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MyGirlFund is JadedCupcake’s Lifeline

September 8, 2014

I don’t remember how I learned about MyGirlFund but I know it was a year ago when I was trying to find ways to make extra cash. I’ll admit that for months I wasn’t making anything. But I think that was mainly because I rushed into it and didn’t take the time to learn everything right away.

My favorite part of being a MGF girl is the interesting people I meet. I do like talking to new people and learning new things.

I’ve haven’t been on many sites. MGF just seems more personal, yet safe. There are less jerks on MGF too. Plus there are other options to make money on MGF. 1-on-1 interaction on MGF rocks! Much easier to develop a solid customer relationship. It’s a really personalized profile that girls make their own, therefore many customers feel more confident that they’re connecting with a real girl

The money has really helped me get out of tough situations. Even though I didn’t use MGF much up until May, I was able to jump in, and keep myself from sinking. It helped me get the tools I need for work after mine went poof. My current goals are to save up for medical testing. Then my big move to Japan. Can’t wait to see how that goes.

I’ve made friendships with all kinds with awesome people. Many of my favorite guys are super sweet. Nerdy … I like them nerdy. 😉 They are also very caring & supportive.


For new girls, take advantage of this site, I found it and I learned many ways to bring traffic. For new guys, have patience, messages will flood in.


The other members are really confident and strong. I haven’t used the girls only blog or forum yet.
This is probably one of my favorite 5 star ratings:
“So unique.
she’s wonderful and very intelligent.
match with a killer body.
where can you go wrong?”
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