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HunterIvy helps the guys on mygirlfund and they help her

July 15, 2016
I am usually a very confident person (both clothed and naked) with my body and personality. I’ve always been very comfortable with my sexuality and nudity, but like everyone else, I am human and sometimes get down on myself and feel insecure. But ever sense I signed up for mygirlfund my confidence has grown. It helps to know that there are others out there who want a safe, secure place to explore, meet, and socialize with other like-minded people, and with mygirlfund you get that!

It’s such an empowering atmosphere both on the site and on the girls blog! Hearing from other girls who are new and from girls that have become veterans of the site, and getting tips and tricks is amazing, and all the girls are very supportive. When I first heard about the ladies of MGF and some of their accomplishments I thought maybe it was just a joke, or maybe they were lying, but I soon realized they’re telling the truth. You get what you work for, and hard work pays off!

It’s always good to have some extra cash on you, and mygirlfund provides that and more. It’s been there when I wanted to get a few things for myself, like makeup, tattoos, a night out, etc. but has also helped when I’ve been down and out and in needed to eat and pay my bills. It’s been a life saver sometimes to say the least! It has also helped me achieve goals that I’ve had for a while. In a matter of months, I’ve bought a car and save up enough money to move out on my own.  MGF has helped me in so many ways and i’m extremely grateful that I can be a part of this and experience it.

It feels good knowing that I can give people something they want that they can’t find already or to create something new for someone. When I know that I’ve done a good job and made them happy with the content, it makes me happy and I feel good about myself. Especially because the guys can get content like we give them anywhere, and from anyone, but they choose to come to here and buy from us!

Little things matter. I’ve had the great opportunity to meet a lot of nice, down to earth, respectful people on here, and to make relationships with them as well! Although it may all be online, it’s still great meeting, connecting, sharing, and helping others and isn’t that what the site is all about? Or why else would we all sign up?! The girls help the guys and the guys help the girls. I love it here and I’m so very happy that I signed up and I don’t plan to go anywhere anytime soon!

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