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Ssamber says mygirlfund is genuinely fun for all types of guys and girls

September 9, 2015
ssamberI have been a cam girl for about 2 years now and I love it. Not only do I love the excitement of it all, but I also love meeting interesting, fun, friendly men (and the odd women as well)! I have talked to so many people who have come from all walks of life. I learn so much from these men. It is mind blowing. For instance, I’ve gotten great business tips on enhancing my business as a cam woman.

I was told by a client and a friend of mine about this site and how it could greatly help my business, and allow me access to tons of potential clients. I signed up, created my profile, and immediately started being contacted by plenty of lovely men. The money is all on your personality, being able to be friendly, make friends, keep in touch, and have a personal relationship with your potential clients. Yes, there are men who contact you, and are straight up about wanting something you offer. I do find that most men are about the personal experience, and want a personal relationship with the girls. As long as you take the time to get to know who you are talking to, are being kind, and NOT being pushy….then you will have great success on this site!

Mygirlfund has enabled me to work independently from home, earning an extra income instead of having to work two jobs to have that bit of extra spending money. This site has allowed me to feel comfortable financially, reach goals for trips, or things I may need. As long as you put forth the effort and time, you will get plenty in return. It is not how sexy you are, it is how personable you are. Be charming and things will take off from there!  Every woman likes to feel beautiful and the men on this site do an amazing job at making you feel special….and they are very genuine!

Like any job, you have to work to make money. Nothing is for free…but I enjoy what I get to do on this site, so that makes a world of a difference! Your hard work doesn’t go unappreciated or unnoticed as long you as do your best. Quality is important, and adding personal touches to everything is a must. Be open minded, have fun, and I promise you that you will have success!

Guys love all types of women and they come on this site because they know what they like and that could be you! Curvy women, thin, athletic, dominant, submissive, sassy, shy, cute, girl next door, voluptuous, etc. All women are welcome and accepted, and that is what I love about this site. It is not like other sites where you have to look like a model with the perfect breasts and ass. MGF welcomes genuine women who are looking to have fun and earn cash at the same time. Everyone is accepted!

So with that being said….I promise that no woman will be disappointed. I love My Girl Fund, its men, its intentions, and its ability to help you reach your goals and your financial aspirations! Be independent, develop friendships, earn your own money, and most of all…have fun doing it!

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