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NMXO22 loves to build connections on Mygirlfund

March 16, 2015

nmxoSo I am still a bit new when it comes to mygirlfund It is my first year and I have nothing but great things to say!

I have tried other sites and nothing really comes close to comparing. With mygirlfund, I find you get a sense of freedom to do anything you like! You are not limited to just doing one thing whether it is camming, making videos etc. You can do whatever you feel like doing … when you feel like doing it.


I have to say there have been many moments on mygirlfund where I forget I’m even “working” because i’m having so much fun interacting with some of the many wonderful guys I’ve met so far on MGF. Also, compared to other sites, I feel very safe on mygirlfund. That is very important to me personally. I can honestly say MGF has improved my life. I feel more confident every day. And sexier! The compliments can definitely go to your head 😛


I have met so many awesome guys on MGF this year so far. I love to build connections and really get to know someone, and this is a great place to do so. I have made many friends on here that I talk to on a daily/weekly basis, and I love hearing from them. I appreciate the generosity of all the guys, and I don’t think they really know how much they help us girls out.


So, more about me! I’m a small town girl from Western Canada. I am 25 years old. I am super outdoorsy! Love to exercise, go hiking, boating, and fishing. Very family orientated, and I couldn’t live without them. I’m a little bit shy when I first meet someone but it doesn’t take me long to warm up. Of course I have a little bit of a naughty side 😉 I think that is what kind of drew me to MGF in the first place. A place where I can express that side of me.


I would say my favorite thing to do on MGF is making custom videos! I love to get all dolled up! I like to take my time and have fun with it!  i’m very open minded and I always like to try new things 🙂


All in all, I love MGF and I plan to stick around for a long time! There’s such a friendly feeling between the girls and guys. Don’t be afraid to say hello to me! I love to chat and would love to meet you :P. As long as you are respectful to me, I will do the same ❤
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