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The mygirlfund community welcomed babykeiko with open arms

May 28, 2016


Where do I begin! Well let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Keiko and I’m a proud California native. I’ve been gifted with beautiful weather and diverse culture all my life. I have a great passion for adventure, and find myself wanting to travel a lot! The world is something I want to explore and learn more and more about especially because of the career path I’ve chosen to take.
I am pursing a degree in graphic design and business. I have found being socially adequate and having an extensive knowledge about all types of things is very important for this pursuit. I am always pushing myself to be bigger and better than I am, but it takes time and effort and can’t always be achieved alone. This leads me to how darn expensive it can be to go to school full time and live in such a wonderful place. I love staying busy and being a full time student and spending the rest of my time working my 2 jobs, but it isn’t always enough to pay the bills!
So when a friend told me about mygirlfund, I was interested. She showed me how it worked and how to get started, and I’m so glad she did! I’ve encountered so many amazing guys on the site who are not only generous, but also genuinely good people and love to help out when you’re in need.
What more could a lady ask for? Gentlemen who encourage us and know that sometimes we need a little extra support. And they don’t beat around the bush and waste your time, they let you know what they want and always ask if you’re comfortable with it or not. It’s also sooo easy to use the site, especially now that the mobile site has been upgraded. My experience so far has been great and the money is awesome too. It relieves so much of my everyday stress knowing that I have an extra funding source on the site. Overall, mygirlfund has welcomed me since day 1 with open arms and every single person has been extremely kind and generous. Thank you for the great opportunity! 🙂

NaughtyCatbugMF found friends, respect and support on mygirlfund

May 20, 2016

naughtycatbugMFWhere do I even begin? Mygirlfund was a site I was randomly told about by a friend, and I was eager to start on a new camming site. I of course was nervous at first, but who wouldn’t be? A new site to learn the ropes on, making a name for myself, and of course brand new guys to meet. The site itself is very easy to navigate and figure out. It’s one of the more straight forward sites. I absolutely love the girls blogs, so I can read and learn about other girls’ lives and connect with them in a personal way. As for the men of the site, well…

I was confused at first, not because of the different atmosphere or rules of the site, but by the members. Not a single guy that messaged me, or that I messaged, showed any disrespect toward me. In this industry, this is sadly something you encounter a bit; but not on mygirlfund. I have met quite a few kind hearted, funny, and all around great men from this site. I was hoping for customers and people genuinely interested in what I had to offer, but I didn’t expect to make new, good friends like I have.

Mygirlfund has helped me in more ways than I can count over the past couple of years. When I needed money for basic things, like gas and groceries, the funds raised helped me out right away. If I needed help with moving (of the many times I’ve had to), the funds helped immensely. Being able to have another means of making money besides a day job or whatever methods you have makes life a bit easier.

MGF has also helped me by being able to further open up to people. I suffer from major depression, BDP, social anxiety and PTSD, so trying to make friends outside of the internet is a constant struggle. Being able to communicate with people that are so open and understanding on this site has made a world of difference to my self confidence. Not to mention it feels so freeing to be able to express myself in a sexual way  without being judge or demeaned.

I am so thankful to have found a place that is helpful in countless ways, whether it be emotionally, financially, or whatever else is needed at the time. If you’re looking for a great community and an amazing place to put your time into, is definitely it!

Mygirlfund has changed Basicbossmomma’s life

April 10, 2016
basicbossmommaI absolutely love! It has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only have I made extra money to help me save up to build a home, I’ve made a ton of new great friends. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin, never been more confident than I am now, and never been so financially comfortable!
I don’t have a ton of free time because I go to school full time and I work full time. So, when I need to get a little thrill, I can just login at work or school and the guys are always there to talk, laugh, or get me going.
I have some friends on mygirlfund that I truly care about. I worry when I haven’t heard from them. I love the connection I have with a special few. It’s an escape from the trash world of dating, while still getting the attention and financial help I need.
When I log in I immediately get excited about who I’m going to meet. Or what interesting new pics or videos will be requested. I love learning what turns other people on, and finding out if I’m into it too. In real life, I’m a goody two shoes! Known to be the good girl, never doing anything wrong… On MGF I can be myself, embrace my sexual side, and share it with everyone!
I’ve been on mygirlfund only a few months, but I have met every goal I put in front of myself, and gotten to them quicker than I expected.
If you have any doubts, just try it out. MGF is the place to be!! ❤ See You Soon!

Mygirlfund has helped Takeapeakk set and realize life goals

March 21, 2016 has enabled me to take pride in what I do. I have no problem representing such a positive community, and I am incredibly comfortable with what I do thanks to this site. I have met some incredible men who have made me feel nothing but welcome.

MGF is different than any other site that I have come across. It’s not like any cam sites out there. It’s something more. It provides you with an opportunity to connect one-on-one with different people all around the world. I love it because I’ve been able to form lasting relationships with these men. They feel like friends rather than customers!

The website layout itself is incredibly simple and easy to work. It’s all at your own pace, which is another thing I really enjoy.

Being a cam girl has helped me to feel confident in rough times in my life. I’ve always felt isolated as far as what I enjoy sexually, but the community on MGF has made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I now have no problem owning what I enjoy, and telling people what I want/need in life in, and out, of the bedroom. Being a part of this website has helped me transition from being someone who questioned everything about themselves, to a strong independent woman who sets goals in life and has the drive to get fulfill them. I have been able to support myself independently, and it feels amazing.

I owe a lot to mygirlfund, It has really helped me pave the way for a happy successful life. Not only financially, but mentally.

Hot MILF Devindevine99 is on mygirlfund to explore and share her sexual side

February 11, 2016
DevinDevine99Looking for that horny, sexy, kinky MILF next door? That’s me! I used to be that lonely MILF living next door, bored and wanting more out of life. Then I discovered My life is far from lonely and boring now!


I wake up excited every day to log in at MGF and see what will be happening for the day. The guys I have become friends with and developed relationships with are all so great and all so different. I think why so many different personalities are attracted to me is because I am very opened-minded. I will try anything at least once. “You never know if you will like it unless you try it,” is what my mom always said. That is one bit of advise I have taken and everyone else should too!


I love getting sweet messages sent to my inbox, sexy guys striking up hot conversation on live chat, and being surprised by generous contributions. I am not on mygirlfund because I am desperate and need to beg for money. I have fun doing what I do and use the money I earn to have more fun shopping, taking myself and family on weekend getaways and pampering myself with pretty nails and hair.


I am on mygirlfund to explore my very sexual side and share it with others too. I want to hear those sexy fantasies, know your fetishes and find out those naughty secrets you have! I love to show off in front of the camera too, so if you like pics, videos and cam shows, I am your girl. I especially enjoy cam shows. We can be as mild or wild as you want to be. We can have a heart to heart to get to know one another, role play or do something more explicit.


Mygirlfund is a fun and intimate community that has a lot to offer with the best models and content you can find. Of course I everyone to want me but there are other great girls to play with too. As said before “You never know if you will like it unless you try it” so sign up now for free and let the flirting begin!

Missprescilla is growing into the woman she always wanted to be on mygirlfund

January 29, 2016


I joined right after my 18th birthday. I think I was likely the only girl in my high school who was getting on cam every day after school. I felt as though I had discovered this secret world, like I had finally found my place. I have always felt the need to help people, to make them feel good, and this website seemed to be the perfect outlet to do so. I love having the opportunity to make the men on mygirlfund feel cared for. I want to give them what the satisfaction they aren’t getting in other aspects of their lives, and I take an incredible amount of time to do so.

I am a nursing student, another aspect of my life that revolves around helping people. School is expensive, but I found my calling and decided I needed to pursue it no matter what the cost. Mygirlfund has given me the opportunity to go to school without stress. I believe in always working hard for the money you earn, and I believe that you should never stop working.  I have two other jobs aside from mygirlfund, but I find the most satisfaction comes from logging in each day and making someone’s fantasy come true.

When I started mygirlfund, I was a shy, introverted girl with low self-esteem. This site has slowly helped me start to love myself. The way I look, the way I talk, and the way I am.  Shortly after joining the site, I started modeling in real life. Suddenly, I found a rush from getting in front of a camera. I no longer shy away from it. I find myself on set, feeling as though I am living in a dream, incredibly grateful. I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be.

Never have I felt regret or shame when thinking about my life choices. I see myself as strong and smart and empowered, and I know exactly where that has come from.  We all need to work to open ourselves up, to get to know who we really are at our core. I know who I am. To feel totally at peace with who you are is a beautiful thing, and this website has opened me up to myself.  Working with the incredible men I have met over my time here, I feel as though I know myself better than ever. The site is a community, full of people exploring the exact same thing, and it is such a unique possibility to be part of that.

I think that is what makes Mygirlfund so special. It is a community of girls of all different walks of life- we all look, think, and feel different things. And when you combine that with the wonderful men, all looking to explore with someone truly unique, well, the results are beautiful!

Independence, personal growth and friendships. JaneRed’s wonderful mygirlfund experience

January 20, 2016

“I’ve traveled the world thanks to the money I make on mygirlfund.”

My name is JaneRed and I have been a member of the community for over a year now. Mygirlfund has allowed me to meet so many amazing men, tons of whom have become people I actually consider real friends. I have traveled the world thanks to the money I make on mygirlfund. Because of the independence the site provides me, I’ve also been able to finish my nursing degree while working part time.

Truth be told, I wasn’t very confident before becoming a mygirlfund member. I’ve always felt OK about myself, but the men on this site have been nothing but amazing. I thought I would meet some pretty unsavory people, based on the nature of the site, but I was completely wrong. I have never, not once, had to block a single person who contacted me. I am constantly doted on, praised, and complimented 24/7. I, above all else, actually enjoy my interactions with the wonderful men I have met on this site, and hold any men in my real life to the standards of the men I have met through mygirlfund.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the time I’ve spent on mygirlfund, or the people I’ve met. I hope to continue to grow with this site and with the many friends I have met on here. Mygirlfund rocks!

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