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BabyRonnie Loves To Make Customs For Her MyGirlFund Friends

September 22, 2014

BabyRonnieMygirlfund has honestly opened a lot of doors for me. On the site, I’ve been meeting cool guys, making money and learning things from here and there. It’s so easy to be yourself! I’ve yet to meet all my financial goals, but I’m having fun trying. What can be better than making money doing something you like? I love talking to new people, making new friends, and maybe doing a little bit, um, more? Also, it is always pleasing to hear compliments from guys around the globe. It makes you feel special, i guess.

My goal here is to buy new electronics and get help paying for my rent and school. At the same time, I get to enjoy meeting new guys. If I can make them happy, I am also happy. MyGirlFund is so sweet because you get to talk one on one and it helps to create intense and profound relationships. I am kind of new here still, but I really enjoy myself. It has a lot of competition, but hey that is the whole point, isn’t it?

I’m learning about all the the various fetishes guys have. Sometimes it’s surprising, but I am always up for a new challenge. It’s actually very exciting. I never really worked on other sites, but I can say that it is really easy to cash out on MyGirlFund. It jas a fee like every other place, but it is really accessible, and a no brainer!

What I love most on here is to make Custom Videos for guys. Of course I have my regular awesome content, but when it is custom, I get a feeling of closeness and enjoy the personal approach! It is really naughty. I have made very good friends on MyGirlFund that come back for more every week! It is almost like being an Online Girlfriend ahah!

My approach to guys is different than other girls here I know for sure. I get the feeling that what’s important to some girls is to sell in bulk. A lot of videos of any genres for really cheap! I get the idea, but I like to think of myself not being a merchant but a naughty friend. I am a shy girl and I am not hot to the idea of doing what everyone else is doing and competing at the low end of the market. Keep it classy, baby!

If I have a tip for guys on MGF it is to not think of themselves as a Sugar Daddy! Because there are a lot of guys that complain about paying for messages and/or content, but say in their profile that they are Sugar Daddies. I was a Sugar Baby before and I can assure you that it is not how it works. Daddies are really understanding and approachable. They don’t want all of you for peanuts, but instead they want to give you all they have. I don’t want to look like a little whiny girl ahah, just trying to be me. It is not that I refuse everybody! It is just, be real and I will be all to you ;)

“Lovely and intelligent with a crotch-breakingly amazing figure. I hope to order more content if she’s open to the idea.” 5/5 Stars

MyGirlFund is JadedCupcake’s Lifeline

September 8, 2014

I don’t remember how I learned about MyGirlFund but I know it was a year ago when I was trying to find ways to make extra cash. I’ll admit that for months I wasn’t making anything. But I think that was mainly because I rushed into it and didn’t take the time to learn everything right away.

My favorite part of being a MGF girl is the interesting people I meet. I do like talking to new people and learning new things.

I’ve haven’t been on many sites. MGF just seems more personal, yet safe. There are less jerks on MGF too. Plus there are other options to make money on MGF. 1-on-1 interaction on MGF rocks! Much easier to develop a solid customer relationship. It’s a really personalized profile that girls make their own, therefore many customers feel more confident that they’re connecting with a real girl

The money has really helped me get out of tough situations. Even though I didn’t use MGF much up until May, I was able to jump in, and keep myself from sinking. It helped me get the tools I need for work after mine went poof. My current goals are to save up for medical testing. Then my big move to Japan. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

I’ve made friendships with all kinds with awesome people. Many of my favorite guys are super sweet. Nerdy … I like them nerdy. ;) They are also very caring & supportive.


For new girls, take advantage of this site, I found it and I learned many ways to bring traffic. For new guys, have patience, messages will flood in.


The other members are really confident and strong. I haven’t used the girls only blog or forum yet.
This is probably one of my favorite 5 star ratings:
“So unique.
she’s wonderful and very intelligent.
match with a killer body.
where can you go wrong?”

PlayfulLilGirl says the friendships she has made on MGF are endless and magical

August 29, 2014
I found out about MyGirlFund from a lovely gentleman who told me it was an amazing place for a lady like me. So without further investigation I signed up and made a free account and oh boy I am so glad I did! He was totally right. This social platform is absolutely amazing and incredibly engaging. As a camgirl, I was shocked to see how simple and easy it was to navigate the site and immediately was flooded with messages and live chat requests from men who I now call my friends.

After I signed up I immediately placed a goal, and that was to meet my Australian pen pal of 7 years who is visiting California. I was surprised how all of my new friends banded together and are making that a dream come true for me. Everyone was eager to help me reach my goal and I am proud to say I have my flight booked for California and my once fantasy bucket list dream is now coming true solely by the good men of MyGirlFund.

The friendships I have made on MGF are endless and magical. I now know people from all over the world! Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and everywhere really! It is so amazing to hear about new cultures and ways of life all around the world! The conversations I have are just so enlightening and enjoyable that sometimes I’m up till 3am just chatting to all of these wonderful people!

My advice for new girls joining the site is don’t be afraid of being yourself and being YOU. The guys on MGF really dig personality and there is only one of you in this world. Share that with the members and you will have a great time. My advice for men joining the site: Be sweet to these honest, caring women and treat them all with the utmost respect. That will get you the best response when using the live chat feature on the site to meet new girls. MGF is different from every other camsite because you are not sitting in someone’s free chat begging for a girls attention and fighting the other men for that attention. Here on MGF you just live chat the gal you want too and she is ready to talk to ya! There isn’t really many limits on how far you can go with your experience on MygirlFund. Everyday is something new, and everyday is FUN.

The members are quite friendly. I had a gentleman help me navigate the site via live chat. He didn’t have to help me or explain anything to me but he totally did and I’ll never forget his kindness. The Girls Only Blog is also very helpful, it’s a place where all of us girls can ask questions, talk about life and maybe sip some wine virtually with each other! The community is filled with encouraging, kind woman who usually have no issue answering your questions!

Here’s one of my favorite five star reviews:
Ive chatted to Bailey for a few weeks now. She’s funny, intelligent, and never to busy to answer. Today, I saw one of her videos. I’m not sure what to say. Is she hot? Honestly? No. SHE IS SIZZLING. Her video was superb. Even the dialogue. Bailey is one sexy girl, and one naughty girl. Msg her, chat her, fuck, send a carrier pigeon. But get in touch, you will not be disappointed.

Fatale Femme Has Immersed Herself In Mygirlfund

August 21, 2014
fatalfemmeI found out about MyGirlFund from a youtube video by a cam girl who discussed sites to try that offer more than just live cams. MGF offers so much more than cam sites. You have time to message one on one with people. I love that I don’t have to be a nude model and I can still make friends here. I really love the art of tease and implied that is most definitely my forte. I get to let loose with that here!I really enjoy and put more effort into getting to know others. The fact that I can be compensated for the effort I put into building rapport with others is fantastic.

My favorite part of being an MGF girl is getting to cater to my own clientele. Only doing what I want to do and not being in direct competition with other girls like most sites that let you go onto other models pages. Compared to other sites my favorite part of MGF is that I don’t have to be anything here but myself. I don’t feel any pressure to do anything that I may not see as within my comfort level. A gal like me who is obsessed with Old Hollywood Glamour and Tease has a tough time standing out on other sites that are geared only towards one type of people. MGF fits me nicely as I have very unique abilities as a Glamour model as well as a trained contortionist. I really get to garner my own friendships here with people who actually appreciate not only my physical abilities but also my linguistic ones as well.

I love to really get to know people so it’s a much nicer rapport and the projects I get to work on with my friends such as custom works are just that much more fun when you know what makes your friend smile. For me I like MGF as I finally have a place to express my infinite love of Tease, Glamour & Kindness with people who enjoy those qualities in with me as well.

I have now been on MGF every single day for just a little over a month. I really have immersed myself in this place. I blog about what I’m up to daily. I love the blog feature. I can let everyone in the community know what I’m up to and most stoked about as I get excited about a lot of things and am endlessly inspired. The community is really close-knit.  I see my friends here no differently than my friends in my day-to-day life. We get to stay in touch when we are not working on awesome custom projects together and I love the feeling that I am with them even when are not making fun photos or videos together. I love making people smile with my sense of style and personality.  I get to do that here!

My favorite gentlemen are with me daily. They check in, let me know how their day went, and let me know what they’re working towards. I love giving them my outside perspective and keeping them motivated to do more! That level of closeness cannot be forced. It’s so natural and fun. I love that. In the past month I have a few really solid friends that have been sticking with me and really making me feel adored. I love that. They appreciate the time I take to do things for them and they love my style.

I have a really big goal to move to the US this year and that’s what I’m currently working towards on MGF so I can make my life even more awesome. So far we are chipping away at this goal. I have had a much nicer rapport here than I have had on other sites I used to be on full-time though. They’re excited to see me make my move and decorate my new pad.  I love change and I feel that MGF can really stay with me as I go through the next stage of growth in my life.

To girls just joining MyGirlFund I would say just bring something new to the table and stick with it. Don’t try to cater to everyone. You’re not for everyone and everyone is not for you but the people you are for will appreciate you for that! And they should make sure to use the girls community for help and support. The other models have been great in the girls blogs. They are quick to respond. I just celebrated my Birthday last week. They where all so very sweet and made my day having so many well wishes on MGF that day!

To the guys of MGF I would say treat everyone with mutual respect. We are both here to have a good time. Keep an open mind and take more chances in life. You never know what you may find that you really like!

Here’s one of my favorite five star reviews:
Out of this world! This lady is stunningly beautiful, both in body and in mind. If you love the tease, she will rock your world. Not only is she easy and fun to talk with, but her custom video was way better than I could ever have imagined. Thank you my Burlesque Queen!

Future chemist Stormy builds long-lasting bonds on MyGirlFund

August 15, 2014
Stormy ThompsonWow, where in the world do I start? Well I guess I should start off by saying has been one of the best things I could have ever come across! Not only has it helped me financially, but I have made so many great friends and met so many wonderful men on this site! I remember being freshly eighteen when my friend told me about it, and signing up as soon as I got home.


My favorite parts about being a virtual girlfriend are the friendships and long lasting bonds I make with people on a day to day basis. I have people that I talk to just as much as my real life friends! My Girl Fund has helped me with paying for classes so one day I can become a chemist! My short term goals though are paying what I owe my school, paying for various bills and expenses, expanding my personal library (I recently started collecting vintage books), and maybe treating myself with a nice dinner after I score a good grade! MGF helps me with all of that!


And a tip for the guys? Always leave reviews, it takes two seconds and helps us girls out a lot! Not to mention good reviews always, I mean always, manage to put a smile on my face! And it almost always reminds me to leave one for you as well!


A huge part of the site that really has helped me out has been the girls blog, it’s like a big fun sleep over with the other models! I haven’t worked for any other cam modeling sites, because MGF fulfills all my needs, but just from taking a look at them, they don’t compare whatsoever!


“What a sweetie! We hadn’t talked in a while and when I messaged her she made it feel like we started right where we left off. She is sweet, cute, sexy, intelligent, and fun to talk to….all wrapped up in one yummy package!”

What Girl Doesn’t Love Attention?

August 7, 2014

harleyquinn420I first joined mygirlfund I think back in 2010 as DixieQueen. I’ve since then changed my name to HarleyQuinn420, to reflect my love for the Batman character. I cannot say enough positive things about Mygirlfund. My husband suggested that I become a webcam model and Mygirlfund was one of the first sites that caught my eye. It was actually in beta version at the time.

Since my start here I have made so many close friends – friends that I contact daily. There’s no other site that allows you to build up relationships this way, in my opinion. Getting to know the girl behind the content is one of the most important things to guys, and I concur with that priority. The more personal, the better.

Financially, Mygirlfund has helped me accomplish many goals. Whether it be for fun, or for serious, I can always rely on my favorite site. Even if it’s just to come on and hear a

kind word from a friend who is online. MGF played a huge role in helping me get my first car in 2011, and helped me move to my new Colorado home, which I love by the way.

The layout of the site is fantastic. I love being able to read other girls blogs, to see how their day was, and love being able to be so versatile in the offers blogs. Very

interesting to see the different things girls come up with! Also, there’s a contest page for girls and guys and I’ve never seen such a thing on any other site, which makes it fun and more interesting.

The rating system is the best. Honestly, it’s become an addiction to get as many perfect ratings as I can! I’m very proud of my feedback. Here’s one rating out of my 324 perfect ratings that I’m so proud to have -

5/27/14 5 hearts!!!! “Had me throwng dollar bills at my screen.This girls got skills- Definitely everything i was looking for…. i always wanted a Harley and this one can REALLY move!!! UPDATED: Harley is the best…I tell her that all the time But I think she thinks im just being nice..No this girl got it whatever u want IT to be stop looking and spoil her u will be more than glad u did. I should Chang my profile to -I only belong to Harley!!!”
It’s ratings like this that make me love what I do! What girl doesn’t love attention?

Mygirlfund fulfills that need/want for me in many ways. Being married doesn’t mean you have to cheat to get attention! I love my guys online, and MGF!

Mygirlfund Helped Brianna Rose Break Into Mainstream Modeling

July 30, 2014
briannaroseBefore I even state anything else, I must say this:  I have loved this site from the very second I joined it on Janurary 10, 2014. I found out about MyGirlFund though other fellow cam girls who talked about how MGF was more personal and better for the personality types that prefer one on one encounters. I have always considered myself an empath, a sincerely compassionate entity.
And on MGF I am able to express that through how I present myself, how I make my videos, the passionate love making I involve myself with, and the social interactions I am part of.
My favorite thing about being a highly involved and respected member of MGF is that I can truly say that I know and feel in my heart that I have made differences in the lives of specific members through relationships I’ve built this site. I love making customs, but I love web camming even more. I focus on this part of the site mainly because camming is as personal as it gets, and I have fun dancing and getting all hot with you!
My friends and returning and new customers on here have funded and helped me travel, become a mainstream model, and have most importantly boosted my confidence to a whole new level of self love and appreciation! I used to hate my curves, now I embrace them more than ever before. And I have MGF and my boys on here to thank for that!
Much love and I cant wait to more of you guys join me on the fun!

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