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A confident Naomilynn expresses herself freely on mygirlfund

November 10, 2015
naomilynnMaybe some people think it’s strange that I’m addicted to weightlifting, creating nude photography and film work, and being a complete exhibitionist. But right now on, I am exactly what a few men want and need.

Entering my third year in the fitness industry, I began to realize that my big goals and huge aspirations were at high risk for becoming nothing more than extremely expensive hobbies. It was at a fitness photoshoot that I met a girl who would introduce me to working online. I smashed my piggy bank and cashed in for all the newest and best equipment I would need to begin my new career. With that, I took the plunge into the deep ocean of camming; the best decision I ever made for myself. It was as if the real Naomi had been released for the first time, and she was fully accepted. It has truly been the most blissfully surprising journey to self-discovery, as well as the most intelligent investment in my future I could I have made. Now I can invest time into things I am passionate about that otherwise would have been pushed to the savings account; I can now afford to compete in Bikini at a National level! My friends are financially supporting my nude modeling dreams, and my film work!

My favorite part of MGF is creating my artwork. Some people call it content… but I was practicing my self-expression through nude-modeling for a long time before joining this community. It is my true drive. My boyfriend is a well-known nude-photographer and posts our work on Tumblr and sometimes Facebook, but it is easy to be over-sexualized and frowned upon on large social media. Here, people absolutely love my style and his photography and film work. Our nude photography has won us quite the reputation on MGF’s Tumblr, Photo Contests, and community. Not to mention cash prizes 🙂

As cliche as it sounds, I honestly never knew I would meet so many honest and respectable men on MGF who are more than worthy of my time and my affection. I decided long ago I would not be operating like other girls on this site. I keep my prices up to exactly what I believe I am worth! And many guys agree I am worth it. I enjoy chatting with guys on a daily basis and growing something intense between two people! I was surprised to learn that there are such sweet men who would take the time to build exceptional relationships with me through messaging and contributing for custom content, and it has been so much fun learning and growing and experiencing all the crazy things we’ve done together! I am confident we will keep in touch for years to come.

I am grateful that I found this site, or maybe it found me. I have been empowered and encouraged to walk tall along my own path.

I activated my membership on mygirlfund at just the right time in my life and for all of the right reasons. It has allowed me to highlight the unique, quirky, (perhaps even sexy) things about myself and meet guys who appreciate those things about me as well. I am a happier, more confident and secure young woman because of this site. I love you, mygirlfund!

xoxo Naomi

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  1. November 15, 2015 1:51 pm

    @EmpressAlexis In what ways was I more open than most about “something like this”? So curious! And yes my partner is very supportive! Why wouldn’t he be?

  2. November 10, 2015 9:16 am

    Definitely the first time I’ve ever seen anyone be open about something like this, or consider online camming a career path. I think the thing I find most surprising is that the boyfriend is fine with it and supports it.

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