends, don’t have to pay commuting expenses, and have fewer distractions.

I feel more motivated and productive. I’m also so much more relaxed. After all, your home is the least stressful environment you can ask for :) I can even work when i’m out or when I’m visiting my girlfriends. I’m temporarily living in a full house with housemates and thought it would be difficult to have enough free time. But because I can choose to work when I have privacy, it’s not a problem. I usually have a few hours in the morning so I use that time to make the custom photos or videos the guys have ordered from me. Then I usually relax with my feet up on an afternoon and the money comes rolling in!

You feel really in control of your cash flow too. You can cash out whenever you want, so you decide if you want to get paid weekly or monthly or daily. I do enjoy waking up every Tuesday morning and checking my online bank account!

I also thought the site would take a while to get used to, but I was amazed at just how easy it is to use. I was making money just a few hours after joining the site. At first I was also a little worried about the guys on the site. I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought to myself, what if I don’t get on with them or what if they don’t like me. But that worry disappeared almost instantly. Honestly, the guys on mygirlfund are the best guys! So sweet, fun, kind, generous and understanding. I love talking to the guys and making new friendships and relationships. They are all fun, different and unique. There is never a dull day, always something new and exciting!

When I joined the site I only had an old laptop. It was really slow and I needed a faster one that would make work a lot easier and in the first week of joining mygirlfund I was able to comfortably purchase a brand new laptop. I’m always checking the site on either my mobile, Ipad, or laptop. The site is so easy to use on most devices. And I love checking for all the new messages received.

There really is no other community on the internet like mygirlfund. I’m so glad to be a part of it!

A college degree is just one of the many rewards applebear has enjoyed on mygirlfund

July 1, 2015

309808_10150400476723373_917699501_nI first heard about mygirlfund in an article published in a renowned newspaper and I thought it would be something I could see myself getting involved in. I joined only 6 months ago and, in the beginning, I was unsure what to expect. However, the guys I met online were extremely helpful and understanding, not to mention, generous.

I love working for mygirlfund because it allows girls to work from home, choose their own hours and rates, and become financially independent. The site has a forum for the girls, and blogs, which is a great way to give and receive tips and advice, and allows us to express ourselves and get to know each other. MGF is great because girls can chat with guys from all over the world, and connect with them on both a sexual and emotional level.

It’s not all about selling content, but meeting new people. Many guys use mygirlfund as a way to chat with girls and talk about their lives in ways they can’t do offline. I know I have helped boost some guys confidences just by talking to them, and allowing them to be open and just be themselves without being judged. Some guys have certain fantasies they wish to act out, but aren’t always able to do so offline, so they come to mgf to share these with like-minded girls.

This is really important for me; allowing guys to feel at ease with themselves and their sexual desires. Knowing that I have made someone else feel good is such a rewarding feeling, and it keeps me coming back to mygirlfund again and again.

Of course, the guys on MGF have helped me enormously financially. I have just completed my Bachelor’s degree, and during my final year it was very demanding and I didn’t have the time to work part-time. MGF was a fantastic opportunity for me to earn money whilst studying for my final exams, as it allowed me to pick my own hours, and I could choose how much I charged for my content. The money I made on mygirlfund helped pay my rent and other bills, and allowed me to travel for a month after graduating-which was a wonderful reward for my hard work at university and a much needed break!

I absolutely love being a mygirlfund member not only because it has helped me out financially, but also because it has given me a chance to explore my sexuality in ways I would have never imagined. Chatting with guys who like the same things as myself was a real eye-opener and made me want to try out new things with them; things that I would be less comfortable doing with guys offline. The guys are all very encouraging and I have never felt pressurized into doing anything I wasn’t happy with. The guys I have worked with have all left me with great feedback, something I really appreciate!

Mygirlfund allows AmazingEvelyn to earn money hanging out with interesting friends

June 3, 2015

amazingevelynIt was so timely…It was cold and cloudy outside and I felt like some good company so I went and signed up at Mygirlfund. I was ready to sign up because honestly I just felt a bit lonely.

A couple of months later, and I’m still very surprised at how one site can hold so many interesting people! I’ve already made plenty of awesome connections from my ‘friends list’ guys. I talk to them almost every day, and it’s to the point where I can’t live without checking my MGF inbox. I don’t want to forget about them, when my friends make me feel so unforgettable.

Oh. And I earn money from home hanging out with my friends. It really couldn’t be better, especially for girls who already have a job or for girls who just want to find some work. All I have to say is that if you treat these guys well they will treat you like a princess.

One more important thing to add to this review, I feel really comfortable there because I can be myself. All my desires, fetishes, and fantasies.. I can share them and I don’t feel ashamed for it. I was a bit shy at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but everything ended up great and the conversations just keep rolling along.

Now, I can’t imagine my life without this awesome site. My friends, the extra cash, my super-great mood… all these cool things come from MGF.

I’ve been doing cam for 6 years as well as live chat jobs. Mygirlfund blows all that out of the water. It’s clearly the best choice.

Mygirlfund has changed Yourbaby94’s life

May 13, 2015

yourbaby94I feel like I’m the luckiest and most grateful woman in the entire world, thanks to Mygirlfund. I have achieved so many goals just in two months. I’m surprised but I really feel like I have everything I ever wanted.

Honestly, mygirlfund changed my life and my thinking, Since I joined, I have time to study, do my routine, and be at home. Even when I go out, I only have to bring my phone and I can continue working.

I’m in school, studying Business Administration, focused on marketing and sales. I’m 21 years old, and live outside the US. I’m pretty shy and private. I love sports, books, beauty, animals, cooking, and sleeping! I love helping old people, it gives me peace, satisfaction and happiness.
I’m single, no kids, never married.

Now, let’s talk about something important. Men, they are incredible. Of course I deal with every kind of man, but you can meet all kinds of guys from different cultures and interests and have conversations about anything because sometimes they only need a “hello,how are you today?” That makes a difference, you are making the difference for being here. I love that I can be 100% private and I can show my personal life. Not everything is sexual, but I have an album where I post all my pictures and videos, if you know what i mean.

And something amazing about mygirlfund is the total freedom! No contracts, I have my money anytime I want it. No ifs ands or buts.

My favorite part of being a mygirlfund girl is the attention and interaction. Nothing is better than waking up to smiles and compliments in the morning, The guys make you feel like the most amazing woman in the world.
I love the diversity of the site. There is something / someone for everyone if you look hard enough. Being a member here all you bring lots of joy and pleasure.

We are no different than any kind of entertainer, whether singer or actress. We help men escape from stressful lives while they engage their fantasies with us. This is wonderful, because you are helping yourself too, growing and learning about new people, about what is outside of you.

Whats the best part of mygirlfund? Money! Why do i say that? In only two months on the site, I’ve not only been able to pay for school, but I also have finally been able to schedule a medical procedure.

I recommend mygirlfund to anyone in the world. Trust me, you are going to see the light. I might stay here forever.


Swedish girl Flirtyshygirlswe enjoys making guys feel good by just being herself on mygirlfund

April 23, 2015
flirtyshygirlsweHi there everyone! My name is Veronica and I’m from Sweden. I am a 23 year old girl enjoying life. I have 2 part time jobs, both of which involve taking care of other people with disabilities. I love working with people! In my free time I like long nice walks if the weather is nice, listening to music, watching Anime, talking to my friends online, and playing video games. My ideal evening involves a bubblebath, dinner and some great red wine!
I’m really into Anime. My favorites are: One Piece, Attack on Titan, Fairytail, and Nanatsu no Taizai. As far as video games, Halo is my favorite and I also play CoD.

On mygirlfund, I have guys that tell me they love me, tell me I’m beautiful, and say they feel comfortable talking about anything with me. Maybe some people would say it’s not right and whatever, but I don’t think so!  On mygirlfund, you can be yourself, and not worry about being judged. That’s wonderful!

I like to make people feel good. That’s central to my personality. It’s who I am. I truly care about the guys I’ve become friends with and close to on mygirlfund. It’s not all about the contributions. I like to talk to new people I find interesting, and I can babble on forever. It´s a perfect way for me to earn some extra cash from home when I’m not at my part-time work.

Hope to see you guys!

DeJanego says there’s something and somebody for everyone on Mygirlfund

April 13, 2015

dejanegoWhere do I even begin? This is mygirlfund in a nutshell: Loads of great connections and relationships to be made with members who are genuinely kind, caring, adventurous, and lots of fun. ;-)

I absolutely love the work, people, and fun to be had on mygirlfund! Taking pictures, making videos, and chatting/camming with intriguing people, all in day’s work, if you can call it that! What could be better than creating visually appealing content, as well as making some lovely person’s day all at the same time? Nothing could make me any happier than knowing I made someone’s day and bringing joy into someone’s life… Especially if that person was feeling down in the dumps to begin with!

I’m a part time hairstylist and I just graduated from cosmetology school, so I do have some debts to be paid off, but since joining this site I’ve gotten through some tremendous obstacles and no longer need to be tired through insane hours AND weasel in those extra shifts at work. If I could quit my job and just hang out online with all these great guys all day, I would most definitely do it in a heart beat! There is no other site like mygirlfund, and I mean it! I’ve been on other sites – Nothing compares! The money is absolutely great, the members always put a smile on my face, and it’s so much fun it’s almost to the point of being addictive!

One of my personal favorite points about this site is the fact it can get on a seriously personal and private level, or we can keep everything light-hearted, it’s up to you! There’s literally something and somebody for everybody, your interests can always be accounted for and appeased. ;-)

No matter what you’re interested in or what you’re looking for, you’ll find a match on this lovely site. One of the best things about the site is that both the members and the lovely ladies who work on the site feel safe and comfortable. Mygirlfund has created a safe and warm environment to explore your innermost desires. We have a strong sense of community here, and everybody or and anybody is welcome with open arms.

Like I said earlier, if I could quit my job and work on mygirlfund ALL day long, I’d do it in a heart beat. I am so genuinely grateful to be a part of this generous, exciting, and welcoming community!

Morning has come of age on Mygirlfund

March 25, 2015

photo3When I first learned about mygirlfund, I was barely 18 and a poor first-semester student, struggling to figure out who I was and struggling to get the things I needed and wanted out of my young life. Thinking, ‘why not?’ I gave the site a shot, and was immediately overwhelmed with the good kind of attention I had been craving. The boost in my finances was amazing, but the people I met and the experiences that led me to trying new things were even greater. Now here I am, 21 years old, and still loving my time on MGF.

I joined the site out of what I realize now was a sort of desperation, blindly hoping for a paycheck of any amount, and seeking the attention of men who could appreciate a young girl who didn’t have herself quite figured out all the way yet. I’m not much older now, but I can look back on these early experiences on MGF and see that they did help shape me into who I am at this point in my life.

Mygirlfund and the wonderful guys who are members there not only helped me get on my feet financially at a very young and vulnerable age, but helped me become more confident with my body, my relationships with others, and how I perceive myself. The guys I met, both as an 18 year old starting out on my own, and now a 21 year old returning to the site after some time away for personal reasons, have been welcoming and fun, encouraging creativity and empowering to the female form. IMG_4875

Even the administrators of the site have been excellent in providing answers to all questions or efficient in helping to resolve any issues to make mygirlfund a better experience for both the girls and the guys.

Because of MGF, I am able to make extra money from home, which allows me to do the things I love when i’m offline. Online, I’m having fun and meeting interesting new people, learning about and doing things I enjoy. My family travels often, so mygirlfund has been the perfect outlet for me to explore and share my sexuality with friendly members as well as make some money while on the move.

All of these things have led me to work harder on building and maintaining relationships, on the site and off, transform my own image into something I love, and given me the ability to express interests in places where I otherwise may not have found them. Mygirlfund has been like a second home in my time here and I’m very glad I made the leap to join when I did!



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