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To Make True Friends On MGF, CandyKatee Says Just Be Yourself

May 2, 2014

Hello all, my name is CandyKatee. I have not been on MyGirlfund very long, but I can say I absolutely love it! I was referred to MGF from my friend when I was in-between jobs. My absolute favorite thing on the site is how you can really connect with the guy you are talking to. I feel like I have made friendships for life. These guys know about my life and all the things I go through, good and bad. They are true deep friendships.

Another great attribute that “makes’ MGF is that you can be yourself! I set my lines in the sand and comfort level and I am not simply a product sold like a commodity by just another website. I choose what I want to do and no one is forcing me to do anything.

Because of MGF, I don’t have to get an annoying day job. The site gives me the opportunity to focus on school. I am more financially stable working from home than I would be working a 9-5. Every day, I make a goal to make X amount of dollars. I don’t stop until I have reached my goal. I might make my goal in an hour or 8 hours. Either way, you can achieve the goals you set for yourself on this website!

My advice to new girls starting on mygirlfund is BE YOURSELF. Do what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to experiment. Maybe you will find something you like that would never occurred to you otherwise! Check out the girls blog and forums. Other girls are very helpful and can answer your questions quickly. DON’T SPAM!! Don’t spam the guys, they think it is annoying. They know how to copy and paste too. Write personal messages. Take the time to have a real conversation.

In conclusion, I know I will be on this website for years to come and encourage all women to give it a try. It’s worth it 😉

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