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TaurusDoll feels free to be herself on Mygirlfund

April 3, 2017
Wow, have I been having a good time on!  I joined about 5 months ago after reading an article on it.  I work full time and was looking for part-time work. I joined immediately and haven’t stopped having fun since! I still talk to those first few people I met in the beginning along with a handful of new people. We talk constantly. I love the social interaction and really enjoy the openness of the site. Appreciating different sexual desires is a hobby of mine, and making friends is my favorite thing so all in all it’s been a great fit.
I’ve experienced sides of myself that I didn’t know existed. I hadn’t played with props in the bedroom before and had no idea how much I would love it all! It’s been a great time experimenting with sexy outfits and liberating on a level I wouldn’t have realized without this time on MGF. I feel free to be who I am now and appreciate the men on there that embrace their sexuality with me. With the goals I’ve worked towards I’ve been able to travel to Iceland which was a lifetime dream for me. I can’t thank the friends enough who helped me get there and I’m looking forward to much more travel!
What makes mygirlfund stand out from the rest is the diverse connections. It’s extremely intimate and allows for a vulnerability that is hard to experience anywhere else. I highly recommend anyone looking to become more comfortable with their sexuality, make some friends and earn some extra funds to join! On top of the men I’ve met…I’ve met some great women! Women supporting each other provides security and promotes kindness all around. Their support has helped me become successful and I appreciate it more than they may know. I look forward to much more time on MGF and experimenting even more in 2017!
Thanks, Torrie!
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