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Morning has come of age on Mygirlfund

March 25, 2015

photo3When I first learned about mygirlfund, I was barely 18 and a poor first-semester student, struggling to figure out who I was and struggling to get the things I needed and wanted out of my young life. Thinking, ‘why not?’ I gave the site a shot, and was immediately overwhelmed with the good kind of attention I had been craving. The boost in my finances was amazing, but the people I met and the experiences that led me to trying new things were even greater. Now here I am, 21 years old, and still loving my time on MGF.

I joined the site out of what I realize now was a sort of desperation, blindly hoping for a paycheck of any amount, and seeking the attention of men who could appreciate a young girl who didn’t have herself quite figured out all the way yet. I’m not much older now, but I can look back on these early experiences on MGF and see that they did help shape me into who I am at this point in my life.

Mygirlfund and the wonderful guys who are members there not only helped me get on my feet financially at a very young and vulnerable age, but helped me become more confident with my body, my relationships with others, and how I perceive myself. The guys I met, both as an 18 year old starting out on my own, and now a 21 year old returning to the site after some time away for personal reasons, have been welcoming and fun, encouraging creativity and empowering to the female form. IMG_4875

Even the administrators of the site have been excellent in providing answers to all questions or efficient in helping to resolve any issues to make mygirlfund a better experience for both the girls and the guys.

Because of MGF, I am able to make extra money from home, which allows me to do the things I love when i’m offline. Online, I’m having fun and meeting interesting new people, learning about and doing things I enjoy. My family travels often, so mygirlfund has been the perfect outlet for me to explore and share my sexuality with friendly members as well as make some money while on the move.

All of these things have led me to work harder on building and maintaining relationships, on the site and off, transform my own image into something I love, and given me the ability to express interests in places where I otherwise may not have found them. Mygirlfund has been like a second home in my time here and I’m very glad I made the leap to join when I did!


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