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Mygirlfund has helped Takeapeakk set and realize life goals

March 21, 2016 has enabled me to take pride in what I do. I have no problem representing such a positive community, and I am incredibly comfortable with what I do thanks to this site. I have met some incredible men who have made me feel nothing but welcome.

MGF is different than any other site that I have come across. It’s not like any cam sites out there. It’s something more. It provides you with an opportunity to connect one-on-one with different people all around the world. I love it because I’ve been able to form lasting relationships with these men. They feel like friends rather than customers!

The website layout itself is incredibly simple and easy to work. It’s all at your own pace, which is another thing I really enjoy.

Being a cam girl has helped me to feel confident in rough times in my life. I’ve always felt isolated as far as what I enjoy sexually, but the community on MGF has made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I now have no problem owning what I enjoy, and telling people what I want/need in life in, and out, of the bedroom. Being a part of this website has helped me transition from being someone who questioned everything about themselves, to a strong independent woman who sets goals in life and has the drive to get fulfill them. I have been able to support myself independently, and it feels amazing.

I owe a lot to mygirlfund, It has really helped me pave the way for a happy successful life. Not only financially, but mentally.

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