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Lushiousness1UK feels safe on mygirlfund

December 8, 2015

lushiousness1UKA friend of mine introduced me to mygirlfund a few years ago. As soon as I was verified and active, I fell in love with it.

I was going through a rough patch in life and MGF gave me a release. From day 1 I’ve been meeting lovely guys. Every single man I meet on here is different, unique and intriguing. I consider some of them to be my very good friends. I talk to them about my day and they tell me about theirs. I tell them my thoughts and likes and visa versa. It’s like having cyber pen pals.

Some men can’t find exactly what they’re looking for in life or relationships, so they come here. They get to customize and personalize videos and/or pictures from amazing women. They choose the type of women they like, clothes they’ll wear, scripts and settings. And the girls are making money for things they want or need. It’s a win win situation. Everyone is happy.

I wake up in the morning and think, MGF! For a lot of the girls on here, including me, it’s a perfect way of life. We can work how and when we want. We choose our boundaries and limits. We learn new things and meet new people every day. We have fun and make money. It doesn’t get much better. A few real life friends are now on mygirlfund. They saw what I was doing, needed extra cash and couldn’t wait to sign up.

My boyfriend loves it. He supports me through it all. It definitely helps keeps our relationship alive. My family and friends know about MGF. They are all happy that I’ve finally found a job I enjoy, can work from home, how and when I can and want.  The girls and I feel very lucky to have MGF and be a part of it. I’d be lost without it now.

The reason I would choose MGF over any other website is because I feel safe. We have a lot of support and people looking after us here. If I have any questions or feel unsure about something, the support team are always there to help.   We also have a girl’s only section. The ladies who have been on MGF since the beginning are the legends and amazing. They help us all out a lot.


There are women on here that are ‘girl next door’ types and others are like supermodels. There’s a lot of diversity, which I think is important. As everyone’s tastes and likes, are different.

Here’s to many more years on MGF and many more friendships 🙂

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