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Mygirlfund has changed Basicbossmomma’s life

April 10, 2016
basicbossmommaI absolutely love! It has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only have I made extra money to help me save up to build a home, I’ve made a ton of new great friends. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin, never been more confident than I am now, and never been so financially comfortable!
I don’t have a ton of free time because I go to school full time and I work full time. So, when I need to get a little thrill, I can just login at work or school and the guys are always there to talk, laugh, or get me going.
I have some friends on mygirlfund that I truly care about. I worry when I haven’t heard from them. I love the connection I have with a special few. It’s an escape from the trash world of dating, while still getting the attention and financial help I need.
When I log in I immediately get excited about who I’m going to meet. Or what interesting new pics or videos will be requested. I love learning what turns other people on, and finding out if I’m into it too. In real life, I’m a goody two shoes! Known to be the good girl, never doing anything wrong… On MGF I can be myself, embrace my sexual side, and share it with everyone!
I’ve been on mygirlfund only a few months, but I have met every goal I put in front of myself, and gotten to them quicker than I expected.
If you have any doubts, just try it out. MGF is the place to be!! ❤ See You Soon!
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