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Bluewicked continues her journey of self-discovery on mygirlfund

January 8, 2016

bluewickedI have been on mygirlfund for about 3 years now and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve made some life long friends through the site and have had so much fun making custom videos, writing and recording stories and being exposed to new ideas. I have even learned new things about myself by connecting with guys on MGF and re-creating my fantasies for them in videos and photos.

I have achieved some goals and one big one in particular was buying a car! It felt so great finally having my own set of wheels and independence. I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful friends I’ve made on mygirlfund.

I have even discovered a brand new hobby through this site which is my urban exploring. A member asked me for some outdoor shots at a interesting abandoned location if I could find one and I felt excited by this so off I went. I then took it up as serious hobby and have been over the whole of UK looking for abandoned buildings.

I love photography as well as modeling so I’ve combined the two together and even film some of my videos on MGF. I hope to continue on my girlfund journey and make many more friends along the way and discover even more things about myself.

I also found out I had a submissive side as well as a very dominant side which has been fun to explore and experiment with. I have many more things I’d like to try. I love writing and recording my erotic stories and some of my best ideas have come through the contests on here. I love to create contests in which I choose the best idea for a naughty erotic story . I have quite a collection of stories now and enjoy recording them as well as imagining them as I write. I’ve even created a video and picture gallery to go with a story.

I love mygirlfund so much and hope to continue making new friends and discovering new kinks in my life!

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