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BabyRonnie Loves To Make Customs For Her MyGirlFund Friends

September 22, 2014

BabyRonnieMygirlfund has honestly opened a lot of doors for me. On the site, I’ve been meeting cool guys, making money and learning things from here and there. It’s so easy to be yourself! I’ve yet to meet all my financial goals, but I’m having fun trying. What can be better than making money doing something you like? I love talking to new people, making new friends, and maybe doing a little bit, um, more? Also, it is always pleasing to hear compliments from guys around the globe. It makes you feel special, i guess.

My goal here is to buy new electronics and get help paying for my rent and school. At the same time, I get to enjoy meeting new guys. If I can make them happy, I am also happy. MyGirlFund is so sweet because you get to talk one on one and it helps to create intense and profound relationships. I am kind of new here still, but I really enjoy myself. It has a lot of competition, but hey that is the whole point, isn’t it?

I’m learning about all the the various fetishes guys have. Sometimes it’s surprising, but I am always up for a new challenge. It’s actually very exciting. I never really worked on other sites, but I can say that it is really easy to cash out on MyGirlFund. It has a fee like every other place, but it is really accessible, and a no brainer!

What I love most on here is to make Custom Videos for guys. Of course I have my regular awesome content, but when it is custom, I get a feeling of closeness and enjoy the personal approach! It is really naughty. I have made very good friends on MyGirlFund that come back for more every week! It is almost like being an Online Girlfriend ahah!

My approach to guys is different than other girls here I know for sure. I get the feeling that what’s important to some girls is to sell in bulk. A lot of videos of any genres for really cheap! I get the idea, but I like to think of myself not being a merchant but a naughty friend. I am a shy girl and I am not hot to the idea of doing what everyone else is doing and competing at the low end of the market. Keep it classy, baby!

If I have a tip for guys on MGF it is to not think of themselves as a Sugar Daddy! Because there are a lot of guys that complain about paying for messages and/or content, but say in their profile that they are Sugar Daddies. I was a Sugar Baby before and I can assure you that it is not how it works. Daddies are really understanding and approachable. They don’t want all of you for peanuts, but instead they want to give you all they have. I don’t want to look like a little whiny girl ahah, just trying to be me. It is not that I refuse everybody! It is just, be real and I will be all to you 😉

“Lovely and intelligent with a crotch-breakingly amazing figure. I hope to order more content if she’s open to the idea.” 5/5 Stars

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