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FRETSetGO Has A Quirky Name, and A Comprehensive Review Of MyGirlFund

April 1, 2014

I originally came across MGF through a girl I followed on Tumblr. I asked her about the site and its inner workings, and after a few messages back and forth, I decided to look into it myself. When I joined, I had no real intention of being an active member. Looking through the site and talking to some of the gentlemen, I quickly changed my mind. Seeing as I had no intention of becoming very active, at the start I had no actual goals set for myself. Now finding myself much more serious about MGF, I’ve set goals that are all about reinvesting in myself. With the money I make, I buy sexy outfits, toys, better cameras etc. to ensure higher quality content for those who request customs. I get more enjoyment from a guaranteed happy client than the cash that comes out of it.


I want us both to enjoy what we’re doing and receiving. The tattoos I get are just a treat to myself for working so hard. Though once I start school, these goals are subject to change a bit to help with proceeds towards the tuition debts I’ll be piling on.   I’ve grown to love working on MyGirlFund! It’s not just “work”…I’m doing something I enjoy and have the honor to satisfy my clientele in doing so! It’s a win for both parties. And it’s a great confidence booster as well. I love reading the reviews guys leave me. Here’s one I like: “If you could combine a stunning face, perfect body, and amazing personality in one woman, it would be her. Hands down. “Being a member has definitely helped maintain that confidence. I mean, who doesn’t like getting complimented and flirting every day?



What’s great about this site as well is that it’s not just about exchanging smut for cash. It feels a lot less sleazy, because instead of just sending content to random people, you have the opportunity to actually become acquainted with your clients. I’ve had the pleasure of developing real friendships with many gentleman. We connect every day. And in doing so, I’m able to explore my sexual interests more comfortably to find what really turns me on and off. A lot of the men on the site aren’t just there to get you naked. Of course, given what it is, at some point it comes down to it…BUT: being capable of upholding conversations about topics outside of the industry is what seems to keep most of my fellas around. We can rap about music, art, movies, etc. We nerd out together over comics and video games! Having a personality seems to sell a lot better than looks alone. Flaunt what you’ve got in every aspect! Nothing goes unnoticed. FRETsetGO

For anyone looking to become a member on the site, whether male or female, keep in mind you don’t have to dive right in! Take your time to know your limitations and what you’re comfortable with. Don’t overwhelm yourself by feeling you have to do anything. You make your own rules. Keep yourself comfortable and when you find the right members to interact with, the rest will follow. Girls should definitely keep themselves goal oriented. But don’t knock a guy who isn’t pumping out credits to you daily. Each member is a hard working individual. And though this may be your only source of income, giving attention to those who are seldom contributing will still pay off if you’re not treating them as an ATM. Spread yourself around a bit. The more you interact with guys, the better your odds of making anything. Don’t rely solely on one individual to spoil you and meet your every need. If you become well acquainted with special individuals, you may find yourself receiving contributions with more ease as they want to see you succeed and taken care of. So be patient!


Some of the men on the site seem to think just because we take our clothes off, they’re entitled to the goods. Or that sending a photo of their dangly-bits will reel us in. This behavior is so disrespectful to us women. This is our job. We aim to please, but asking only for free content is a slap in the face. And just because we’re on a site like MGF does not mean we are desperate for the attention. It also does not mean that we have to share ourselves with every guy who approaches us. Just as each of you has a peculiar preference to what attracts you and your kinks, we do as well. We’re still human. Be respectful of that, fellas. The better you treat us, the better we’ll serve you! FRETsetGo All in all, MGF is a great place to connect with new faces share your fantasies, explore your sexuality and have a good time! you make your own rules, schedule. What you do all revolves around your own comfort level. If you’re considering exploring your options in this industry, MGF is a great place to start and stick with. I’ve yet to find any other sites that are as versatile and rewarding as MGF.

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  1. April 13, 2014 10:38 am

    User now goes by “CattieBug” on MGF!

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