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DixieDelight14 Is Grateful For the Wonderful Guys on Mygirlfund

July 9, 2014

dixiedelight14I found MyGirlFund while searching for a good cam model site. It stood out to me because of the one-on-one personal relationships it brought with it, unlike most other websites that guys and girls go to, and that’s one of my favorite things about it, along with you don’t have to do a cam show if you don’t want to.

I’ve met so many wonderful guys since joining the site and have had some of the best conversations. My favorite guys know me about as well as I know myself. That’s because they took time to know me first and I love it. I can carry on a completely normal conversation as if I would my own bestie.

MGF and the guys that have contributed to me have helped me not only keep my phone bill paid, but also helped me buy Mothers/Fathers Day gifts for my parents, allowed me to take my two little sisters to an amusement park and allow me to help out my parents whenever they need extra cash. I can not be grateful enough. Right now, my current goal is to keep the relationships I’ve built, make new ones and possibly pay off a medical bill along the way. New girls, don’t worry about starting. The guys are so nice, they understand that you’re new and will accommodate you.

“A delight is an understatement. She’s an absolute treasure. She’s a pleasure to talk to, a wonderful lass. She has a fantastic body that is incredibly sexy. Seriously guy don’t pass her by, your life will be poorer without her. ” That’s the kind of reaction you’ll get, ladies. There’s so many great guys on MGF! Guys, there’s not much advice I can give other than the obvious: don’t be a butthole. There will be girls who are only on here for the money. You can’t blame them, but don’t let that ruin your experiences with other girl.

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