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Karrissa feels like a goddess on mygirlfund

September 17, 2015

karrissaHi! I’m Karrissa & I love! I’ve been a member since 2011. I love being here and plan on staying.

I’ve worked on other cam modeling sites, but sitting in front of a camera all the time just isn’t for me. It can get kinda boring sometimes, but with mygirlfund I’m able to log on and set up a cam show when the time actually comes for it, instead of just waiting around. Working on my own schedule is pretty important to me.
In my opinion, the most appealing aspect of mygirlfund is the way they set up their pay outs. It’s very model friendly. You’re able to raise your pay out level as you build your customer base. It starts at 65% and goes up to 90%. I also love being able to cash out when I need it instead of waiting around a week or 2 weeks like some of the other sites I’ve seen.

Mygirlfund is super easy to use too! I’m able to get on my laptop to do cam shows or just live chat with guys. Or, if I’m out and about, I can just get on mobile and still be connected to my friends and potentially meet new ones.

I love that I’m able to fully customize my profile to fit my personality and show what all I have to offer as well.

I’ve met some of the most interesting, open-minded guys on this site. Every guy has their own little thing they’re into! I’ve definitely had a blast exploring all kinds of different things with guys who spoil you! I’ve had all kinds of help from simple little things that I wanted like a cute outfit to more important things like paying off my car. My current goal is to finish paying off my house. The guys on the site really make me feel like a goddess!

This really is my favorite site & I’m super glad to be apart of it!

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