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What Girl Doesn’t Love Attention?

August 7, 2014

harleyquinn420I first joined mygirlfund I think back in 2010 as DixieQueen. I’ve since then changed my name to HarleyQuinn420, to reflect my love for the Batman character. I cannot say enough positive things about Mygirlfund. My husband suggested that I become a webcam model and Mygirlfund was one of the first sites that caught my eye. It was actually in beta version at the time.

Since my start here I have made so many close friends – friends that I contact daily. There’s no other site that allows you to build up relationships this way, in my opinion. Getting to know the girl behind the content is one of the most important things to guys, and I concur with that priority. The more personal, the better.

Financially, Mygirlfund has helped me accomplish many goals. Whether it be for fun, or for serious, I can always rely on my favorite site. Even if it’s just to come on and hear a

kind word from a friend who is online. MGF played a huge role in helping me get my first car in 2011, and helped me move to my new Colorado home, which I love by the way.

The layout of the site is fantastic. I love being able to read other girls blogs, to see how their day was, and love being able to be so versatile in the offers blogs. Very

interesting to see the different things girls come up with! Also, there’s a contest page for girls and guys and I’ve never seen such a thing on any other site, which makes it fun and more interesting.

The rating system is the best. Honestly, it’s become an addiction to get as many perfect ratings as I can! I’m very proud of my feedback. Here’s one rating out of my 324 perfect ratings that I’m so proud to have –

5/27/14 5 hearts!!!! “Had me throwng dollar bills at my screen.This girls got skills- Definitely everything i was looking for…. i always wanted a Harley and this one can REALLY move!!! UPDATED: Harley is the best…I tell her that all the time But I think she thinks im just being nice..No this girl got it whatever u want IT to be stop looking and spoil her u will be more than glad u did. I should Chang my profile to -I only belong to Harley!!!”
It’s ratings like this that make me love what I do! What girl doesn’t love attention?

Mygirlfund fulfills that need/want for me in many ways. Being married doesn’t mean you have to cheat to get attention! I love my guys online, and MGF!

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