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HelloKittyxx sets personal and financial goals on mygirlfund and achieves them

December 17, 2014

WIN_20141119_152353I found out about mygirlfund from an old roommate of mine. She used the site to set goals to make extra cash and suggested I try it out.

My favorite part about MGF is being able to make new friends and also make cash while doing so. Mygirlfund is a GREAT concept.

I think what makes MGF different than other sites is the opportunity to build one on one relationships with the male members on the site and learn about their kinks and interests while sharing yours.

Mygirlfund is definitely one on one when it comes to building relationships which I LOVE! I have made many friends and learned a lot about the guys I talk to. I get on and have lots of my regular friends to talk to, it’s amazing!

Since I joined MGF, I have set many personal and financial goals. Some are small and some are larger goals. I usually set a bi-monthly goal for groceries or bills, and can usually reach that goal within a week in a good week.

My current goal is a Christmas fund: I will use 75% to buy gifts for friends and family, and the other 25% will go to a charity of my choice.

I have developed many relationships with many different types of guys on MGF. Some are strictly business, while others are more in depth, where I chat with them daily and learn new things about them often.

My relationship to my favorite MGF guys is very unique. I feel like these guys are my friends in real life, SERIOUSLY! They seem to actually care about me as a person and I could chat with some of them for hours. Guys on MGF are AWESOME!

My advice to new girls on MGF is just to be yourself! Don’t try and pretend to be something you aren’t. Also, be understanding and patient. You need to build relationships which will help you achieve your goals in return. DO not spam the guys on MGF.. it will get you blocked in a heartbeat.

I would say to the guys on MGF you are all amazing, and just keep up being respectful to us girls, it goes a long way!

The other members on MGF are great! Very fun, friendly, and sweet! Also using the blogs are very helpful if I ever have a question about anything.

Here is my favorite 5 star rating:

Picture the perfect girl. Stop. Open your eyes. She’s sitting right there, in front of you, and you can call her Kitty. If you can resist falling in love with this girl, then you’re a stronger man than I. She is simply gorgeous, adorable, cute, funny, sexy as hell. There are just not enough good things to say about her. Absolutely one of a kind.

MGF is different from other sites I work on because like I said, you get to build personal one-on one relationships, you dont get that on other sites.

I LOVE MGF!!!! Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful community 🙂

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