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Persephone Says Her MGF Relationships Are Deep and Complex

April 24, 2014

I discovered MyGirlFund through another ‘adult social network’ where I was previously a member. MGF is the most female friendly and reliable network of it’s type. It’s very one on one and intimate so you get to really know the individuals you interact with and that allows you to generate a deeper and more significant customer relationship. I interact with my favorite members almost on a daily basis. MGF allowed me to take some time off to reassess my goals and save money prior to returning to school. It was something I needed to do in order to get charged up and clear my mind and have some financial security to meet my goals. Every journey is personal and I believe MGF played a significant part in mine.

My current goal is to save more money to return to school with financial security and to get an apartment in West Hollywood 6 months from now. I have made some friendships on MyGirlFund with people that have been there for me through thick and thin. It’s almost like a magical, fairy tale world in another dimension. I escape to the MGF fantasy world because my friends and family don’t quite understand me and what they don’t understand sometimes scares them.  I refer to my MGF friends as my ‘Lifelines’ sometimes. It’s very difficult to describe these deep and complex virtual relationships. Some of my favorite MGF guys have a Findom fetish and believe in female supremacy which I find absolutely awesome. #Goddess.

My advice to girls newly joining MGF is to first of all know your worth, Secondly, evaluate how you want to do things, market yourself and what you’re comfortable with. You do not have to do what Becky, Sally and Jane are doing…You are your own individual. Stand your ground, respect yourself and demand respect. Hold your head up high. Have fun and really get to know the members you interact with. Tips for guys would be to be a gentleman and courteous. Just because you’re online, it doesn’t give you the right of way to be rude. And please, no spamming of your private parts.

“Simply amazing…she is a Goddess through and through…Worthy of 5 hearts 10 times over. Beauty, intelligence, charisma, grace…Perfection!

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