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MyGirlFund Gave SophieLove a Life Changing Experience

July 1, 2014

SophieLoveThe short time I’ve been here at has without a doubt been a life changing experience. I first encountered the site when it was profiled on a website I frequent. My first thought was “this is too good to be true” followed by “they’d never want a girl like me.” After all, I’m not a Barbie doll. I’m the bookish, geeky, brunette who doesn’t fit the stereotype of the irresistible woman. I gave it a try and applied. Much to my astonishment not only did my account go through, but men were really appreciating me for who I am! The one on one nature of the site has allowed me to explore new friendships, and new sides of myself I never would have been able to discover otherwise. The men I’m lucky enough to call my friends have become such key players in my life already. It’s amazing to know at 4 am, when I’m up with insomnia, there’s a sweet guy on the other side of the world there to make me smile.

As a young mom who had to leave a career path she loved due to child care costs, the financial opportunity MGF provides is immensely valuable. Before MGF I was concerned we’d lose our home. Now? The possibilities are limitless. With any luck I’ll be able to put my earnings towards going back to school and becoming a social worker. Without MGF it would never have been possible for me to work from home, support my children, and pursue my dreams.

Picking a favourite 5 star review was damn near impossible! This one in particular makes me blush :

“Where do I begin? She’s very intelligent, can hold a great conversation, she’s funny, and drop dead sexy. Rapidly becoming a favorite. And I look forward to more.

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