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Old friends welcomed BigBootyGirl4U back to mygirlfund after a four year absence

October 29, 2014
bigbootygirl4uI remember the day I found out about Mygirlfund.  I was lying on my best friends bed, and I was very annoyed about my current money situation, which was crappy. My bestie had mentioned she wished a different site that we used to both be on was still around, and I agreed.  Next thing you know my friend is like here I want you to sign up for this website called “mygirlfund.”
She told me that it was really easy to navigate, and after I got approved she promised to show me the ropes.  I agreed to make an account and a couple days later a blizzard snowed us in her house, Well, I decided its time to see what this website is all about so I began accepting chat requests from people and engaging in conversations.
Next thing you know, people are telling me what they’re into, and I’m beginning to build a library of videos inspired by the ideas that mentioned to me by guys in chat.  I began making money very quickly, and my fund accumulated VERY fast.
I was so shocked at how much fun I was having working from home with my friend on our laptops and us videoing each other for this website! Life couldn’t get any sweeter I thought.  I met so many nice people, and ended up finding a full time job after living off of Mygirlfund for about six months.  Within that time I had made enough money to pay my rent, utilities, food, gas, and even take some vacations over the summer. It was FANTASTIC.  I really feel like without Mygirlfund I would have been forced to move back in with my mom and dad.
I ended up leaving Mygirlfund for a while, and began working as a server where I did make very good money. I worked there for about three years but after getting into a argument with my boss I quit.  I found some other jobs here, and there, but nothing as steady as the previous job that I had.
I decided to sign up for Mygirlfund again!! I really missed everyone. A few people remembered me from almost four years ago and I think that was the best feeling of all after being gone for so long. I had left a impression on people.
The best advice I can give a new girl starting on MGF is to be yourself, and don’t treat men as if they are a transaction. They should strive to get more out of the website than “money.”  Develop friendships and you will truly have a great time.  Don’t treat it like it is your “job.” Treat it as it is a hobby.
I enjoy my time on mygirlfund and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It is one of the best sites around and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone strongly enough!!
Shout out to my best friend: I wouldn’t be here without you. “You know who you are”, and I love you from the moon and back. Thank you for introducing me to such a great place to have fun, accomplish goals, and be successful!
Favorite review:
5/5 : Fate 69-  incredible, super playful, flirtatious, and aroused… it really helps you feel like she wants to be here for the attention and connection
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