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What’s a sexually driven woman to do? Join mygirlfund like YourDoll

November 17, 2015

yourdoll1Welcome to your new addiction: mygirlfund. My name is Fox, also known as YourDoll. I am a 20 year old stay at home mom, but I am also a sex enthusiast as well as an exhibitionist. When I say is an addiction, I mean for everyone involved. As a member, you become addicted to the many options of sweet, sexy women. But just as well, us girls become addicted to performing, meeting new people every day and having such an arousing way of making an income.

I have been with MGF for over two years now and it has been a crazy, wild ride! When I found this site, I started out getting on as a source for a little more income after I had my first child. I have always been a very sexually driven person and this had previously gotten me into a lot of trouble. In everyday society, the female with high sex drive is some sort of dirty myth. It is not something most people revere as a positive thing. After logging on and getting a feel for things I realized THIS is where I belong. This is where I can be as sexual as I want and it’s actually encouraged! I can say all of the naughty words with a smile on my face. I can boast about my favorite box filled with my favorite toys. This is the place to be for a blooming exhibitionist. You’re welcome here, you’re accepted here, you’re held on a pedestal as a beautiful entertainer.

18 years old, sexually driven and not interested in conventional 9 – 5 jobs, mygirlfund is perfect for me. It is exactly what I never knew I needed. The adult industry has such a notorious reputation for employing reluctant young women who have nothing better to offer than their bodies. People assume that women in the adult industry settled for this industry because that was their last option. That could not be a more ill-informed view on the industry.

It takes guts for girls to join the site and get naked in front of a camera for someone. It’s nerve-racking. At first, it’s embarrassing. But it’s also exhilarating. When you become comfortable in your own skin and would rather walk around nude than covered up, it sparks a sensual flame inside you never knew you had.

Women who join and stay with mygirlfund do it because we love it. We need it. And because we choose this site in no way means that we have nothing more to offer than our bodies. Many of the women you will encounter on mygirlfund are genuinely sweet, intelligent young women who have more to offer than the average intern.

We came here because this is where we thrive! Along with an income, we enjoy meeting interesting people and picking their minds to find out exactly what sends goosebumps across their skin. We then get the opportunity to become a living, breathing fantasy for our members. And you just can’t find that anywhere else.


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