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OhClementine Says Exercising Her Freedom Of Expression Is Empowering

May 27, 2014

OhClementineI first found out about MyGirlFund through Tumblr. I was already posting nude pictures of myself on my personal Tumblr, exercising my freedom of sexual expression. For me, it was empowering. So when I found out about MyGirlFund, I figured it would be nice to make a little money off of my nudes. When I signed up for it, I thought it was more of a quick exchange of goods between the guys and I. However, what I think is pretty cool and unique about the site, is that you can have a conversation and let a friendship grow with the guys before they see you nude. I have gotten to know many different guys and different fetishes. It is amazing how many different types of fetishes are out there and how many girls there are on the site cater to them. Do not be afraid to explore your fetishes with this site!

My favorite fetish to cater to is feet and hirsute. Neither are fetishes that I have but I do think feet are cute and I love showing mine off. I also am extremely comfortable with my body hair and I love that there are guys out there that enjoy it just as much as I do. Catering to these fetishes has helped me reach some of my financial goals. Currently, I have monthly goals so I can contribute to a savings account and have enough to move into my own place next Summer. Speaking of money, my tip for the new guys that sign up is: Do Not Be a Freeloader. Girls on the site get very turned off by that and most of the time, it will not get you anything. If you are polite and kind and do not ask for free content unless it is offered (yes, that happens!), you will get rewarded. After all, MyGirlFund is a paysite. But with all the different gorgeous girls on it, it is completely and totally worth it.

One of my favorite 5 star reviews that I have gotten from a very happy customer is, “OhClementine will make you say, ‘Oh,’ a lot…. usually followed by, ‘Wow,’ and ‘Omg,’ and, ‘Awesome.’ Fun, smart, sexy, gorgeous, a gamer, perhaps the world’s best reason to allow human cloning.” Take his review as a reason to join!

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