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Beautiful AutumnRayne1056 has learned self-reliance on mygirlfund

September 24, 2015

autumnrayne1056Hello, I’m Autumn. I’ve been using mygirlfund addictively for a few months now. When I first started I didn’t know what to expect. But what I received was much more self confidence than I had started with.

Nothing makes me like this site more than when I am being enjoyed and complimented. The guys I have met on here have been nothing but sweet, understanding. They’re normal guys with awesomely creative imaginations. I have gotten to know some wonderful people on here that I would never have the
opportunity to speak with if it hadn’t been for MGF.

I’ve also been able to get freedom that I, as a 19 year old, really enjoy. I don’t have to work a real job and miss out on what my friends are doing, but I still have money to buy things to look cute! I get to examine myself as I have never done before… freely asking questions like ‘what am i going to go to school for’? I’m very torn about that at the moment, but when I do decide I know that I will have the support from the amazing guys I have met here.

The support team for MGF has also always been helpful to me. Any time I had a question or needed help they have gotten back to me quickly and very helpfully. This is by FAR the best website i have been on like this. I don’t hate it, i don’t dislike it. I absolutely love it and I don’t know if i’ll ever even leave it.

I’m very happy I discovered it. Getting the confidence boosts, getting the freedom, it’s something every girl would enjoy. You can have fun while earning money to pay tuition bills and buy that special lipstick we love. I feel a lot more self reliant and independent doing this than working somewhere like Wal-Mart!

But mygirlfund can also be a good source for supplementing income from your daily job. Why not? They’re happy and you’re happy. It’s very flexible. You can be active anywhere, replying to anyone from anywhere. I can’t stress how much I love it. It’s simple, even for the guys. And it’s fun, too.

Anyway, I’ve never been able to help out my family, spoil my animals and my mother like I have been able to since I started here. I like the feeling that I am helping out and still able to worry about me too. My family is happier knowing that I am able to help provide for the house. I feel responsible, beautiful, self-reliant, and more all because I signed up for this here website.

Maybe it’s my “dirty little secret” to some people, but honestly it’s an easy secret to keep, and I love what I do. Just being logged in sometimes gives me confidence. I feel beautiful. Now, if someone keeps looking at me in public, I don’t feel anxiety but I just think they’re looking because they think I’m pretty or something… or they like my new lip gloss.

Girls and Guys.. check it out here because honestly there’s nothing you won’t be pleased with… I mean.. you’re pleased and they’re pleased. We work together. I hope to see some of you on the site soon. Maybe we can get to know each other. Don’t be shy to say Hi to anyone in the community… were all friendly :)

Karrissa feels like a goddess on mygirlfund

September 17, 2015

karrissaHi! I’m Karrissa & I love! I’ve been a member since 2011. I love being here and plan on staying.

I’ve worked on other cam modeling sites, but sitting in front of a camera all the time just isn’t for me. It can get kinda boring sometimes, but with mygirlfund I’m able to log on and set up a cam show when the time actually comes for it, instead of just waiting around. Working on my own schedule is pretty important to me.
In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of mygirlfund is the way they set up their pay outs. It’s very model friendly. You’re able to raise your pay out level as you build your customer base. It starts at 65% and goes up to 90%. I also love being able to cash out when I need it instead of waiting around a week or 2 weeks like some of the other sites I’ve seen.

Mygirlfund is super easy to use too! I’m able to get on my laptop to do cam shows or just live chat with guys. Or, if I’m out and about, I can just get on mobile and still be connected to my friends and potentially meet new ones.

I love that I’m able to fully customize my profile to fit my personality and show what all I have to offer as well.

I’ve met some of the most interesting, open-minded guys on this site. Every guy has their own little thing they’re into! I’ve definitely had a blast exploring all kinds of different things with guys who spoil you! I’ve had all kinds of help from simple little things that I wanted like a cute outfit to more important things like paying off my car. My current goal is to finish paying off my house. The guys on the site really make me feel like a goddess!

This really is my favorite site & I’m super glad to be apart of it!

Ssamber says mygirlfund is genuinely fun for all types of guys and girls

September 9, 2015
ssamberI have been a cam girl for about 2 years now and I love it. Not only do I love the excitement of it all, but I also love meeting interesting, fun, friendly men (and the odd women as well)! I have talked to so many people who have come from all walks of life. I learn so much from these men. It is mind blowing. For instance, I’ve gotten great business tips on enhancing my business as a cam woman.

I was told by a client and a friend of mine about this site and how it could greatly help my business, and allow me access to tons of potential clients. I signed up, created my profile, and immediately started being contacted by plenty of lovely men. The money is all on your personality, being able to be friendly, make friends, keep in touch, and have a personal relationship with your potential clients. Yes, there are men who contact you, and are straight up about wanting something you offer. I do find that most men are about the personal experience, and want a personal relationship with the girls. As long as you take the time to get to know who you are talking to, are being kind, and NOT being pushy….then you will have great success on this site!

Mygirlfund has enabled me to work independently from home, earning an extra income instead of having to work two jobs to have that bit of extra spending money. This site has allowed me to feel comfortable financially, reach goals for trips, or things I may need. As long as you put forth the effort and time, you will get plenty in return. It is not how sexy you are, it is how personable you are. Be charming and things will take off from there!  Every woman likes to feel beautiful and the men on this site do an amazing job at making you feel special….and they are very genuine!

Like any job, you have to work to make money. Nothing is for free…but I enjoy what I get to do on this site, so that makes a world of a difference! Your hard work doesn’t go unappreciated or unnoticed as long you as do your best. Quality is important, and adding personal touches to everything is a must. Be open minded, have fun, and I promise you that you will have success!

Guys love all types of women and they come on this site because they know what they like and that could be you! Curvy women, thin, athletic, dominant, submissive, sassy, shy, cute, girl next door, voluptuous, etc. All women are welcome and accepted, and that is what I love about this site. It is not like other sites where you have to look like a model with the perfect breasts and ass. MGF welcomes genuine women who are looking to have fun and earn cash at the same time. Everyone is accepted!

So with that being said….I promise that no woman will be disappointed. I love My Girl Fund, its men, its intentions, and its ability to help you reach your goals and your financial aspirations! Be independent, develop friendships, earn your own money, and most of all…have fun doing it!

Stardust gets all excited for Mygirlfund

August 30, 2015

stardustMygirlfund has been a supplementary source of income for me since 2011. I have met so many wonderful guys on this site! They all have different quirks, and this site is really a way to get to know people on an entirely different level than you usually can in day-to-day life.

This site has helped me COUNTLESS times in being able to afford certain things- things that I couldn’t have been able to afford if I had only relied on my dayjob alone. I have been able to get help with groceries, gas, buying my first car, tattoos, rent, insurance payments, makeup etc. It’s all thanks to the wonderful, angelic men who have been there for me on this site.

I love being able to set boundaries, my own log in time, AND MY OWN PRICES! I get to choose what I will and will not do, and when I will do it. I also get to block certain states, so if I don’t want to be noticed outside of the site, I can take steps to prevent that with the settings on Mygirlfund. With every message I respond to, I get paid and that makes me feel like a Goddess everytime I log on. I love being treated with the respect I feel I deserve, and being showered with love and affection when I’m not getting it at home. I have a boyfriend who plays video games all day so it is nice to get the attention I’m missing out on from this site. It’s wonderful to have so many admirers who are willing to show their support and love for you in both emotional and monetary ways! I love building briendships and never feeling like I’m alone because of this website. I love this site and couldn’t imagine my life for the last 5 years without it! THANK YOU to all of the SWEET, SEXY, ANGELIC, MEN that have helped me, big or small over time! And THANK YOU MYGIRLFUND. ;)

CleoMurphy says there is never a dull day on mygirlfund

July 23, 2015

CleoMurphyHello! My name is Cleo from the UK. I LOVE mygirlfund! I’ve been a member for almost two months now. Joining the community was honestly the best thing I have done in a long time!

I used to work as a care assistant, and then I was introduced to webcam modeling. I did that for awhile, but sitting in front of a webcam for hours waiting for clients was very boring and time consuming and it just wasn’t for me. Then I came across mygirlfund and it has completely changed my life for the better. It has been by far the best money earner for me! I can work whenever I like independently from home. I get to see more of my family and friends, don’t have to pay commuting expenses, and have fewer distractions.

I feel more motivated and productive. I’m also so much more relaxed. After all, your home is the least stressful environment you can ask for :) I can even work when i’m out or when I’m visiting my girlfriends. I’m temporarily living in a full house with housemates and thought it would be difficult to have enough free time. But because I can choose to work when I have privacy, it’s not a problem. I usually have a few hours in the morning so I use that time to make the custom photos or videos the guys have ordered from me. Then I usually relax with my feet up on an afternoon and the money comes rolling in!

You feel really in control of your cash flow too. You can cash out whenever you want, so you decide if you want to get paid weekly or monthly or daily. I do enjoy waking up every Tuesday morning and checking my online bank account!

I also thought the site would take a while to get used to, but I was amazed at just how easy it is to use. I was making money just a few hours after joining the site. At first I was also a little worried about the guys on the site. I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought to myself, what if I don’t get on with them or what if they don’t like me. But that worry disappeared almost instantly. Honestly, the guys on mygirlfund are the best guys! So sweet, fun, kind, generous and understanding. I love talking to the guys and making new friendships and relationships. They are all fun, different and unique. There is never a dull day, always something new and exciting!

When I joined the site I only had an old laptop. It was really slow and I needed a faster one that would make work a lot easier and in the first week of joining mygirlfund I was able to comfortably purchase a brand new laptop. I’m always checking the site on either my mobile, Ipad, or laptop. The site is so easy to use on most devices. And I love checking for all the new messages received.

There really is no other community on the internet like mygirlfund. I’m so glad to be a part of it!

A college degree is just one of the many rewards applebear has enjoyed on mygirlfund

July 1, 2015

309808_10150400476723373_917699501_nI first heard about mygirlfund in an article published in a renowned newspaper and I thought it would be something I could see myself getting involved in. I joined only 6 months ago and, in the beginning, I was unsure what to expect. However, the guys I met online were extremely helpful and understanding, not to mention, generous.

I love working for mygirlfund because it allows girls to work from home, choose their own hours and rates, and become financially independent. The site has a forum for the girls, and blogs, which is a great way to give and receive tips and advice, and allows us to express ourselves and get to know each other. MGF is great because girls can chat with guys from all over the world, and connect with them on both a sexual and emotional level.

It’s not all about selling content, but meeting new people. Many guys use mygirlfund as a way to chat with girls and talk about their lives in ways they can’t do offline. I know I have helped boost some guys confidences just by talking to them, and allowing them to be open and just be themselves without being judged. Some guys have certain fantasies they wish to act out, but aren’t always able to do so offline, so they come to mgf to share these with like-minded girls.

This is really important for me; allowing guys to feel at ease with themselves and their sexual desires. Knowing that I have made someone else feel good is such a rewarding feeling, and it keeps me coming back to mygirlfund again and again.

Of course, the guys on MGF have helped me enormously financially. I have just completed my Bachelor’s degree, and during my final year it was very demanding and I didn’t have the time to work part-time. MGF was a fantastic opportunity for me to earn money whilst studying for my final exams, as it allowed me to pick my own hours, and I could choose how much I charged for my content. The money I made on mygirlfund helped pay my rent and other bills, and allowed me to travel for a month after graduating-which was a wonderful reward for my hard work at university and a much needed break!

I absolutely love being a mygirlfund member not only because it has helped me out financially, but also because it has given me a chance to explore my sexuality in ways I would have never imagined. Chatting with guys who like the same things as myself was a real eye-opener and made me want to try out new things with them; things that I would be less comfortable doing with guys offline. The guys are all very encouraging and I have never felt pressurized into doing anything I wasn’t happy with. The guys I have worked with have all left me with great feedback, something I really appreciate!

Mygirlfund allows AmazingEvelyn to earn money hanging out with interesting friends

June 3, 2015

amazingevelynIt was so timely…It was cold and cloudy outside and I felt like some good company so I went and signed up at Mygirlfund. I was ready to sign up because honestly I just felt a bit lonely.

A couple of months later, and I’m still very surprised at how one site can hold so many interesting people! I’ve already made plenty of awesome connections from my ‘friends list’ guys. I talk to them almost every day, and it’s to the point where I can’t live without checking my MGF inbox. I don’t want to forget about them, when my friends make me feel so unforgettable.

Oh. And I earn money from home hanging out with my friends. It really couldn’t be better, especially for girls who already have a job or for girls who just want to find some work. All I have to say is that if you treat these guys well they will treat you like a princess.

One more important thing to add to this review, I feel really comfortable there because I can be myself. All my desires, fetishes, and fantasies.. I can share them and I don’t feel ashamed for it. I was a bit shy at first because I didn’t know what to expect, but everything ended up great and the conversations just keep rolling along.

Now, I can’t imagine my life without this awesome site. My friends, the extra cash, my super-great mood… all these cool things come from MGF.

I’ve been doing cam for 6 years as well as live chat jobs. Mygirlfund blows all that out of the water. It’s clearly the best choice.


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