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Future chemist Stormy builds long-lasting bonds on MyGirlFund

August 15, 2014
Stormy ThompsonWow, where in the world do I start? Well I guess I should start off by saying has been one of the best things I could have ever come across! Not only has it helped me financially, but I have made so many great friends and met so many wonderful men on this site! I remember being freshly eighteen when my friend told me about it, and signing up as soon as I got home.


My favorite parts about being a virtual girlfriend are the friendships and long lasting bonds I make with people on a day to day basis. I have people that I talk to just as much as my real life friends! My Girl Fund has helped me with paying for classes so one day I can become a chemist! My short term goals though are paying what I owe my school, paying for various bills and expenses, expanding my personal library (I recently started collecting vintage books), and maybe treating myself with a nice dinner after I score a good grade! MGF helps me with all of that!


And a tip for the guys? Always leave reviews, it takes two seconds and helps us girls out a lot! Not to mention good reviews always, I mean always, manage to put a smile on my face! And it almost always reminds me to leave one for you as well!


A huge part of the site that really has helped me out has been the girls blog, it’s like a big fun sleep over with the other models! I haven’t worked for any other cam modeling sites, because MGF fulfills all my needs, but just from taking a look at them, they don’t compare whatsoever!


“What a sweetie! We hadn’t talked in a while and when I messaged her she made it feel like we started right where we left off. She is sweet, cute, sexy, intelligent, and fun to talk to….all wrapped up in one yummy package!”
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