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Jordixxx Fills Up Her Girlfund With Contributions From Guys Who Are Sweet And Charming

April 15, 2014

JordixxxI would have to say my favorite part about MyGirlFund is that I can be online at the computer or my phone or be offline and still make money by guys sending in contributions for custom content. MGF is different from the other sites because you don’t have to just sit on a webcam and entertain a crowd. I love the fact I can make my own videos and sell them,along with pictures. Getting paid for messages is also a big plus in my book.

Mygirlfund is very one on one. This has helped me develop deeper and more significant customer relationships. I have met really sweet and charming guys who want everything I come out with in the future. They are a joy to talk to. Every customer has their own taste in what they like, and it’s always interesting meeting and learning about new people.

MGF is my only real source of income. It helps me meet all my bills and tests my limits on camming. I’m hoping to get higher rates, and a wider range of daily customers soon! Customers are one thing, but friends are another. I have made friends ranging from people who want to know about my naughty deeds last night to people who just want to know how my day is going. I’ve gained some amazing friends through the site, who I know I can shoot a chat to or message and they’ll be more than willing to talk with me if I’m having issues.  I spoil my favorite friends because they treat me with only respect and kindness. In return I show the same but might pass them a few pictures or something I know that they would like to see.

That’s good advice for new girls starting out on the site as well! Be a sweetheart and show respect. Guys will not come back to a girl who doesn’t make conversation or doesn’t sound to happy to talk to them. Also, show appreciation when they purchase something, let them know you are glad they are interested in your content and taking time to show you!

Good advice for new guys goes the same way: Be a gentleman, and you will get far :). You’ll also gain a friendship with beautiful girls which is always a fun thing.

Mygirlfund is the only site I work on, it’s the only one I’ve been really successful with and enjoyed doing. I don’t dread it at all. Awesome community.

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