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ToxicBeauty Says Non Nude Is Completely OK On MyGirlFund

June 2, 2014

ToxicBeautyI found while looking online for places to share some of my foot fetish content. I had never done web-camming before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, however at MGF you are not expected to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Personally I am not comfortable with any below the waist nudity. While some guys don’t care too much for that, many others actually respect me for it.

I have browsed a few other sites that claim to be similar, but I have to say the mygirlfund community is definitely in a class of its own. I am able to make connections with people that are buying my content. MGF has given me the opportunity to talk to some interesting people and learn many very interesting things … to say the least. MGF allows you to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t have, and even get to know some of them on somewhat of a personal level while making extra cash.

Like many other girls (and guys for that matter) I do have my favorites. My favorites are genuinely sweet guys and who are very complimentary. They say good morning and good night every day, and they always make sure that I am happy whether they’re buying content, just making a contribution or simply checking in for a great conversation.

I love all my 5 star ratings and that makes it difficult to pick just one. So I chose two of the ones that put the biggest smile on my face when I received them. First there is

SpankySmurf: Hot, sexy, sweet with the right amount of sl_ty…erm I mean naughty 😉 Great to chat with. Great content. 3/18/14

Then there is

Dustin J.: She is the most breathtaking, stunning, sophisticated and intriguing woman on this site! Jordon I can’t wait to play with you!!! 3/21/14

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