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MyGirlFund has helped Cocoacuddles gain confidence and reach many goals

October 3, 2014



meI have been a MyGirlFund girl for almost 3 months now. I found out about it when I was talking to a guy friend of mine about how i wanted to get a Mario Kart 8 wii U bundle. He told me i should make a profile and make that one of my goals on there… sooo… i did and i reached that goal pretty fast and made some great friends along the way.
I love MyGirlFund!!! MGF has helped me reach so many goals in the past 3 months. its AMAZING!!!
Here are a few of the bigger goals I have reached:
1. $200 car seats for my 2 boys

2. dining room table

3. fireplace heater

4. wii U Mario kart 8 bundle, controllers, and a game

5.laptop nx mini camera


and many more!!
Not to brag or anything but I’m pretty sure I’m one of the nicest girls on the site. I have heard many times that I am one of the sweetest girls on the site 🙂  I love that MGF is one on one and so personal. There are a few guys that I talk to on a daily basis. I love the compliments, surprise contributions, chat requests and seeing many messages from lovely guys in my inbox when I log on. MGF has helped me build confidence in myself. MGF has allowed me to spoil myself, my children and my significant other while having all our bills and things taken care of as well 🙂


I have always told myself that there is no reason to waste time working doing something you don’t enjoy. When I turned 18 i wanted to become a nude model. I had met up with a modeling agent and did a shoot, but soon after that i had my first son. Kinda left it alone for awhile but I always had thoughts of wanting to do some type of adult entertainment.  Finding MGF has to be one of the greatest discoveries for me. I can work from home doing something I enjoy while having my own schedule.
If you are a new girl on MyGirlFund all I have to say is be creative, be yourself, be respectful and nice and have fun. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with and you will go far.
Heres a couple of my favorite 5/5 ratings on MGF:

One of the sweetest and real women I have ever talked to. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but she is beautiful on the inside! Since I met her, I have developed an addiction…I cant stop smiling while talking to this beauty! A++++++ She is a good friend now 🙂

What a sweet girl, easy to talk and very nice. I really love talking to her, she’s a sexy and beautiful girl.Treat her good guys, girls like her on MGF are uncommon.

This girl is one of the sweetest girls I’ve ran across on this site. She is such a pleasure to talk with and a great person to just spend some time with!! She is also quite attractive as you can tell by her beautiful sexy profile pictures and is very generous in sharing gorgeous pics of herself during conversations. I really enjoy her time and so glad that I’m getting to know her!! Stop by and say hello to her, you’ll be glad you did!!


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