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Fatale Femme Has Immersed Herself In Mygirlfund

August 21, 2014
fatalfemmeI found out about MyGirlFund from a youtube video by a cam girl who discussed sites to try that offer more than just live cams. MGF offers so much more than cam sites. You have time to message one on one with people. I love that I don’t have to be a nude model and I can still make friends here. I really love the art of tease and implied that is most definitely my forte. I get to let loose with that here!I really enjoy and put more effort into getting to know others. The fact that I can be compensated for the effort I put into building rapport with others is fantastic.

My favorite part of being an MGF girl is getting to cater to my own clientele. Only doing what I want to do and not being in direct competition with other girls like most sites that let you go onto other models pages. Compared to other sites my favorite part of MGF is that I don’t have to be anything here but myself. I don’t feel any pressure to do anything that I may not see as within my comfort level. A gal like me who is obsessed with Old Hollywood Glamour and Tease has a tough time standing out on other sites that are geared only towards one type of people. MGF fits me nicely as I have very unique abilities as a Glamour model as well as a trained contortionist. I really get to garner my own friendships here with people who actually appreciate not only my physical abilities but also my linguistic ones as well.

I love to really get to know people so it’s a much nicer rapport and the projects I get to work on with my friends such as custom works are just that much more fun when you know what makes your friend smile. For me I like MGF as I finally have a place to express my infinite love of Tease, Glamour & Kindness with people who enjoy those qualities in with me as well.

I have now been on MGF every single day for just a little over a month. I really have immersed myself in this place. I blog about what I’m up to daily. I love the blog feature. I can let everyone in the community know what I’m up to and most stoked about as I get excited about a lot of things and am endlessly inspired. The community is really close-knit.  I see my friends here no differently than my friends in my day-to-day life. We get to stay in touch when we are not working on awesome custom projects together and I love the feeling that I am with them even when are not making fun photos or videos together. I love making people smile with my sense of style and personality.  I get to do that here!

My favorite gentlemen are with me daily. They check in, let me know how their day went, and let me know what they’re working towards. I love giving them my outside perspective and keeping them motivated to do more! That level of closeness cannot be forced. It’s so natural and fun. I love that. In the past month I have a few really solid friends that have been sticking with me and really making me feel adored. I love that. They appreciate the time I take to do things for them and they love my style.

I have a really big goal to move to the US this year and that’s what I’m currently working towards on MGF so I can make my life even more awesome. So far we are chipping away at this goal. I have had a much nicer rapport here than I have had on other sites I used to be on full-time though. They’re excited to see me make my move and decorate my new pad.  I love change and I feel that MGF can really stay with me as I go through the next stage of growth in my life.

To girls just joining MyGirlFund I would say just bring something new to the table and stick with it. Don’t try to cater to everyone. You’re not for everyone and everyone is not for you but the people you are for will appreciate you for that! And they should make sure to use the girls community for help and support. The other models have been great in the girls blogs. They are quick to respond. I just celebrated my Birthday last week. They where all so very sweet and made my day having so many well wishes on MGF that day!

To the guys of MGF I would say treat everyone with mutual respect. We are both here to have a good time. Keep an open mind and take more chances in life. You never know what you may find that you really like!

Here’s one of my favorite five star reviews:
Out of this world! This lady is stunningly beautiful, both in body and in mind. If you love the tease, she will rock your world. Not only is she easy and fun to talk with, but her custom video was way better than I could ever have imagined. Thank you my Burlesque Queen!
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