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Bad Alice says MyGirlFund is a warm and welcoming place that fosters self-expression and reinvention

July 16, 2014
badAliceI first found out about Mygirlfund on a forum for cam girls. I was looking for a way to make extra money without being in front of a cam all night, fiddling around while not making much of anything. When I first read about the site, I knew it was exactly what I wanted.
My favorite part about being a MGF girl is the relationships I have built over the years by being a part of the community. I remember things about the guys and they remember things about me, and I really enjoy the communications we share on a personal level. My favorite thing about being an MGF girl is the freedom and capability the site allows to re-invent yourself. MGF has such a variety of girls and guys who love them all, you can branch out and explore different aspects of self expression whenever you want!
Mygirlfund is nothing like any other site I’ve been on. We really get to know one another and it’s more like The Big Brother house (lol) than just some place to go and buy content without ever getting to know your contributor.
Mygirlfund being very one on one has allowed me to feel more comfortable. I’m really able to be myself with the awesome guys I have gotten to know. Some of them know things about me that even my best friends don’t know.
I don’t have enough fingers to count the times and situations that I have needed financial help and MGF has been there for me and all the guys have had my back. From moving across the country, to paying for a semester of colleg,  to allowing me to give my daughter a good Christmas when it wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. I’ve been extremely thankful for MyGirlFund on several occasions. Currently my two Mygirlfund goals are to pay off my student loans, or at least put a dent in them, and pay off my credit cards.
 My relationships with my favorite Mygirlfund guys are always great. From joking around to sharing intimate details of our lives with each other and offering support when needed, the MGF guys really are the best.I have been on Mygirlfund for a few years and have made very close friendships with at least 10 guys. Sometimes we go months without talking but I am always so glad to hear from them when I do. Time passes so quickly and it’s nice to maintain such fun friendships for such a long time!
If I were to offer any advice to new girls starting out on MGF, it would be this: be yourself. Be friendly and don’t worry about any stigmas or worry about what it is you think you are supposed to be doing. Just do what you feel comfortable with and know that Mygirlfund is a very warming and welcome place, where you will no doubt feel right at home in no time at all.
Aaaand…tips for any guys just joining the community? lol. Please don’t send dick pics as a hello. We are ladies, and like to be treated as such. Simply say hi and introduce yourself.
I absolutely love the Girls Only Blog in the Mygirlfund community. I have learned so many things by just engaging with the other girls, things such as: lighting tips, technical support info, makeup tips and even baking recipes! In addition, the forums are an incredible way to stay up to date with everything that’s going on and really be able to voice your opinion on features of the site.
Now I’d like to share with you one of my favorite ratings from one of my favorite guys!
” I don’t know what dark magic was used to create a woman as beautiful and smart as Vivian that has such a massive naughty streak but all I can say to that witch or demon is “Great Job!”
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