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An appreciative YourGirlFriend says people are true to themselves on MyGirlFund

January 30, 2015

yourgirlfriendI found out about mygirlfund through other cam girls . My experience before mygirlfund was very disconnected, and also unnatural. I really felt like I had to “sell” myself but I really didn’t like how it made me feel. When I joined mygirlfund, I noticed a wave of support from the site as well as the users (both male and female).

I love being able to just discuss the day with the friends I have made on here, and allow myself to get carried away in a conversation without any expectation or pressure. I just have fun with the people who want to have fun with me and that connection is what I’ve been wanting. I am new in the town I live in and don’t have many friends here so my favorite part of being here is having this outlet to be myself completely.

I have always been interested in seeing how multi-dimensional people are, and this is a great platform for people to be as true to themselves as humanly possible. I like to ask a lot of questions about the things that matter to them and maybe it is why I feel so close to a lot of my friends here so quickly, because we can be so unfiltered with one another.

I also can’t ignore how much this site has helped me. When I went across the country, I had the help of this site. I even turned my situation around from being homeless in my car, to finally getting an apartment on my own. Also after crashing my car, I was able to replace it so quickly. I have been so appreciative of all the funding I have acquired when I absolutely needed it.  I love it the times I don’t need it though, when I can afford to go out and unwind for a night when I wouldn’t have without the site.

A five star rating reads “You couldn’t ask for a better friend, period. She is kind, she knows how to listen, and truly cares about you…”

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