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MyGirlFund Saved Arya’s College Dreams

July 23, 2014

1173849_191719564340710_1608639667_nI’ve been here at for a while now and it’s been a lifesaver. I found out about it from a good friend of mine, and I couldn’t be happier. Without MGF, there’s no way I ever would have been able to afford going to college all by myself. There are a million and one ways to make some extra cash, but this is by far my favorite! I looked into some other websites, but they’re much more unsavory. The men of MGF are friendly, classy gentlemen!

I enjoy lots of engaging, stimulating conversations from people who are a genuine delight to talk to. I’ve made some new best friends on the site and they message me almost every day! I even get to show off every once in a while. It’s empowering and sexy, and it’s a fun way to find some extra income!

I’m very proud of my perfect 5/5 rating on MGF. I strive to make everyone as happy as possible! My favorite one comes from one of the best friends I’ve made on here.

“She is really extremely beautifull. An amazing woman that I could talk to for hours and hours. She isn’t just very beautifull, she’s also very smart and funny. We almost have the same humor, which makes it even more fun to talk to her.
I have a crush on her ❤

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