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AmyVine says the intimacy developed on MyGirlFund is unmatched even in real life

November 18, 2014

“How often in regular life, let alone virtual world do you meet someone who can rip your heart right out of your chest with a glance, toy with it with a wink, but then deliver it right back to you safe and sound because she gives a shit about PEOPLE and is rare among rare”

It is hard to believe I have been a member of the mygirlfund community for over four years now — and haven’t aged a day might I add. 😉 
It is, however, not hard to believe that the man who left me that rating back in 2010 is someone I still have a meaningful relationship with to this day. When I first joined I was a little tentative, having been burned by another site, whose name I will not mention purely because I have not made any effort to remember it after all this time. Within a few days of being active, I was completely wrapped up in the warm reception I received from this community, gals and guys alike. As cheesy as this is going to sound, this place is full of people who have become like family to me — the kind you are happy to acquire over the years of your life, not the kind you find yourself stuck with and can’t escape. I was driven into this arena while backed into a financial corner, the details of which I will spare you because it doesn’t matter now. However, I will say MGF has helped me to achieve an independence and a peace of mind I would not have found elsewhere.
Many of my dear friends on here have gone above and beyond to help me out not only financially, but have at times been an integral part in keeping me mentally sound as I traverse the ups and downs of life. Having the ability to be exposed to people with different life experiences from all over who are willing to share it with you is not something you can put a price on. It is my hope that I, in turn, have been able to successfully show them how grateful I am for the opportunity. All of this, for me, makes MyGirlFund a standalone place where you can develop an intimacy with others that is not matched any where else, be it in the virtual or real life. 
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