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Being in School Made GanjaBabe Feel Like A Fish Out Of Water; Then She Found MyGirlFund

May 13, 2014

I guess you could say I became a cam girl so I could make more money without having to get another job and spend more time away from my daughter. You just get to this certain point and you make a decision on what you think you need to do. I don’t have a college educations and I’ve always been a fish out of water in school. In the end, what it’s about is being able to pay the bills, and give my daughter the things that she deserves.

I had been thinking about becoming a cam girl. I recently lost about 50 pounds and I’m feeling better than ever. With such an accomplishment, I became fearless and wanted to express myself in ways I never thought about before. First, I just started posting topless pictures on a social media website but then I found out you could get paid to do that. I found through the same social media website in fact. I checked it out, read all the rules, learned the ins and outs, and did my research online.

I didn’t find very many things about it, just a few things on Tumblr. But I still went on and decided to make an account and just commit to it. So I did and I was making money in no time. I really liked the fact that you could chat with the person. It wasn’t just some random guy watching you. I like the whole personal aspect of it. It’s not just girls taking off their clothes for money. It’s more than that, and it’s just something that makes sense to me, something that I wanted to be apart of. I have met some very sweet and fantastic men. I’m very grateful for them, and I hope to meet some more!  I was so glad to find this blog that was dedicated to spreading the word about how awesome MGF is. Just as long as you follow the rules, you can be successful. I only hope to continue to grow on the website, and continue to enjoy myself as much as I have been!

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