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Th0rnii Forges Refreshing Emotional Connections On Mygirlfund

June 24, 2014

th0rniiI have seriously grown since I’ve joined MyGirlFund a few months ago. On top of gaining some much needed confidence, I’ve gained a bunch of truly sweet and interesting friends that I definitely couldn’t have on any other site. It’s very intimate and one on one which is one of the key elements that makes MGF the creme de la creme! I’ve referred this amazing site to MULTIPLE girls and they all can’t stop raving about how awesome it is!


MyGirlFund has also seriously helped give me the financial independence that I really needed while being in school, and it has helped me work towards getting a place of my own as well. (Oh… and its helped me acquire some sexy new gear and toys, which is ALWAYS a treat)


I feel like everyday I meet amazing, openminded, sexy guys that help me explore and add to my ever expanding list of kinks. It’s always a great feeling to meet and talk to someone who has the same interests and fetishes as you! Especially if you are a kinky weirdo like myself.


I have also met some guys who just love to talk and make a connection with me on an emotional level rather than a sexual one, which can be really refreshing! I like to think of myself like a friend who might get naked every once and a while.


There are always a few bad eggs, but they are easily forgotten when you make a serious connection with one of the truly fantastic guys on the site… and trust me, there are plenty!  I would consider a good guy on the site to be one who is very respectful and open (but not TOO open). PLEASE ask before sending ‘personal’ pictures please!’ I also believe having a good understanding of why the girls are there in the first place is necessary… This IS our job and it’s not very kind to be disrespectful or to waste our time, especially if we are putting effort into being sweet and getting to know you!


My advice to girls joining the site: Don’t give up if things are slow when you first join, if you work at it, you WILL be successful on here. However NEVER do anything you aren’t comfortable with and hold your ground if you are questioned!

ALSO I LOVE that all colors, shapes, sizes, and kinks are accepted and loved by someone on this site! It’s a great feeling to know you are JUST what some guy wants!th0rnii1



‘She has to be the most lovely, down to earth girl here. I find myself waking up in the morning thinking about this girl, and her photo sets are so sexy, you can spend hours looking at them, thinking and wondering about what next sexy thing she can do. I think I found the girl who I’m sticking with, simply amazing I love spending time with this girl. She is what I dream about’

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