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PlayfulLilGirl says the friendships she has made on MGF are endless and magical

August 29, 2014
I found out about MyGirlFund from a lovely gentleman who told me it was an amazing place for a lady like me. So without further investigation I signed up and made a free account and oh boy I am so glad I did! He was totally right. This social platform is absolutely amazing and incredibly engaging. As a camgirl, I was shocked to see how simple and easy it was to navigate the site and immediately was flooded with messages and live chat requests from men who I now call my friends.

After I signed up I immediately placed a goal, and that was to meet my Australian pen pal of 7 years who is visiting California. I was surprised how all of my new friends banded together and are making that a dream come true for me. Everyone was eager to help me reach my goal and I am proud to say I have my flight booked for California and my once fantasy bucket list dream is now coming true solely by the good men of MyGirlFund.

The friendships I have made on MGF are endless and magical. I now know people from all over the world! Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and everywhere really! It is so amazing to hear about new cultures and ways of life all around the world! The conversations I have are just so enlightening and enjoyable that sometimes I’m up till 3am just chatting to all of these wonderful people!

My advice for new girls joining the site is don’t be afraid of being yourself and being YOU. The guys on MGF really dig personality and there is only one of you in this world. Share that with the members and you will have a great time. My advice for men joining the site: Be sweet to these honest, caring women and treat them all with the utmost respect. That will get you the best response when using the live chat feature on the site to meet new girls. MGF is different from every other camsite because you are not sitting in someone’s free chat begging for a girls attention and fighting the other men for that attention. Here on MGF you just live chat the gal you want too and she is ready to talk to ya! There isn’t really many limits on how far you can go with your experience on MygirlFund. Everyday is something new, and everyday is FUN.

The members are quite friendly. I had a gentleman help me navigate the site via live chat. He didn’t have to help me or explain anything to me but he totally did and I’ll never forget his kindness. The Girls Only Blog is also very helpful, it’s a place where all of us girls can ask questions, talk about life and maybe sip some wine virtually with each other! The community is filled with encouraging, kind woman who usually have no issue answering your questions!

Here’s one of my favorite five star reviews:
Ive chatted to Bailey for a few weeks now. She’s funny, intelligent, and never to busy to answer. Today, I saw one of her videos. I’m not sure what to say. Is she hot? Honestly? No. SHE IS SIZZLING. Her video was superb. Even the dialogue. Bailey is one sexy girl, and one naughty girl. Msg her, chat her, fuck, send a carrier pigeon. But get in touch, you will not be disappointed.
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