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Red Velvet is hooked on the MyGirlFund community

November 7, 2014

redvelvetI remember first finding out about MyGirlFund – my instant reaction was definitely: “is this too good to be true?”  I was (and still am) hooked. My first few weeks were spent staying up late at night, trying to convince myself to log out and go to sleep. I just couldn’t get enough! I guess you could say I’m kind of a MyGirlFund addict.

The reason that MyGirlFund is different (better) than other sites is because it truly lets you build a connection with the guys and get to know them more personally. It’s more than just learning things from the lists on their profile, it’s about establishing an actual connection. MyGirlFund allows us girls to build real, intimate, mutually beneficial relationships with the guys, and that is truly an amazing accomplishment in this day and age. I would never want to be featured on any other site.

Aside from the amazing, respectful presence of the guys on this site, there is definitely something to be said about how wonderful and endlessly helpful the other girls are as well. As one of the newer girls on the site, I find myself turning to the “girls only blogs” to sort out any questions that I might have about managing myself on the site. It is really amazing that the more seasoned girls are willing to give lots of advice to newbies like me – there is no competition, we are all on the same team!

Although those blogs are off limits to the guys, I also love to post blogs in the public section – a great tip for any guy on MyGirlFund trying to get to know me would be to read my blogs, and those of the other girls. It will really give you a sense of who they are, which is a very key part of the meaningful relationships built on MyGirlFund.

While MyGirlFund and it’s great members have absolutely helped me to achieve financial goals and live a more comfortable lifestyle, that is definitely not the only benefit for me. I legitimately have enjoyed getting to know each and every guy that I have come into contact with on MyGirlFund and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this great community.

I think one of the best ways to understand what everyone on MyGirlFund can expect from me, and the site in general, is this 5 star review from one of my amazing guys:

“This girl, right here, is definitely special. I have only talked to her a few days and she already has me hooked! I can tell shes definitely not like every other girl here, she is genuinely interested in what you have to say and what you did for the day. Treat her well fellas or I’m coming after you! 5/5”

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