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A college degree is just one of the many rewards applebear has enjoyed on mygirlfund

July 1, 2015

309808_10150400476723373_917699501_nI first heard about mygirlfund in an article published in a renowned newspaper and I thought it would be something I could see myself getting involved in. I joined only 6 months ago and, in the beginning, I was unsure what to expect. However, the guys I met online were extremely helpful and understanding, not to mention, generous.

I love working for mygirlfund because it allows girls to work from home, choose their own hours and rates, and become financially independent. The site has a forum for the girls, and blogs, which is a great way to give and receive tips and advice, and allows us to express ourselves and get to know each other. MGF is great because girls can chat with guys from all over the world, and connect with them on both a sexual and emotional level.

It’s not all about selling content, but meeting new people. Many guys use mygirlfund as a way to chat with girls and talk about their lives in ways they can’t do offline. I know I have helped boost some guys confidences just by talking to them, and allowing them to be open and just be themselves without being judged. Some guys have certain fantasies they wish to act out, but aren’t always able to do so offline, so they come to mgf to share these with like-minded girls.

This is really important for me; allowing guys to feel at ease with themselves and their sexual desires. Knowing that I have made someone else feel good is such a rewarding feeling, and it keeps me coming back to mygirlfund again and again.

Of course, the guys on MGF have helped me enormously financially. I have just completed my Bachelor’s degree, and during my final year it was very demanding and I didn’t have the time to work part-time. MGF was a fantastic opportunity for me to earn money whilst studying for my final exams, as it allowed me to pick my own hours, and I could choose how much I charged for my content. The money I made on mygirlfund helped pay my rent and other bills, and allowed me to travel for a month after graduating-which was a wonderful reward for my hard work at university and a much needed break!

I absolutely love being a mygirlfund member not only because it has helped me out financially, but also because it has given me a chance to explore my sexuality in ways I would have never imagined. Chatting with guys who like the same things as myself was a real eye-opener and made me want to try out new things with them; things that I would be less comfortable doing with guys offline. The guys are all very encouraging and I have never felt pressurized into doing anything I wasn’t happy with. The guys I have worked with have all left me with great feedback, something I really appreciate!

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