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Stardust gets all excited for Mygirlfund

August 30, 2015

stardustMygirlfund has been a supplementary source of income for me since 2011. I have met so many wonderful guys on this site! They all have different quirks, and this site is really a way to get to know people on an entirely different level than you usually can in day-to-day life.

This site has helped me COUNTLESS times in being able to afford certain things- things that I couldn’t have been able to afford if I had only relied on my dayjob alone. I have been able to get help with groceries, gas, buying my first car, tattoos, rent, insurance payments, makeup etc. It’s all thanks to the wonderful, angelic men who have been there for me on this site.

I love being able to set boundaries, my own log in time, AND MY OWN PRICES! I get to choose what I will and will not do, and when I will do it. I also get to block certain states, so if I don’t want to be noticed outside of the site, I can take steps to prevent that with the settings on Mygirlfund. With every message I respond to, I get paid and that makes me feel like a Goddess everytime I log on. I love being treated with the respect I feel I deserve, and being showered with love and affection when I’m not getting it at home. I have a boyfriend who plays video games all day so it is nice to get the attention I’m missing out on from this site. It’s wonderful to have so many admirers who are willing to show their support and love for you in both emotional and monetary ways! I love building briendships and never feeling like I’m alone because of this website. I love this site and couldn’t imagine my life for the last 5 years without it! THANK YOU to all of the SWEET, SEXY, ANGELIC, MEN that have helped me, big or small over time! And THANK YOU MYGIRLFUND. 😉

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