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Megara_Chaos says My Girl Fund Has Provided Incredible Opportunities Via MGF Clients

March 24, 2014

megara-chaos-3One of my best friends and ex-partner suggested Mygirlfund when I was having a difficult time finding a job after moving to a new city. He encouraged me to join as it was an excellent place to explore an empowering form of sex work. Being a part of the site I have found it to be just that, a place where you are empowered and have a chance to advocate sex positive choices. All my interactions are consensual.

MyGirlFund has empowered me. If you want to be submissive or dominate or whatever, you can do so, the site makes you feel safe and comfortable with your choice(s). Unlike other sites where you are often made to feel like a product, Mygirlfund encourages you to be yourself, and in fact that is what has drawn much of my clients to me. My clients and I each have intimate intellectual relationships. It’s nothing superficial, unless that’s what they are looking for, but most aren’t. I have had some incredible opportunities to learn more about what I am interested in through my clients. Be it avant garde films, container gardening,  yoga, or new kinks. I have also effectively learned that I am not powerless to harassment on or offline. Through positive feedback, my clients have made me feel stronger and more beautiful and have reminded me that I am in control of my life.

Mygirlfund isn’t only my job but a chance to work towards my dream of owning land. I want to create a healing center and farm somewhere in the US to teach others how to grow their own food and to empower our culture by advocating the DIY ethics.

I am honestly so grateful for taking the leap into cam girl culture, it’s a fascinating and a great chance to embrace yourselves, make your dreams a reality and indulge in the “taboo” sex world that our society is so hush hush about.

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