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If she didn’t need to sleep, Graciexxx would be on Mygirlfund 24/7

March 5, 2015
GracieXXXI absolutely love camming, taking pictures, and making customized videos on Their platform is so easy to use and it offers more
opportunities for girls to generate income than the other live camming sites. It offers guys more interactive options. They aren’t limited to live web cam sessions.


For instance, if you are more of a shy guy you can just send a private message to request a custom video or photo set instead of having to talk face to face on live cam. If you do want to cam you don’t have to have your camera on.


Another great benefit that mygirlfund offers is privacy. You only have to share what you feel comfortable
sharing about yourself.


The money is also great. I previously worked on a different cam site and it wasn’t yielding the income I needed to pay my bills, I got in a car wreck and had to come up with money quickly to buy a new car, and pay medical bills plus regular bills. Within just a couple of weeks of being on mygirlfund I bought myself a brand new car and had ALL of my bills straightened out and a lot of extra spending money to have some fun with.


The guys I have met on here are genuinely nice, very courteous, and respectful. Chivalry is definitely not dead on mygirlfund. I have had some of the best conversations with different guys and I have gotten the chance to know so many kind and generous men. Unlike the other website I used to work fo,r on here the guys can add you as a friend if they like you and really enjoy what content you have to offer and keep in contact. The whole friends list feature is fantastic to me because it shows when you’re online which has helped me form some long standing friendships with the guys on here. We regularly message each other for business or just to kid around and chat for a bit.


Mygirlfund has a lot to offer from both the male and female perspective. It helped me connect with guys who have the same sexual interests and fantasies that I have and explore new ones. I used to be so shy about my body and sexuality but mygirlfund is really empowering and it definitely opened me up to my wilder, kinkier side. I share it with the very special guys that I meet on here daily. I love signing on and reading all of the lovely messages I receive from new guys and I love reading reviews from guys who have purchased all kinds of different content from me. If I didn’t have to sleep I would be on here 24/7! I LOVE MYGIRLFUND! XOXO Gracie
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