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RavenRaith wants to get to know each and every guy on mygirlfund

October 22, 2015

ravenraithHello, my name is RavenRaith and I am a Canadian. I have been on on and off for the last few years. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind website, with a great community, wonderful members, and lots of sexy models. I love mygirlfund because it is a place I can go to that has absolutely no judgement, and it’s where I can be myself. I find that a lot of men are afraid to indulge in their fetishes and fantasies in real life, or just can’t find that right woman to do that with, and so they come to mygirlfund for that perfect woman to play out any fantasy that they might have.

It’s a great place to make online friends, connect with others, and get some sexy online goodies. It has definitely been a main source of income for me. Since I have Narcolepsy it is hard for me to find and or keep a job, so sometimes it is the only source of income that I have. I find that I do not even think about the income aspect of it when using the website, and use it more as a fun way to chat with new people and send some sexy Girlfriend Style photos and videos to men across the world, earning an income whilst doing that is just a bonus and it definitely brightens my day. Some of the sweetest men I have ever spoken with are from MGF. Many guys have very interesting stories and wonderful personalities. I love to treat the guys really well, and make special goodies for each of them. Hopefully one day I will be able to put money aside from using this website to help me get into College for Film, and Photography or to eventually move to the USA.

Mygirlfund has helped me to purchase things I have been saving up for like groceries, new clothing, a new computer, HD webcam, or stuff for my photography. Currently I am saving for trips around the USA, a new bicycle, an E-bike, and Drivers Education. I always feel like I am important to the members on the website, and if I come back from being absent due to travelling, I am always welcomed back with open arms. There are a handful of members who I have been talking to on-site for almost two years or more, which makes me feel amazing and like I have done something right. To hear that I have made their day brighter or better makes me feel really good. It’s cool to meet other people around the world on this site who have similar or the same interests as me for example; Horror, Sci-Fi, Action Movies, Collection Action Figures, Comic Book Collecting, Alien Series, Superhero Stuff, similar interests like; Hiking, Camping, The Outdoors, Photography, Animals, Nature, Video Games, Art, Reading / Literature, ect.

I love catering to men who enjoy the simplicity of a woman’s beauty, like her cleavage, breasts, or the curvature of her body in her favorite pair of jeans. I also do really enjoy the more out-there turn-on’s and fetishes too. What men like with me is that they do not have to be afraid to ask for the more bizarre and less common things, of course within following the websites guidelines.

I love to create custom photosets, videos, and I also have videos and photos available to purchase currently. However my favorite aspect of this website other than the wonderful connections I make with other members is the webcam aspect of it. I love to be on webcam, and also do not mind viewing others if they are not too shy to be viewed. Shoot me a message, I would love to get to know each and every single one of you, I always love to hear your stories and how your week has been.

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  1. November 1, 2015 9:38 am

    i really liked mygirlfund i did very well on it. i just wish they would give me another chance to work on their site again.

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