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LadySuccubus is achieving her goals and building friendships on mygirlfund

October 19, 2016
ladysuccubusI found out about mygirlfund almost 2 years ago when a friend of mine referred me to the site. I never in a million years though I would give it a shot until I actually did! I have been here ever since. 🙂


My favorite part about being a MGF girl is being able to be my true self and engage in fun, adventurous conversations. Mygirlfund is different from other sites because it is more of a social media website for us naughty, sociable individuals. Mygirlfund has definitely been very one on one and has helped nearly all of my customer relationships become deeper and more meaningful. It has created a lot of happy, productive friendships for me! 🙂


MGF has helped me achieve many different goals. At first I joined in order to pay off some of my old debt and then ended up enjoying it and staying around. My current goals here is to continue making friends and getting a little help with my monthly bills as well. The friendships I have made on here have been some of the best. It feels great to be able to talk to someone when I have no one else to talk to. My friends here have always been there for me since day one. I would describe my relationship to my favorite MGF guys as genuine and fun-filled. There is never a dull moment for either of us!


My advice for the new ladies that come to MGF is to just be yourself and enjoy the company you make. Put these wonderful men first and treat them like they deserve! 🙂 Some tips for the guys on MGF would be: have fun and treat these ladies right, too. We all deserve the best. Have fun and have respect, ya’ll!


I have found members of the mygirlfund community to be mostly helpful. I have run across a few amazing guys and girls who have helped me tremendously along the way. I have however, ran across a few “snooty bootys” too but that is pretty much everywhere these days. Just keep a positive attitude and ignore those if you do happen to cross their paths. We all aren’t that bad, I promise. 🙂


 I have a good many of 5 star ratings right now but my favorite would definitely have to be: “Words are just not enough to describe the perfection that it this beautiful angel. She is such an amazing woman and well worth hanging out with. I wish i could rate her higher then a 5 because with such angelic beauty she deserves to only be compared with goddesses. She has the most amazingly perfect body you must see. I look forward to dealing with her more in future. – Mr_Orgazmo”.


Mygirlfund is definitely different from the other sites I work on simply because of the one on one action you get and the social media feel of the site. I love everything about Mygirlfund! It has been an amazing experience by far. ❤
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