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Ashleemarie cherishes the close relationships she has formed on mygirlfund

June 30, 2016

ashleemarieI remember the very first day I signed up for mygirlfund, and eagerly waiting for my profile to be approved. I already heard from other girls how much they enjoyed the site, and I could not wait to jump in and start my experience. As soon as I was approved, I began meeting some amazing people. The guys were so friendly and welcoming. I have to admit I’ve become addicted to the experience since that first day. has given me the opportunity to fulfill financial goals that I set for myself and has kept things much less stressful in my life. I currently help support my mother and at times unexpected expenses can happen, and mygirlfund has removed a lot of the worry. There are times in my life when I get so busy with personal things, it’s hard for me to log on and cam, but with mygirlfund there are other ways to make income. And I can do it on my own schedule, which dramatically helps. Sometimes I wish there was more time in the day. I’d be online all night on MGF enjoying myself.
Aside from financial support, I think the real reason I keep logging on is because I feel I can just be me on mygirlfund. I love that I can express my fantasies, fetishes, and even develop real friendships online. I have learned more about my interests, desires, and sexual fantasies on here, because I get to share them with my online friends. It gives me the opportunity to explore and not be judged.  I have met some of the most amazing gentlemen on here and that is so hard to come by in real life lately. The men on here know how to respect a woman, are kind, and truly care about you. I cherish the close relationships, some of which have been with me from day one.
I’ve cammed most of the last seven years, and at the end of the day, I prefer quality over quantity, and I think that is what has to offer. It’s a unique, enjoyable experience with the added bonus of financial support. I always look forward to what may happen next when I login. The best feeling is reading a review/message after a long day that makes me smile, realizing the masterpiece I have made, or the experience I just had was perfect.

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