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The mygirlfund community welcomed babykeiko with open arms

May 28, 2016


Where do I begin! Well let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Keiko and I’m a proud California native. I’ve been gifted with beautiful weather and diverse culture all my life. I have a great passion for adventure, and find myself wanting to travel a lot! The world is something I want to explore and learn more and more about especially because of the career path I’ve chosen to take.
I am pursing a degree in graphic design and business. I have found being socially adequate and having an extensive knowledge about all types of things is very important for this pursuit. I am always pushing myself to be bigger and better than I am, but it takes time and effort and can’t always be achieved alone. This leads me to how darn expensive it can be to go to school full time and live in such a wonderful place. I love staying busy and being a full time student and spending the rest of my time working my 2 jobs, but it isn’t always enough to pay the bills!
So when a friend told me about mygirlfund, I was interested. She showed me how it worked and how to get started, and I’m so glad she did! I’ve encountered so many amazing guys on the site who are not only generous, but also genuinely good people and love to help out when you’re in need.
What more could a lady ask for? Gentlemen who encourage us and know that sometimes we need a little extra support. And they don’t beat around the bush and waste your time, they let you know what they want and always ask if you’re comfortable with it or not. It’s also sooo easy to use the site, especially now that the mobile site has been upgraded. My experience so far has been great and the money is awesome too. It relieves so much of my everyday stress knowing that I have an extra funding source on the site. Overall, mygirlfund has welcomed me since day 1 with open arms and every single person has been extremely kind and generous. Thank you for the great opportunity! 🙂
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