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Missprescilla is growing into the woman she always wanted to be on mygirlfund

January 29, 2016


I joined right after my 18th birthday. I think I was likely the only girl in my high school who was getting on cam every day after school. I felt as though I had discovered this secret world, like I had finally found my place. I have always felt the need to help people, to make them feel good, and this website seemed to be the perfect outlet to do so. I love having the opportunity to make the men on mygirlfund feel cared for. I want to give them what the satisfaction they aren’t getting in other aspects of their lives, and I take an incredible amount of time to do so.

I am a nursing student, another aspect of my life that revolves around helping people. School is expensive, but I found my calling and decided I needed to pursue it no matter what the cost. Mygirlfund has given me the opportunity to go to school without stress. I believe in always working hard for the money you earn, and I believe that you should never stop working.  I have two other jobs aside from mygirlfund, but I find the most satisfaction comes from logging in each day and making someone’s fantasy come true.

When I started mygirlfund, I was a shy, introverted girl with low self-esteem. This site has slowly helped me start to love myself. The way I look, the way I talk, and the way I am.  Shortly after joining the site, I started modeling in real life. Suddenly, I found a rush from getting in front of a camera. I no longer shy away from it. I find myself on set, feeling as though I am living in a dream, incredibly grateful. I am becoming the woman I always wanted to be.

Never have I felt regret or shame when thinking about my life choices. I see myself as strong and smart and empowered, and I know exactly where that has come from.  We all need to work to open ourselves up, to get to know who we really are at our core. I know who I am. To feel totally at peace with who you are is a beautiful thing, and this website has opened me up to myself.  Working with the incredible men I have met over my time here, I feel as though I know myself better than ever. The site is a community, full of people exploring the exact same thing, and it is such a unique possibility to be part of that.

I think that is what makes Mygirlfund so special. It is a community of girls of all different walks of life- we all look, think, and feel different things. And when you combine that with the wonderful men, all looking to explore with someone truly unique, well, the results are beautiful!

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