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Bad Alice says MyGirlFund is a warm and welcoming place that fosters self-expression and reinvention

July 16, 2014
badAliceI first found out about Mygirlfund on a forum for cam girls. I was looking for a way to make extra money without being in front of a cam all night, fiddling around while not making much of anything. When I first read about the site, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
My favorite part about being a MGF girl is the relationships I have built over the years by being a part of the community. I remember things about the guys and they remember things about me, and I really enjoy the communications we share on a personal level. My favorite thing about being an MGF girl is the freedom and capability the site allows to re-invent yourself. MGF has such a variety of girls and guys who love them all, you can branch out and explore different aspects of self expression whenever you want!
Mygirlfund is nothing like any other site I’ve been on. We really get to know one another and it’s more like The Big Brother house (lol) than just some place to go and buy content without ever getting to know your contributor.
Mygirlfund being very one on one has allowed me to feel more comfortable. I’m really able to be myself with the awesome guys I have gotten to know. Some of them know things about me that even my best friends don’t know.
I don’t have enough fingers to count the times and situations that I have needed financial help and MGF has been there for me and all the guys have had my back. From moving across the country, to paying for a semester of colleg,  to allowing me to give my daughter a good Christmas when it wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. I’ve been extremely thankful for MyGirlFund on several occasions. Currently my two Mygirlfund goals are to pay off my student loans, or at least put a dent in them, and pay off my credit cards.
 My relationships with my favorite Mygirlfund guys are always great. From joking around to sharing intimate details of our lives with each other and offering support when needed, the MGF guys really are the best.I have been on Mygirlfund for a few years and have made very close friendships with at least 10 guys. Sometimes we go months without talking but I am always so glad to hear from them when I do. Time passes so quickly and it’s nice to maintain such fun friendships for such a long time!
If I were to offer any advice to new girls starting out on MGF, it would be this: be yourself. Be friendly and don’t worry about any stigmas or worry about what it is you think you are supposed to be doing. Just do what you feel comfortable with and know that Mygirlfund is a very warming and welcome place, where you will no doubt feel right at home in no time at all.
Aaaand…tips for any guys just joining the community? lol. Please don’t send dick pics as a hello. We are ladies, and like to be treated as such. Simply say hi and introduce yourself.
I absolutely love the Girls Only Blog in the Mygirlfund community. I have learned so many things by just engaging with the other girls, things such as: lighting tips, technical support info, makeup tips and even baking recipes! In addition, the forums are an incredible way to stay up to date with everything that’s going on and really be able to voice your opinion on features of the site.
Now I’d like to share with you one of my favorite ratings from one of my favorite guys!
” I don’t know what dark magic was used to create a woman as beautiful and smart as Vivian that has such a massive naughty streak but all I can say to that witch or demon is “Great Job!”

DixieDelight14 Is Grateful For the Wonderful Guys on Mygirlfund

July 9, 2014

dixiedelight14I found MyGirlFund while searching for a good cam model site. It stood out to me because of the one-on-one personal relationships it brought with it, unlike most other websites that guys and girls go to, and that’s one of my favorite things about it, along with you don’t have to do a cam show if you don’t want to.

I’ve met so many wonderful guys since joining the site and have had some of the best conversations. My favorite guys know me about as well as I know myself. That’s because they took time to know me first and I love it. I can carry on a completely normal conversation as if I would my own bestie.

MGF and the guys that have contributed to me have helped me not only keep my phone bill paid, but also helped me buy Mothers/Fathers Day gifts for my parents, allowed me to take my two little sisters to an amusement park and allow me to help out my parents whenever they need extra cash. I can not be grateful enough. Right now, my current goal is to keep the relationships I’ve built, make new ones and possibly pay off a medical bill along the way. New girls, don’t worry about starting. The guys are so nice, they understand that you’re new and will accommodate you.

“A delight is an understatement. She’s an absolute treasure. She’s a pleasure to talk to, a wonderful lass. She has a fantastic body that is incredibly sexy. Seriously guy don’t pass her by, your life will be poorer without her. ” That’s the kind of reaction you’ll get, ladies. There’s so many great guys on MGF! Guys, there’s not much advice I can give other than the obvious: don’t be a butthole. There will be girls who are only on here for the money. You can’t blame them, but don’t let that ruin your experiences with other girl.

MyGirlFund Gave SophieLove a Life Changing Experience

July 1, 2014

SophieLoveThe short time I’ve been here at has without a doubt been a life changing experience. I first encountered the site when it was profiled on a website I frequent. My first thought was “this is too good to be true” followed by “they’d never want a girl like me.” After all, I’m not a Barbie doll. I’m the bookish, geeky, brunette who doesn’t fit the stereotype of the irresistible woman. I gave it a try and applied. Much to my astonishment not only did my account go through, but men were really appreciating me for who I am! The one on one nature of the site has allowed me to explore new friendships, and new sides of myself I never would have been able to discover otherwise. The men I’m lucky enough to call my friends have become such key players in my life already. It’s amazing to know at 4 am, when I’m up with insomnia, there’s a sweet guy on the other side of the world there to make me smile.

As a young mom who had to leave a career path she loved due to child care costs, the financial opportunity MGF provides is immensely valuable. Before MGF I was concerned we’d lose our home. Now? The possibilities are limitless. With any luck I’ll be able to put my earnings towards going back to school and becoming a social worker. Without MGF it would never have been possible for me to work from home, support my children, and pursue my dreams.

Picking a favourite 5 star review was damn near impossible! This one in particular makes me blush :

“Where do I begin? She’s very intelligent, can hold a great conversation, she’s funny, and drop dead sexy. Rapidly becoming a favorite. And I look forward to more.

Th0rnii Forges Refreshing Emotional Connections On Mygirlfund

June 24, 2014

th0rniiI have seriously grown since I’ve joined MyGirlFund a few months ago. On top of gaining some much needed confidence, I’ve gained a bunch of truly sweet and interesting friends that I definitely couldn’t have on any other site. It’s very intimate and one on one which is one of the key elements that makes MGF the creme de la creme! I’ve referred this amazing site to MULTIPLE girls and they all can’t stop raving about how awesome it is!


MyGirlFund has also seriously helped give me the financial independence that I really needed while being in school, and it has helped me work towards getting a place of my own as well. (Oh… and its helped me acquire some sexy new gear and toys, which is ALWAYS a treat)


I feel like everyday I meet amazing, openminded, sexy guys that help me explore and add to my ever expanding list of kinks. It’s always a great feeling to meet and talk to someone who has the same interests and fetishes as you! Especially if you are a kinky weirdo like myself.


I have also met some guys who just love to talk and make a connection with me on an emotional level rather than a sexual one, which can be really refreshing! I like to think of myself like a friend who might get naked every once and a while.


There are always a few bad eggs, but they are easily forgotten when you make a serious connection with one of the truly fantastic guys on the site… and trust me, there are plenty!  I would consider a good guy on the site to be one who is very respectful and open (but not TOO open). PLEASE ask before sending ‘personal’ pictures please!’ I also believe having a good understanding of why the girls are there in the first place is necessary… This IS our job and it’s not very kind to be disrespectful or to waste our time, especially if we are putting effort into being sweet and getting to know you!


My advice to girls joining the site: Don’t give up if things are slow when you first join, if you work at it, you WILL be successful on here. However NEVER do anything you aren’t comfortable with and hold your ground if you are questioned!

ALSO I LOVE that all colors, shapes, sizes, and kinks are accepted and loved by someone on this site! It’s a great feeling to know you are JUST what some guy wants!th0rnii1



‘She has to be the most lovely, down to earth girl here. I find myself waking up in the morning thinking about this girl, and her photo sets are so sexy, you can spend hours looking at them, thinking and wondering about what next sexy thing she can do. I think I found the girl who I’m sticking with, simply amazing I love spending time with this girl. She is what I dream about’

Winterr’s world fell apart when she lost her job. MyGirlFund helped her put it back together

June 16, 2014

Winterr“Where do I even start? MyGirlFund has been a lifesaver of sorts. The impact that it has had on my life is so special that it is difficult to put into words. I am a single mother of two, and when I lost my job a few months back, my whole world almost fell apart. I looked to the site in my time of need and was pleasantly surprised when I found so much more than I was searching for. I found true and honest friendships with men who are empowering and kind. I feel very comfortable and safe on this site, it’s like home to me, unlike other sites that make me feel like a piece of meat. I am able to stay home with my kids and keep a roof over their heads at the same time. I don’t get to go out much, so it’s nice to have a place to talk to amazing guys in the comfort of my own home.

I actually first joined MGF in 2010. I stopped using the site to take on full-time work, which happened to be the job I got fired from that led me back to MGF! I guess you could say it’s fate? Haha.

Some advice I can offer to new girls is not to be fake. These are real men looking for a real experience. If they wanted something fake they could go to a million different sites. As much as they love seeing your assets, they also crave a one-on-one experience they can’t find on any other site. Be very personable and sincere, and don’t be afraid of a little dirty talk. MGF will make you feel comfortable letting your freak flag fly. That goes for the guys too, don’t be afraid to open up! Let us know your fetishes and what turns you on so we can please you better.

My most favorite 5 star rating would have to be from Erabos: She is the hottest girl on here but the best part is she is a pure pleasure to chat with. Her content is top notch and is very quick to reply. She is simply the best :)”


Amazing Guys Are Part Of The Reason FilthyInnocence Will Be Around MyGirlFund For A Long Time

June 9, 2014

FilthyInnocence Hi y’all! :) I found out about MyGirlFund through a few different sites. I saw a link on twitter to a model’s page and my curiosity was piqued. I did a little reading up on it and thought to myself “what a great idea!”, but never thought I could do it. Guys doting over little ol me? But I decided to give a shot since I had nothing to lose. A couple of months later, here I am!

MGF has been an eye opener for me in a lot of ways so far. It has brought out a different side of me that I knew was there, but needed a tiny push to be let out. I’m still discovering new things about myself and my body and I enjoy the guys discovering it along with me! I love how personal you can get with the guys on MGF and I really feel like I’m making new friends. I’ve already met some amazing guys who I feel like will be part of my life for a very long time.

I have to say, when I signed up for MyGirlFund, I had no real expectations. I knew I had goals, but I was not going to get too serious about it. After seeing the type of response I got I was blown away! I knew that MGF was something that I could take seriously and help towards my goals. I’ve always loved children and wanted to teach since as long as I can remember (which is funny since I always hated school! lol) and now I’m able to work towards my degree. I have MyGirlFund and the amazing guys on there to thank for that!

Here’s a great example of one of the amazing guys I’ve been able to meet on there and the really nice things he said to me in one of my favorite reviews: Absolutely amazing woman! Gorgeous, Sexy ,and friendly! Don’t waste your time on other girls, you found the best right here.

For any girl out there that isn’t sure about signing up, I have three words: DO NOT HESITATE! It’s fun, has great people, and there’s no pressure. I’m very happy with my experience and I’ll be around for a very long time :)

ToxicBeauty Says Non Nude Is Completely OK On MyGirlFund

June 2, 2014

ToxicBeautyI found while looking online for places to share some of my foot fetish content. I had never done web-camming before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, however at MGF you are not expected to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Personally I am not comfortable with any below the waist nudity. While some guys don’t care too much for that, many others actually respect me for it.

I have browsed a few other sites that claim to be similar, but I have to say the mygirlfund community is definitely in a class of its own. I am able to make connections with people that are buying my content. MGF has given me the opportunity to talk to some interesting people and learn many very interesting things … to say the least. MGF allows you to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have, and even get to know some of them on somewhat of a personal level while making extra cash.

Like many other girls (and guys for that matter) I do have my favorites. My favorites are genuinely sweet guys and who are very complimentary. They say good morning and good night every day, and they always make sure that I am happy whether they’re buying content, just making a contribution or simply checking in for a great conversation.

I love all my 5 star ratings and that makes it difficult to pick just one. So I chose two of the ones that put the biggest smile on my face when I received them. First there is

SpankySmurf: Hot, sexy, sweet with the right amount of sl_ty…erm I mean naughty ;) Great to chat with. Great content. 3/18/14

Then there is

Dustin J.: She is the most breathtaking, stunning, sophisticated and intriguing woman on this site! Jordon I can’t wait to play with you!!! 3/21/14


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