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TaiCoats is achieving a very important goal on MyGirlFund

February 9, 2015
taicoatsA friend of mine told me about and I was very interested in checking it out. Once I signed up and got the swing of things, I grew to love the site! My favorite part about being a MGF girl is what I symbolize. I get to be myself and support an awesome site that I really enjoy being a part of! 🙂
MyGirlFund, in my opinion, differs from other sites I’ve tried because the site itself is very easy to use and is full of amazing people, including the people that actually run the site. Everyone is very kind! With mygirlfund, I’ve been able to really connect with customers and grow very close with each and every one that I talk to. It’s very easy to find people with similar interests just based on tags you click. 🙂
This site has helped me more than I could imagine with my goasl. I’m still somewhat new and have only had one goal but it’s been a big and very important goal. Without mygirlfund, I wouldn’t be near as prepared for my baby’s new coming and I’m so thankful! The friendships I have made so far on MGF have been beyond awesome! I’ve talked with so many different amazing and generous guys. Guys who share similar interests and some that don’t, but still are just as much of a joy to chat with and get to know. Either way, our personalities have really connected and continue to as time goes on.
We learn a lot from each other. My relationships with my favorite MGF guys are very genuine! We chat as if we have known each other for years and can talk about anything. I enjoy getting to talk with them knowing they are just being themselves around me. My advice for new girls starting out on mygirlfund is simply be yourself, have fun, and treat these guys right because there are a lot of sweet ones on here with huge hearts! 🙂
As for tips for the MGF guys, just be yourself and have fun as well!
The MGF community has been of a lot of help to me and I’ve been able to get very helpful advice from the members since I’ve been here. Everyone is very friendly and easy to talk to.

    I can’t really say I have a favorite 5 star rating so far because every one that I have gotten has great importance to me and are from some of the most amazing people I’ve talked to!
MyGirlFund is definitely my favorite site that I’ve been on! I choose this site over every other one without even thinking twice. I just really enjoy the people on this site a whole bunch and the site itself. It’s just been the best experience and I absolutely LOVE it!
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