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CourtneyPage thinks mygirlfund is amazing

February 28, 2017


I found the amazing mygirlfund website back in 2011 and I have been a huge fan ever since. I was retiring from the adult industry and wasn’t sure what my next move could, would, or should be. I was completely lost. Getting into porn is fairly easy, but leaving it is kind of a huge mystery. Quite a few girls who are exiting their adult career are doing so not because they are done with that pornstar persona but because they have done everything they wanted to do with that name and cannot take it any further within the porn community. I consider myself to be one of these girls and what I really wanted to do was run my own adult website.

Now with no coding or HTML knowledge, this is quite the impossible task! Thankfully with mygirlfund, you need absolutely no computer programming know-how. I wish I could share mygirlfund with every single active pornstar and every girl thinking its time to quit porn! The sad thing is that most girls stay in porn unhappy and unaware of what else they could be doing to make money that isn’t illegal or dangerous. I honestly think that mygirlfund could go as far as to be considered a therapeutic tool for those transitioning from XXX to a more normal way of life. With the option of not even having to be nude or perform cam shows or even create content … you can just talk with guys … so many girls could benefit from using mygirlfund.


My experience with mygirlfund has taught me so much. I’ve used this amazing site off and on for the last 6 years. And only recently did mygirlfund become a real contributor to my income. Last year I was pregnant and this site was the only way I could continue to work while on bedrest. Now as a new mom I get to stay home with my baby while continuing to work on mygirlfund. An option that I couldn’t really see happening without mygirlfund.

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